CAT MAN MONDAY: He’s Single, Belgian, and Has Six Cats


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My name is Micha and I’m a freelance graphic designer, and amateur photographer living in a small village in West-Flanders, Belgium. I volunteer at an animal shelter and am an activist against animal abuse of all kinds from puppy mills and animal testing to cat hunting.* I also write about cats on my Facebook page, We Are Super Cats and make cat furniture for my cats just for fun.

 * In Belgium there was a law that hunters (who hunt foxes, rabbits and wildlife birds) can shoot wild cats, cats without owners or just cats with no visual tag who do have an owner.

As far back as I can remember I’ve been surrounded by cats. As a baby I got a stuffed animal of a red cat with a sailor outfit, it never left my side through holidays or kindergarten. Believe it or not I still have it to this day 37 years later. It’s a bit faded these days and, euhm, no I don’t carry it with me!

Micha's stuffed animal cat

My First Cats: Minoes & Minneke

One day towards the end of the 70’s a young grey tabby was found underneath our family car. She was not wounded but was obviously a stray. My mother was against taking it inside first, but my sister and I promised to take care of her forever and ever and ever. Minoes, as we named her, was a very sweet and mellow cat.

At the time no one spayed or neutered their cats, so Minoes gave birth to kittens. From that litter we kept one calico cat and called it Minneke.  Video of Minoes and her first kittens.

Micha and his sister with the kittens

My sister with Minoes and me holding Minneke


At some point Minneke ran away, but Minoes lived with us for 12 years and died of a cancer. The day I came back from school and my mum said the vet had to euthanize Minoes. I was devastated.

10 years passed without cats until a girlfriend told me some friends of her were looking for a home for a kitten from a Russian Blue/Chartreux litter. It was love at first sight. A tiny silver coated green-eyed fur ball. I called her Radjah.

Radjah loves to climb upon my shoulder and other high objects to see the world from a better vantage point, something she learned from her father they said 🙂






5 years later I was at work when suddenly a tiny calico cat was spotted in the parking lot. Co-workers waved me down because they knew I had a way with cats. I took the cheese from my sandwich and she instantly ran towards me. You could see she’d not eaten for days, and mewed like a fire truck. It sounded like “miiow,” so I called her Milo.

Miio will always be my little girl, weighing only 3.5kg. She’s my TV buddy, always sleeping on my chest when I watch a show.


Miio and her morning greetings






Bowie & Jolie

When I first saw Bowie at the animal shelter – a longhaired red male – I knew in a split second I had to have him. He was scheduled to be TNR’d and already had a tippped ear because he was feral. Bowie had a sister Jolie who was extremely scared and also would be TNR’d. I knew I could win Bowies heart, but I had to adopt his sister too, as they were inseparable. I couldn’t bear the thought of those two beautiful cats outside, so I took them in.

Bowie at the shelter

Bowie at the shelter


A picture of Bowie & Jolie I took an hour after they arrived, after they'd settled in.

A picture of Bowie & Jolie I took an hour after they arrived, after they’d settled in.


They’re both so sweet and cuddly. Bowie is always first to greet me when I come home from work, licking my hands and rolling over asking for a belly rub. Jolie has the cutest meow and loves to stare at me. When I go to sleep she’s first to jump on the bed to get the best spot.

Bowie and Jolie




The last couple of years I’ve had an invasion of cats, but I’m determent to have no more then 6. Yes 6. Numbers 5 and 6 came shortly after Bowie & Jolie.

I asked my sister to come over for a drink one day and when I opened the door she looked confused and asked me, “Do you have a black cat also?” I was telling her I didn’t when suddenly a black cat swiftly invited himself into my home. He was super friendly and it was as-if he were saying, ‘Hey, here I am, I know you got food, gimme, gimme, gimme…’
The next day I asked around the neighborhood and made flyers asking if anyone had lost a black cat. 3 weeks later no one claimed him. Secretly I was happy because he really is the funny one of the bunch, always making me laugh with his goofy facial expressions. I think he’s a bit ADHD. On the other hand he’s the one who nurses the others, cleaning there eyes and ears, and snuggling against them when they sleep.



