Wine For Cat Lovers That Helps Cats


What could be better than receiving a delicious bottle – or two – of organic wine with an adorable cat wine label? Knowing that proceeds from the sale of that are going to help cats!Enter Riverfront Wines.

$6 from the sale of each varietal (6 in all) goes to Riverfront Cats, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Miami.  A non-profit that also happens to be run by my friend Christine Michaels, previously featured on this blog as a Crazy Sexy Cat Lady!

Riverfront Cats Wine For A Good Cause

Riverfront Cats focuses are reversing the epidemic rate of homeless cats and kittens and overturning myths about black cats through education programs, awareness campaigns, TNRM (trap, neuter, release, manage), care, rescue and adoption. 

You can’t go wrong with wine for cat people with a cat cause. Especially when each label features a stunning Riverfront Cat rescue or adoptee!  I encourage you to pop-over and read about each of the wines for sale. They ship the day they’re ordered and arrive in 3 days!

Riverfront Cat Wines


Since we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day these wines are a no-brainer for any cat-loving boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, fiancé etc. But they also make wonderful gifts for many occasion – Christmas, housewarmings, host/hostess gifts, birthday.

So buy a few and keep them on hand! Or if you’re feeling particularly generous you can always make a straight-up donation to Riverfront Cats too!

Miami Riverfront

Miami Riverfront

I had the chance to visit Christine in Miami recently and watch her in action feeding the community cats by the riverfront. It takes a ton of hard work, dedication, not to mention funds, to feed and manage these beautiful creatures.

I’m sharing just a few of the  from when I was with her so you can meet a fraction of the cats who will benefit from the purchase of this wine.




Sinbad and Christine

Christine at a feeding station with Sinbad in the background


Sinbad up-close

Sinbad up-close


Tomcat, Midnight and Callie

Tomcat, Midnight and Callie





So do a little “window” shopping and check out Enter Riverfront Wines. And if you or that special someone if your life has cats and dogs (or maybe even just a dog), they have a line of wines for other rescue pets too – including a pet pet!  So go. Now!



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  • Thank you Tamar for this post. We lead by example in TNRM to educate other neighborhoods to trap and manage feral and semi-feral cat colonies. We have a system down from trapping, feeding, flyers to educate residents, updated communications, etc. EDUCATION & COMMUNICATION are key to raising awareness, recruiting other volunteers and raising needed funds for emergencies. All funding goes to the cats so they are not needlessly taken to animal services to be put to sleep. One becomes attached to the cats, even feral ones. Affection and appreciation are shown in different ways. Cat body language is the same for indoor and outdoor cats! We can’t help but fall in love with every single one.

    Speaking of love, we think the wine is an ideal gift that benefits community cats and cat guardians and hope to sell lots!

    Thank you again!

  • Oh and if anyone is “Bipetual” (cat and dog) or has other pets, our umbrella nonprofit (Pawsitively Humane, Inc) also has line of wines as well with other rescue pets. Even featuring pet pigs!

  • Oh, this is an AWESOME idea! My human wants to know if they could PLEASE do this with sparkling wine, because that is all she drinks!

  • What a wonderful idea.

  • Cats! Wine! All I need is a little Chocolate and I’m in heaven! 🙂 Thanks for posting this, Tamar! Sharing!

  • I am vouching for the quality of this wine! I ordered a bottle for my sister-in-law for her birthday last December, she is a wine tasting pro and she said it was one of the BEST wines she has EVER HAD!

  • jmuhj

    Alcohol is against my beliefs, but this is a great cause, and hopefully those who use alcohol will take advantage of it. Gorgeous cats! and every one deserves love, respect, protection and a good life.

  • Very cool indeed 🙂

  • What a cool idea! I will have to let my wine-loving friends know (my husband and I don’t drink). I bet there are a lot of homeless pets in the Miami area.