Vogue’s “The Cat and the Flat Editorial”


“To land on your feet, fashion-wise, lose the heel.” Thus begins “The Cat and The Flat,” an online fashion spread featuring a different pairing of flats (the shoe not the apartment for you British readers) with a cat (or kitten) each day for the month of March.

Vogue Editorial Spread The Cat and The Flat

“Pignoli is eleven weeks old and ready for adoption! The cool python and chain loafers are brand-new and you have to buy them.” 3/3/14


The Fashion Times hit the nail on the head when they say, “There are few things (if any!) Internet users love more than cats. And the same goes for shoes among the fashion set.”

Vogue "The Cat and The Flat" Editorial

“That’s Tommy—and a rubber-soled studded sandal that will have nine lives in your closet.” 3/1/14


And really, what could be better than combining, furry felines with fashionable footwear? Not much in my book!

I particularly like the fact they use “regular” cats whose fame has not gone to their head (does that happen to the cats or rather the pet parents?!). They do feature one famous cat but I think her unique look makes her a bold choice for Vogue and I applaud them for it.

Princes Monster Truck in Vogue

“Princess Monster Truck was born on the streets with an underbite and now has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram. In these jeweled sandals (flats on mesas!) you should be so fabulous.” 3/6/14


A few of the cats are even up for adoption, but sadly they don’t always show the entire cat (just a pair of hind legs in one cats), or fail to mention where the cat is up for adoption – a HUGE missed opportunity on Vogue’s end if you ask me.

The Cat and The Flat - Vogue Editorial

“George, brother of Tommy (see March 1), has hopped into the designer-sneaker trend. He is being discreet, sort of, in Céline.” 3/9/11


Next time I’d love to see them use all adoptable cats, or all black cats, maybe even a few specially-abled ones, and provide all the contact information needed for potential applicants.

The Cat and The Flat, Vogue Editorial

“More Mary Janes! And move over Lupita: Who knew Trashy modeled for Miu Miu?” 3/14/14


They could create a contest and have shelters and rescue groups sign-up to be included and engage Vogue readers to select the organizations – or particular cats – to be included in the layouts! I do hope someone at Vogue is reading this. If you have any connections do pass along!

The Cat and The Flat

“When supersweet Florence first arrived at the Bideawee shelter she had a broken jaw. She approves of the slip-free rubber and neoprene slides for pedals and pool parties.” (March 8th)


Maybe I should do the next editorial, think they’ll go for that? Poor Rihanna (below), perhaps a “leg” man will fall for her.

Make sure to check out the editorial yourself to see all the cats (and flats) of March. Still ten new images to come!

"You can adopt Rihanna from Bideawee; why not do so in neon floral lace now?" 3/17/14

“You can adopt Rihanna from Bideawee; why not do so in neon floral lace now?” 3/17/14

NOTE: All Vogue images are photographed by Charlie Engman

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9 Responses to Vogue’s “The Cat and the Flat Editorial”

  1. Mishmish says:

    Awesome article
    I think you should do it.
    All you need is :
    your camera( checked)
    A few cats ( checked)
    A shoe designer who wants to show off their shoes(?)
    A studio like space with lights (?)

    I would think and kind of isolation like that can be very interesting
    Cats and water
    Cats and hats
    Cats and hair….
    So many things!
    But you know that 🙂
    Anyway, nice article, will share

    • Tamar says:

      LOL, yeh, that shouldn’t be a problem at all! ha! Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!

  2. Rachel says:

    I like the cats…not so much the flats. I need at least a wedge heel!!! I agree it would have been nicer to feature more adoptable cats. I think a good feature would be asymmetrical hemlines with asymmetrical cats! (One eye, tripods, etc.)
    My cat Stannis has a notched ear and I think it makes him look quite rakish!

    • Tamar says:

      I’m with you on the heels! LOL! Love your concept – send it in to VOGUE! Awwww you should post a pic of Stannis to our FB page so we can all enjoy him! Facebook.com/ihavecat
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment Rachel!

  3. wow this is so cool i am a cat lady age 49,, cant wear heels now,, love these shoes and cats

  4. Connie says:

    I can not agree with you more about Rihanna.. interesting choice on their part.. wonder if copy didn’t bother to look at the photo and vice versa ..

    and anything to get more adoptable cats in front of eyeballs, so I agree with you on everything else too 🙂

    • Tamar says:

      Yeh totally weird right?! I mean I’m sure they POUR over each photo at Vogue and I’ll bet the ppl looking at the photo weren’t looking at the copy???

  5. Ann Boyajian says:

    I’m with you all the way! Each cat should have shelter/contact info prominently displayed. Hey, maybe you could pitch an idea to Tim Gunn for Project Runway – taking adoptable cats and assigning one to each designer for inspiration. They’ve already done dogs…