Kuro the snuggler

Kuro the snuggler



At the animal shelter I worked with a little abandoned grey longhair female cat. She always used to hide behind her sleeping box and was extremely scared – perhaps because she was captured by factory workers who chased her with broomsticks. When she came to the shelter she had knots in her coat and smelled terribly, her fur full of dirt and oil from the machinery.

She was also covered in fleas so we had to shave parts of her coat. The vet marked her a feral, but we worked so hard to socialize her that she touch my heart. So I said ‘No way, I’ll keep her myself.” So that is how Fluffy became cat number 6.


I am single and might be considered an introverted person, but I compensate in being an extravert when I advocate for animals and cats in particular. Yes I sometimes get a weird look, or may have a one-way conversation when I’m going on about cats. I’m a listener, but I appreciate it if I get heard sometimes too.

I haven’t dated for a while and am aware that 6 cats can be a barrier to many women (I sense it without it being said). But sharing cat-moments with someone would definitely make me happy.


Check out the t-shirt Micha’s wearing. Look familiar? It’s from RCTees and he even made it as one of their online models right along side Jackson Galaxy!


I’m really blessed with my cats, they give me unconditional love I rarely find in people I meet. They may not talk back, but what I feel and makes me happy is REAL. Yes I may say I’m in love with my cats and if the day comes one of them stand before the Bridge it will be like loosing a family member.

You can watch a video I made of my cats below.


Tamar here, as Micha mentioned in the beginning of this piece, he does make furniture for his very lucky and loved six felines. I wanted to share just two of the pieces with you. I find them absolutely fabulous. I want the litter box so badly it hurts, and only wish I had room for the ultra sleek and modern cat tunnel! 

Potentially coolest litter box ever

Potentially coolest litter box ever


How cool is this cat tunnel?!

How cool is this cat tunnel?!





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  • Cate

    Gorgeous 🙂

    • Tamar

      On all fronts!

  • Michelle Carr

    This man and his cats are gorgeous. what on earth is wrong with Belgian women? Clearly this kind man needs to move with his cats to another country where he will be immediately fought over by cat-loving women. And he is creative too!

    • Tamar

      I know Michelle, when shall we book the flight for? 🙂

    • Michelle, should I take that risk to move to such a country? :-))

      • Michelle Carr

        I would move to Belgium but I am way too old for you. However, here is a little secret for you: I fell in love with a visiting friend when I saw how my cats reacted to him. Then I moved to the UK for a few months and we got a kitten. To see his big hands handle such a tiny little thing so gently….well, there is the key to a cat-loving woman’s heart. She will really have to love cats, though. I suspect with a little bigger house and more land, you will be getting more cats.

        The right woman will come along for you. Just send me a friend invite on face book and you will meet cat lovers from all over the world. I work at international cat posting and rescue and leave my site on “public.” I know some really nice single cat people in your age group……

  • Betty Murphy

    Oh, my my my, What a BEYOND MAGNIFICENT cat man you have brought to us today. Endlessly talented, handsome, sensitive, the list is endless, I’m sure. I sure know what my prayer will be tonight, “Please blessed Father, bless me with a visa to Belgium. Oh, and also to either make me 30 years younger or him totally blind. Because Father, You made him, and you know that he is Fine, Fine, Fine. Boy, do I admire your perfect handiwork. Oh my my my.”

    • Tamar

      LOL! Well done Betty!

    • Haha Betty, I hope I will not go blind now 🙂 We know cat-people are all the same, kind &warm hearted. Thank you Betty!

  • Love this post! Mom wants to move us all to Belgiuim to meet this man. MOL!

    • Tamar

      Smart mama you have =^^=

  • I totally agree with the above sentiments.
    Great feature Tamar….what an AMAZING man!! I have to admit, I got a little teary…I’m so happy for you Micha… to be recognized and featured in such a warm, positive way. It warms my heart!!
    I know American women love and appreciate you!!

    • Tamar

      Awwww Thank YOU for responding to my nosey questions about the guy on your website 🙂 I love the way the piece turned out. Think he likes it too! 🙂

    • I’m thankfull I got in contact with you Toni, and for the efforts you do for me. xx

      • Tamar

        Thank YOU for being such a wonderful, creative cat dad and for agreeing to be on my blog!

