SmartCat (Grass) Litter Giveaway For You & A Shelter

It’s true. SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter by Pioneer Pet – the folks who’ve been bringing you awesome pet fountains – is made from…grass!

SmartCat display at Global Pet Expo

Well, grass seeds to be completely accurate. SmartCat first caught my attention at Global Pet Expo earlier this year. It was one of the products that most intrigued me.

It’s finally hit the pet store shelves but you actually have the chance to try it for FREE by entering the I HAVE CAT’s giveaway!  Enter to win not 1, but 2 TWENTY POUND bags for yourself + 1 bag for the shelter or rescue group of your choice! TWO WINNERS will be selected. Now that’s pretty cool! (US ONLY)

While at Global Pet Expo I had the good fortune of meeting Pioneer Pet co-founder John Lipscomb, the man behind the litter. Of course the very first thing I wanted to know was how the litter didn’t sprout considering it’s 100% grass (don’t pretend you weren’t wondering the same thing).

He kindly reminded me that the urine prevents them from growing. Oh. Right. Doh. Stellar first impression eh? NOT!

John’s a chemist and it’s in his DNA to improve upon the status quo. It seems litter was on his mind and he set out to make one that’s:

  • lightweight (a 5lb box has the same amount of litter as most 7lb boxes)
  • super absorbent
  • dust-free
  • clumping
  • all natural (100% from grass from the USA with no chemicals or fragrances)
  • biodegradable

SmartCat can even be used in automatic litter boxes – something no other natural litter can claim.

Not THAT kind of grass kitty! And don't even try to tell me it's for medicinal purposes.

Not THAT kind of grass kitty! And don’t even try telling me it’s for medicinal purposes .

I’ve tried it with my cats and can attest to its lack of dust which means no kitty foot prints on the upholstery! The litter is rather small so I cannot speak to how it would perform in terms of tracking in a traditional litter box as I used it out in my “top loading” ModKat (ModKo) litter box.

AND, not only do you have the chance of winning a whole lot of litter, you can go online and purchase some right now and get free shipping through September 5th, 2014 by using the code NATSHIP. Anything else you buy at the same time will also qualify for free shipping as long as you’re also purchasing litter! 

Good luck to you and your favorite shelter!

Don’t forget, the more ways you enter, the better your chances of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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42 Responses to SmartCat (Grass) Litter Giveaway For You & A Shelter

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  2. Katie Kat says:

    I can’t figure out how to leave a blog post comment for the giveaway. When I click on leave a blogpost comment in the give away, it doesn’t let me leave anything!?!

  3. I’d love to find an affordable DUST FREE litter! I hate the dust and so do my cats! It makes some of them sneeze!

  4. Catzowey! If GUIDO & Staff win weeza donating to Pets Are Wonderful Support for their Food Bank to helps the people PAWS supports – yep uh huh it’s for sure 🙂

  5. Sparkle says:

    I want to give this a try! And if I win, I’d like to support Kitty Bungalow!

  6. dezizworld says:

    cool, suwe hope meez wins. 🙂

    Luv ya’


  7. A clumping litter with no dust would be fantastic for my household!

  8. I would donate my extra bag of litter to Cat Care Society. They are a fantastic kitty shelter!

  9. I am constantly looking for a litter with no dust and like the idea that it’s biodegradable.

  10. Becca Cook says:

    This looks wonderful…no dust, biodegradable, and clumping. I looked at a couple of places for it, but so far no luck finding it. Will try one of those big box pet stores they should carry the stuff. I want and need to try this for my furbabies.

  11. xoreds says:

    I would to donate this to PAWS – and I think my fur babies will love it also! Go green!

  12. We’d like to try this litter.

  13. rojo13864 says:

    I learn so much from your ihave cat site! This kitty litter sounds so up to date and good for both cats and their humans! If I win I pick Stray Haven Humane Society to get the extra! Thank you so very much for this contest offering!

  14. Debbie Schmidt says:

    Hi Tamar! Thanks again for all the information about new products and chances to win many of them! I always share on Facebook and Google+ about all new things. Kiss Petie for me! deb

  15. I would love to try this type of litter and share with a local rescue group.

  16. Joan Ryan says:

    We would like to try this litter. We don’t like what the human is using now. Plus it will help a shelter. YAY!

  17. Jonathan Cavanaugh says:

    I would donate to Green Street Rescue in Philadelphia!

  18. bethany says:

    dane county humane society

  19. LynneMarie says:

    I would donate it to All About Cats in Freeport, NY.

  20. jmuhj says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to win! The one thing any litter must be for us to buy it is economical.

  21. jmuhj says:

    *Almost forgot!* We would donate ours to Anjellicle Cats Rescue in New York.

  22. That litter looks like good stuff ! Good luck to our US furriends ! Purrs

  23. Chris D. says:

    Always looking for the best litter…who isn’t right?! My shelter donation would go to Heaven Can Wait in Las Vegas.

  24. Jane says:

    I will have to try this litter out, I’m always looking for clay alternatives!

  25. Raine says:

    My shelter is the CNY Cat Coalition of Syracuse NY. Thanks for the chance, this litter sounds pretty cool, we need dust free in our home for health reasons so we’d love to try it.

  26. Raine says:

    P.S. that picture is hilarious:)

  27. Karen Jo says:

    This sounds like really good litter. We use SweatScoop now, but would like to try Smart Cat Grass. We would give our extra bag to Friends of the Shelter here in town.

  28. maeve says:

    Carols Ferals Shelter in Grand Rapids, MI !

  29. loudpru says:

    we’d give our winnings to The Cat Corner in Hampton, VA

  30. That would be Monroe Co MI Humane Society! (:

  31. Robyn says:

    I would donate it to Furever Animal Rescue in San Pablo, CA because it’s where I adopted my beloved Frankie and they help animals that come to them in terrible shape.

  32. We would donate it to PAWS in Norwalk, Connecticut where our friends Kevin & Tracey volunteer.

  33. Priya says:

    I just found out about this new litter, and would love to win the giveway for my kitty Jasper and my favorite cat shelter, Colony Cats in Dublin, Ohio.

  34. Amanda, Soggyenderman says:

    Oh man, I would so love this, dust free litter would do wonders for my asthma! I would like it to go to Castaway Critters in PA

  35. Carolsue says:

    I would donate it to: Preventing Euthanasia Through Rescue (PET Rescue), 2527 Carmel St, Oakland, CA 94602

  36. Lauren says:

    Dust free is the best! I hate all the dust and gross that puffs up every time I look at some of the litters out there!

  37. Dawn says:

    Does Petie use the top loader? I use the Modko flip. My litter will go to Abandoned Angels Cat Rescue!

  38. thecatguy says:

    Would love to try it. Extra litter to Community Cat Coalition.

  39. Annette says:

    I would like to donate to our local P.A.W.S. group.

  40. Alex says:

    I use the Qualicat litter available at Costco – $7.99 for 50 pounds, but I’m concerned about the dust. It hasn’t been a problem yet, but still.