V-DAY Giveaway #10: A Very Sexy Bunny


This is it people our 10th and last V-DAY GIVEAWAY! Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride! 

Those who are squeamish may want to skip this post. It’s about sex. Well not  sex exactly, but things people use during sex – if you know what I mean.

But Valentine’s Day is coming up and let’s not pretend we don’t know what people do on V-Day night (from what I hear at least). 


Bunnyjuice is a company dedicated to enhancing your sexual wellness in a fun, friendly and approachable way.” See,were talking about bunnies! Bunnies are cute furry creatures – just like cats!

Bunnyjuice was started because CEO Tod Guenther felt there was a market for well-designed, non-intimidating intimacy kits. Most products at the time were packaged in a darker, black-light “porn-type” packaging.

Bunny Juice

wildbunny premium lovekit (left) and shybunny premium lovekit (right)

The goal was to rebrand the face of intimacy in a fun, playful, and none intimidating way. Tod has a background as a creative director in packaging design and it shows.

Bunnyjuice is offering FOUR sexy I HAVE CAT readers the choice of any of their four “love kits.” Sorry, but US shipping only. 

Bunny Juice

wildhare love kit  (left) and wildbunny lovekit (right)

Check it out, the “shybunny” love kit (top photo), comes with a feather. Something to keep kitty occupied perhaps? Just thinking out of the box!

To Enter The Giveaway:

  • Leave a comment with which lovekit you’d like to win.
  • Leave a way for us to contact you – Twitter or Email (THIS IS A MUST!)
  • Comment must be left by February 18th 5pm EST
  • One entry per household UNLESS, you post this giveaway to your FB page in which case you should leave a second comment to this blog post letting us know you did so
  • 4 winners will be selected at random using a wordpress blog widget

And if you’re wondering, as I was, how the name Bunnyjuice came about. “Bunny” came from the old saying about “doing it like bunnies,” and “juice” is the energy provided by the lovekits for “doing it”! 😮



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  • Colleen Boudreau

    I like the wildbunny premium lovekit.

  • Iesadora

    I would love to win the Wildbunny 4Her kit!

  • Grace Rathburn

    If I win I would love to have the Wildbunny Premium Love Kit please.


  • Lauren H.

    would love shybunny premium lovekit

  • Nicole Crammer

    To be honest I would be happy with any of the kits, I see this as being an interesting experience.

  • Nicole Crammer

    Posted on my Facebook as well, I hope it brings me a little luck.

  • Sue Starr

    I like the Wildbunny Premium Love Kit please. Thanks!

  • Lindsay Shearouse

    wildbunny premium lovekit all the way!! awesome giveaway! 😉

  • Aja Bjorken

    wildhare lovekit

  • Deb

    I really like the wildbunny kit 🙂

  • Chrissy

    I would really like a wildbunny premium kit! Twitter: @ChrissyVerg

  • Susie esh

    Please! my kitties want me to have a kit!

  • Angelique I.

    Wildbunny Premium Lovekit!


  • Brooke

    The Wildbunny Premium kit! 🙂

  • Lynn

    I’ve gotta go for the Wildbunny kit – I mean, it IS Valentine’s Day! xoxo

  • Wildbunny premium, please! 😀 elspeth_colquhoun@hotmail.com

  • Cary Hillman

    Wildbunny, please.

  • Raine

    I’d love a Wildbunny Premium kit! Great kits- love the packaging. Happy Valentines Day everyone! @buzzyngabe

  • Raine

    FB share Raine Dawson @buzzyngabe

  • Laurene Avis

    I would love the wildbunny premium kit please!

  • Lily Kwan

    I would choose the wildbunny premium lovekit. @likwan

  • Lily Kwan

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/likwan/posts/10151906441592817.

  • Amanda Sklarz

    wildbunny premium lovekit please 🙂


  • amanda

    Wildbunny or wildhare would be my choice. <3

  • Diana

    Wildbunny Premium or the regular Wildbunny please. Thanks!


  • Kat

    Wild hare please