    • Here is one American woman who appreciates you!! I always thought that the love I have for cats is something that not to many people have (compared to me) I have been with the same man for 35 years, my sons are grown, so I find myself alone quite often. But, I am never alone with my baby’s all around me and loving me unconditionally!(I am only allowed 2 cats)! If I was in Belgium, I would find you–divorce my hubby and move in with you and my cats/your cats!! I would be in absolute heaven!! I hope there are more men like you out in the world to show other men that its ok to love cats!!

      • Tamar

        Divorce your hubby! I hope he doesn’t read this blog! LOLOL! cracking me up!

  • Rena

    What a sweetheart Micha is! I hope he finds love with a woman who cares for cats as much as he does. The kitties are beautiful!

    • Tamar

      They are all so beautiful and he is so very talented! Thanks as always of your support Rena! Now hurry up and come to NYC!

    • Thnx for the lovely words Rena!

  • cat guys rock – and we LOVE that he takes the ones that might not have a chance otherwise!!

    • Tamar

      I totally agree on all counts! woot woot!

  • What a wonderful cat man!!!!!

  • Ok so you need to go to Belgium NOW and marry Micha!! OMG what a catch!! He had me at still keeping his stuffed kitty for 37 years AND that glorious video! Going to follow him now. Tamar, go and get this guy!!!! 😉

    • Betty Murphy

      Tamar, when I said that I needed to get 30 years younger or him blind, I realized that I was truly being selfish. You are clearly the person who should be the successful one in this situation!! The perfect pay-off for all the time you have spent sharing your love or cats in so many ways.

      However, it’s also clear to me that there is another price we ALL have to pay for you running this story. No matter how hard you look, you’ll never be able to find ANY ONE that compares to this cat dad,

      You’ve unintentionally ruined all of us with this magnificent man!!!

      But, WOW, talk about the joy that I sure that EVERY single woman that reads this article is going to get a FABULOUS pay-off for the imaginations they have for what their lives would be with him. He makes all of us think that moving to Belgium would be absolutely no trouble, considering what is waiting for them there. And, this feeling also applies to happily married woman. I’m sure that EVERY one of them has single women lined up to discover the one they’ve been waiting for their whole lives!!

  • Looking at flights to Belgium right now! just kidding. He is amazing and those babies couldn’t ask for a better dad. Loving, creative and passionate. I agree with everybody here, he is quite a catch.

    • *wink wink*

      • Tamar

        Toni I bet she is dead serious!

  • How absolutely wonderful. It is always so nice to meet others who are so passionate about cats and rescue. Purrs to Micha.

    • Tamar

      Absolutely. What a kind heart he has!

  • Beautiful cats, handsome man. What woman could resist??

    • Tamar


  • Esther lema

    I’m so proud off my brother -finally maybe he get off the street like they say in belgium haha – my brother cats and i choose for dogs in white – brother and sister “like cats and dogs? No way! i love him and try to support him (unless my busy life) in all kinds of way where i can – your the best

    • Thanx a lot sis! I didn’t write this artikel to “get of the street” (get hitched) though.
      If I did, I probably would get more reaction from Belgian girls, (none so far). 🙂 🙂

      • Tamar

        LOLOL! Hysterical! 🙂 Hey, you never know!

  • Skyler

    I’ve got 6 rescue cats of my own here in Chicago! Women are crazy to pass up a cat loving man. It’s an important quality in any friend or boyfriend I’ve ever had! You should probably make some cat furniture and sell it online..the few pieces featured here are AWESOME!

  • Update: I now have 8 cats! Added Frits and Lana (Rescue cats)

    • Betty Murphy

      Micha is clearly torturing all the world’s single women with this special Belgium torture tactic of being DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, DROP DEAD SWEET, and now, the pied-piper of every possible homeless cat in his entire country. He truly seems to be EVERYTHING he preaches, and oh oh oh, how so many of us would KILL to be able to be chosen to fly to Belgium to test his true authenticity. Tamar, PLEASE take the bullet for us all, and check him out yourself. I watch the furkids for you. As our nation’s #1 cat-intreped reporter, you know more than most what the REAL requirements are for a REAL, TRUE CATMAN.