A Year Ago Today: The Blessing of the Animals

Not exactly 365 days ago, but close enough.

The first Sunday in October s closest to a Sunday is the Blessing of the Animals at Saint John the Devine in upper Manhattan.  Today is that day and they certainly have glorious weather for it.

Cathedral of Saint John the Devine in Manhattan (NYC)

The Cathedral itself is very impressive cathedral and takes one back to being Europe.  If you’ve never been, Saint John’s this will give you the flavor.

I finally attended last year after 15+ years of living here (I’d always miss it for some reason,) and it was quite the experience. Among the more exotic animals there were also cats and dogs (and therapy doggies too!).

Blessing of the Animals at Saint John the Devine (2013)

Blessing of the Animals at Saint John the Devine (2013)


To see more of my photos from that day and learn about where the animals being blessed come from (aside from pets brought by the attendees) visit my post from A Year Ago Today.

Oh, there’s a cute boy in the post too!

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  • Glad yous got to go and enjoy yous selff.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  • jmuhj

    Really nice video! Not a member of the religion, but it looks very lovely and the sentiment is a good one no matter what your faith. And yes, that IS a yak. I’d go if I was in the neighborhood, just to see the yak. And the CATS, of course 😉

  • That is so cool. I would love to see the blessing of the pets in person some day.