Cat Man Monday: The Rain Brought His First Feline Love

Today’s post is written by I HAVE CAT fan, Damir Vidan who resides in Slovenia! This is the story of the first cat who stole his heart. 

mancho with her daddy

Damir and princess Mancholeena


As a child I grew up in a block of flats in Ljubljana Slovenia without any pets, as my parents were working all the time and I was spending my time with different sports. When my little sister and I grew up a bit however, we began constantly begging our parents for a pet (as any child does), but they insisted we were not responsible enough (and they were right probably). So my childhood passed without animals.

But in 2010 destiny had other plans.

I was spending my weekend at my girlfriend’s apartment, we were watching movies all weekend as the weather outside was very bad, raining heavily. We decided to order a food delivery and about hour later, when it arrived, small fluffy ball just ran to our apartment. She was all wet and looked more like a small hedgehog than cat.

I am not a hedgehog sir!

I am not a hedgehog sir!


As the weather outside was very wild, we didn’t have any other option than to keep a frightened kitty with us and feed her. Luckily we had some milk in refrigerator, but there wasn’t any food for her (we’d ordered pizza fora reason J), so I had to go to the store and ended up come back like her big wet hedgehog brother!

Sweet Mancho the kitten

It’s not so bad here. I kind of like this guy.


She was very scared the entire evening and we were surprised she didn’t even know how to eat or drink. Apparently my first real contact with a pet was matched with her first contact with the real world. But we survived the night and by morning love had blossomed. She woke me up with her loud purring and by rubbing her face against mine.

Manch is a Daddy's Girl

I’m a Daddy’s girl.


That day was pretty stressful, as I already decided to keep her, but I didn’t know where she’d come from. So I went around to a few houses to ask if someone has lost a kitten. One of the neighbors told me that she was probably from abandoned litter of kittens they found that day about half a mile  away.

I couldn’t believe she’d found her way to our home from that far away (keep in mind there are few roads and there was a storm outside!). But there were no other logical explanation where did she come from, she was obviously a real little soldier.

Growing up and quite at home.

Growing up and quite at home.


Her brothers and sisters didn’t separate and had stayed in the same place, so we took care of them too until a shelter was able to take them. But of course I could not separate from Mancholeena  (Mancho for short) as we’d already named her, so she stayed with me. She had fought her way to my heart, so letting her go was not an option.

The demanding attention look.

Someone is not amused.


As you’ve probably already concluded, she doesn’t have to be a soldier anymore, she’s more like a little spoiled princess – or maybe even a queen! In her first few days with us, I’d already bought her a cat tree, a litter box, a water fountain, many of toys and all the other things cat lovers probably do… She even has her own room in our new apartment, we call it “Manchoroom”.

I am the mistress of all that I see.

I am the master of all that I can see (from here anyway).


She’s a beautiful and very friendly cat who just adores my presence and demands my full attention all the time. She goes on summer vacation with me every year (she can stay in a car for 4-5 hours without any problem) and is the true superstar of every house party.

Where are we going this summer dad?!

Where is summer vacation this year?


For someone, who spent his childhood without pets, I am suprisingly attached to her and can’t imagine my life without her.  She was also the main reason that I launched the website, as I know how hard is for someone without any knowledge about cats to take care of them and I am convinced that I can help them this way, as I become a real cat expert in last few years.

Sometimes Mancho guest writes for the website.

Sometimes Mancho edits the website.


Best regards to all readers from Slovenia!


If you’d like to see more of Miss Mancho (and who wouldn’t), you can follow her on ‘t you Instagram at The other social media pages for CatsAdvices are as follows, I hope you check them out and follow! 

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  • Ana

    What a GREAT story! Beautiful kitty and handsome dad with a huge heart! Yeah!

    • Tamar

      I’m glad you thought it was as great as I did! He responded to you but it’s down below 🙂

  • Thank you Ana, I’m glad that you like our story! 🙂

  • Rena

    Thank you for sharing your story! Mancho found you for a reason, and what a lucky kitty she is! I can see how you couldn’t resist that sweet face! Thanks, Tamar, for your Cat Man Monday feature. I love it!

    • Thank you Rena! You forgot one thing… What a lucky cat owner I am 🙂

  • Julie

    I agree with all above comments, cats are good judges of human nature, she made a great choice when she came in your door. Thank you for being such a nice, caring person–need more like youl

    • Wow… Thank you very much 🙂

  • What a great story, and she’s a beauty. And Tamar, I also love your Cat Man Monday posts!

    • Hello Ann, thank you, we also love your illustrations 🙂 Good luck on Blog Paws conference!

  • Mancho sounds like a real trooper! It’s always good for a queen to be tough. 😉

    • Hello Sparkle, wow what a honor 🙂 Mancho is sending greetings to you from Slovenia 🙂

  • Gretchen

    LOVE this story! Mancho is so cute!

    • Tamar

      Me too! Damir replied to you but it’s down below fyi!

  • Hello Gretchen, thank you, I’m glad you like it 🙂

  • Oh she was a sweet little kitten!! and ever so smart! thank you for sharing her and your story.

    • Connie thank you for your kind words and your contribution on Mancho’s website 🙂 We just love your blog, you were one of the first bloggers that we started to read!

  • Yes that is a cat for you….they always choose their owners not the other way around. Great story and a typical cat story they are the greatest problem solvers in the animal world.

    • You are absolutely right 🙂

  • Jeanne

    You got yourself one sweet baby there! It is so good to hear people like you take in a scared little kitten who darts through your door and you keep it. It was meant to be, for sure! Bless your heart in giving this kitty a furever, loving home where she is in no doubt getting spoiled and loving her life with you. Bless you Damir!

    • Thank you very much Jeanne, I was already blessed with her 🙂

  • WOW, I just love how u took her in & gave her a forever loving home . I love it when i hear story like this . She was meant to be with u . God , Bless you & ur Sweet baby .

    • Thank you Barbara 🙂

  • Sarah

    She’s beautiful. You didn’t even have a chance.

    What does Mancholeena mean in English?

    • You are right, I didn’t 🙂

      Regarding her name – my girlfriend had one other cat (before we met) and his name was Pancho. As we assumed Mancholeena was a boy when we found her, he/she become Mancho (Pancho & Mancho – idea of her brother). Later, when we realized that we have a little girl, we changed that to Mancholeena (or Mančolina in slovenian). It doesn’t mean anything, we were just improvising with the name, which is great in fact, because now everyone remembers her unique name 🙂

  • zaznam


    • Tamar

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the story of Damir and Mancho. They are both very special. Wanted to let you know that Damir did respond to you but his response is below rather than being a true “reply” to your comment. I think it was just an oversight. Best, Tamar

  • Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for getting our free ebook from our website, I hope you will like it 🙂

  • Mancho is a very pretty lady and we think she has taken charge of your life as cats always seem to know just the right expression to make your heart melt. We have our Mum wrapped round our paws and we’re sure Mancho has you wrapped around hers.
    We hope to see more posts from you and hear about Mancho’s adventures.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    • Thank you Hannah and Lucy, Mancho is surely master of heart melting 🙂