Internet Cat Video Festival Goes to LA (Giveaway!)

Back in 2012, the folks at the Walker Art Center thought it would be neat to have a public viewing of cat videos. Everyone seemed to enjoy them at home or work alone behind their computers. Some watching with one eye on the door at the ready to change the screen should a non-cat-lover walk in.

Festival-goers at the Walker Art Center

Festival-goers getting into the spirit


Why not bring those cat lovers together and watch them out in public, in the open – without shame?

The Walker thought a hundred people or so would make for a very successful event (I mean how many cat lovers could there REALLY be right?).  Were they ever in for a big surprise when around 10,000 showed up instead!

First Annual Internet Cat Video Festival on the lawn of the Walker Arts Center in Minnesota

The First Annual Internet Cat Video Festival on the lawn of the Walker Arts Center in Minnesota


They’d clearly hit a nerve, and a tradition was born. Since that August in 2012, The Internet Cat Film Festival has gone on a tour of major US cities each year – this year they’re even going global, making it to Australia, Japan and Sweden!

Lil Bub with his Dude (l) and Will Braden (r)

Lil Bub with his Dude (l) and Will Braden (r)


While I attended last year’s festival at the WARSAW (a music venue in Brooklyn, NY) complete with Lil Bub and Will Braden, the creator of Henri Le Chat Noir, it’s wasn’t the same as attending it at an outdoor venue like the Minnesota State Fair. This year, Organikat has teamed up with the Walker to sponsor the festival in Los Angeles in a park!

Organikat and Walker Art Center

If you live in the LA area, you can still get tickets of $15, a portion of which goes to help several local rescues.   If not, don’t fret because:

#1) I am attending (yay!) and will be certain to report back!

#2) I HAVE CAT has a giveaway package from several of the festival’s sponsors and exhibitors! (US residents only – sorry!)

Organikat Giveaway

The giveaway includes:

  • Vouchers for two bags of Swheat Scoop (14lb), a natural litter made from ground wheat.
  • A handmade Organikat catnip toy with 100% certified organic cotton on the outside and 100% certified organic catnip on the inside. Best of all, there are no fillers, just pure catnip! Even the logo is safe for your kitty as it’s printed with a water-based, non-toxic, fiber-reactive dye! 
  • The Thunderbolt wine cork toy from Feline Yogi. Made out of a recycled wine cork that has been sanitized and soaked in catnip tea and yoga mat scraps so as not to be wasteful! Kitties love batting this toy around! 
  • An issue of Moderncat Magazine 


a Rafflecopter giveaway


This post is sponsored by Organikat but I HAVE CAT would never share anything with you we didn’t completely believe in (or think you would enjoy.)

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30 Responses to Internet Cat Video Festival Goes to LA (Giveaway!)

  1. dezizworld says:

    Oh Cool. And da givaway is gweat too. Meez needs to win this one, dat’s da litter weez use. 🙂

    Luv ya’


  2. Summer says:

    My human is planning on going to this – and bringing me! I hope to meet you!

  3. Annette Mayer says:

    There are SO many cat videos that I love. I couldn’t possibly choose one. I love all of Maru’s videos, The Mean Kitty (Sparta) videos, Simon videos, the Kitty that loves to flush the toilet and watch the water swirl away, and soooooooo many compilations!!!

  4. We can’t wait to hear how the festival went!

  5. Becca Cook says:

    Would love to go to one of these festivals, but alas funds are limited to travel so far. Maybe one day it will come to Cincinnati, Ohio you never know. So I guess I’ll have to go to the festival through you then.

  6. Z. Lia Mirza says:

    Have fun! I’d love to go to one someday 🙂

  7. Jennifer says:

    This lil guy fighting the scary stoic statue:

  8. jmuhj says:

    The CANNES of Cat, obvy. Enjoy and do report back — we want to hear all about it! >^^<

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  10. I wish I could go, it sounds like a lot of fun, but I am in Massachusetts.

  11. SARAH CHANEY says:

    I am very excited to go! My favorite cat video I just saw yesterday, it is a cat literally flipping in the air because he was scared of a gecko, it was the cutest funiest thing ever!

  12. Kellie says:

    I love all of Maru’s videos!

  13. Carolsue says:

    Followed: Facebook (Carolsue Anderson): Twitter (MsCarolsueA): Instagram (Cezovski9) and e-mail:\
    My favorite cat video is The Mean Kitty Song. I could watch that over and over and over!

  14. Joan Ryan says:

    We would love to go to the festival but our Mom can’t drive. So we hope we win the giveaway instead.We’ve been wanting to try that litter.

  15. I’ve been curious to try that litter and we’d donate the rest.

  16. Angelique says:

    So cool! The Alamo Drafthouse Theater up here is hosting a cat video viewing as well soon!

  17. Deb says:

    This is so cool! Have a blast, Tamar!

  18. Whoa! You’re gonna get to meet Summer! I like my own Mice Bucket Challenge video and most of Glogirly’s videos.

  19. This would be SO COOL!!! My fav video (and smart ad) is still the Thumb Cats for Cravendale Milk. I mean what WOULD happen if cats had thumbs?

  20. Lauren says:

    I wish I lived closer to LA… Would be nice to go to the film fest!

  21. Milene says:

    I wish the video festival would come to a destination nearer to me.

  22. Annette says:

    My favorite video is anything Maru; I just love that little round face. Here’s a relatively new one of his

  23. Cary Hillman says:

    Great giveaway!

  24. Looks really fun and cool giveaway too! I wish I could go to the next event. – Michael