Today’s CAT MAN MONDAY is by Stephen Sorace who runs Curveline Films in Miami (but he originally hails from New York! Woot!). He came to my attention when he shared a video of the cutest Tortie kitten he saved only a few weeks ago. Enjoy the post! And the Cat Man!!

Growing up back in New York our family had 2 cats. First Cleo, then Snuggles. I was very young when Cleo was in the picture, but Snuggles I remember well. While our pets ignored most of the family, I had an understanding of them to the point that they knew what I was thinking. Snuggles always had a way of reading my emotions and being there when I was sick or having a bad day.

Cat Man Monday and Snuggles the Tabby Cat

Snuggles, who is still alive and well in New York.


Once, I told my best friend Josh that if we left Snuggles would stay put until we came back. And sure enough, upon our return, there was Snuggles right where we’d left him! This egged Josh on to say, “I bet if you told your stupid cat to go to Burger King and get a cheeseburger he wouldn’t do it.” I laughed and replied, “Not if you called him stupid!”

This was about 6 years ago, before I moved to Miami for college where I’ve been cat-less ever since. But about three weeks ago while leaving for work, I found an orangey-brown furry bump outside my doorstep that immediately walked into my house as I opened the door! The nerve of this animal was matched only by its cuddliness.


After bringing him – or her – back outside (after my roommate yelled at me) I made myself a deal. If ever saw that cat again, I would keep it. Sure enough, two days later as I’m walking back from a work out, there’s the little puff-ball halfway down the block running towards me.

“This is it,” I thought, “the cat’s staying.” After her first night at our place during which she (we figured out her sex) tried to kill our fish Batman and Robin, we decided to name her Quinn after Harley Quinn, the Joker’s assistant.

It’s hard to know if Quinn was abandoned given all the stray cats in the neighborhood. Personally I think she’s always lived outside as on her first day she waited by the door and when we opened it she ran out, peed and came back inside – just like a dog!


Just look at that face on Quinn – what fortitude!


Ladies, if you haven’t already figured this out, cats are the stepping-stones to kids. They insist on waking you up at 2am, they need to be potty-trained and fed multiple times a day (often changing the foods like and don’t like for no discernible reason). Even the toys they play with are not all that different.

A guy with a cat, who shows that type of responsibility is a huge plus (just think down the road a bit!). That being said, cats are also less time-consuming than dogs i.e., he’s going to have more time for you!

Stephen Sorace with kitten

My background is film. I run an event videography company called Curveline Films and we shoot music videos, commercials, documentaries and everything else under the sun – and in Miami there’s a lot of sun!  When Quinn showed up a few weeks ago I thought it only natural to make a video of her to show our friends the new member of the family.

I wanted to take special note to demonstrate that Quinn is a cuddly, adorable little cat even though not so long ago she was a stray. I see many cats in our neighborhood who aren’t as lucky as she is and don’t have a home. This makes them more susceptible to diseases and the physical hazards of living near a main road.

Quinn the once stray torte

Quinn most certainly deserved a second chance, as she is the most loving animal I have ever met. She’s barely letting me type this post to you guys, as she doesn’t want to leave my arms!

So please give strays a second chance and enjoy meeting Quinn!

{Tamar here, this is a cute and well made video, definitely take a look and enjoy!}

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  • larryc

    All catitude! I have a tortie named Torta – my vet gave her the nickname of Tortilla, which I shortened to Torta.

    • Tamar

      I prefer Tora. Tortilla is too much like Flotilla!

  • WOO HOO! A kitty rescued off the streets and being loved and well cared for! We think we even saw a little shaved belly where maybe there was recently a lady gardenectomy!

    • Tamar

      I know isn’t it wonderful! It’s just sad to hear there are so many strays in his neighborhood 🙁
      Did you see the video? It was down for a bit but it’s up!!! You must must watch!

  • Misha

    A wonderful story of the no-more-cat-less guy. The video shows the many aspects of a happy kitten. Thanks for saving this little bundle of joy, she deserves to be loved and protected.

    • Tamar

      She’s a doll baby!!!! Glad you enjoyed! Yay to Stephen!

  • jmuhj

    There’s just hardly anyone who can touch a torti for cuteness. Welcome, Quinn! Big props to Stephen Sorace and Curveline Films for the great adoption and the great video! (But FYI: not all women want or like kids! In today’s world with over 7 BILLION people overpopulating the planet, making it harder and harder on us all and on the other living beings who share this world with us, that might be a better message to get out there, yes?)

    • Tamar

      You do have a point – perhaps you could make a video counter argument?! A video-off so to speak! But I agree. She’s so cute and I’m so glad Stephen took her in!

  • Annette Mayer

    Awwww!!! What a cutie!!! I loved watching her play. Kudos to Cat Man Monday Stephen for getting little Quinn spayed (I’m pretty sure I saw the telltale sign of a shaved belly). I always enjoy Cat Man Monday’s postings and this today’s was even more cute with the video.
    Great job Tamar!!

  • Hi everyone, Quinn and I thank you for the warm comments! Yes we did have her spayed right before the video, as a reward we bought her the Kong wooden puzzle toy and playing with it she was way to cute not to film! I am very glad she came to my doorstep 🙂

  • As I watched the video, Wilbur lay in my lap, transfixed by the film! I’m SO GLAD Steve gave her a second chance – after all, she chose him!

  • Debbie Schmidt

    I shared this with my list. I’m always up for reminding them that a man who loves cats cannot possibly be all bad and certainly deserves twice the consideration of one who doesn’t. Just my take on it. 😉