V-DAY Giveaway #2: The Dancing Cat Valentine Cat Zipper Pouch

I’M SORRY THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER. However, you can still get 10% off items in the ETSY store, by using “LOVECAT” at check out through 2/14/14!


Our first V-Day giveaway was for the 4-legged member of the family (there’s still time to enter to get a Sweet Pickle collar and bow tie). Now it’s time for ones that feed the 2-leggeds!

Those of you who know me are aware I don’t normally go gaga for cat-themed clothing or accessories. But when I saw the Valentine cat zipper pouch on the Etsy shop The Dancing Cat, I was singing a different tune. I WANT!

jamie shelman valentine's day pouches

One lucky I HAVE CAT readers (from anywhere in the world!), will win one of these limited edition 5″ x7″ pouches! They’re perfect for carrying around pens, cosmetics, smartphones, and perhaps even cat treats?!

In addition, Jamie, the artist behind The Dancing Cat, is generously offering every single I HAVE CAT reader 10% off items in her ETSY store, just by using “LOVECAT” at check out through 2/14/14!

The Dancing Cat Artwork


You may recognize Jamie’s rotund, happy cat drawing from her prints and cards.  I selected a few of her Valentine’s Day inspired drawings to share (above), but she has hundreds of cards and prints for all occasions.

Jamie has always been a cat lover (go Jamie!). As a child she recalls,“snagging them out of bushes and carrying around on my shoulder.” She was a shy child and was able to relate to animals, cats in particular. She writes, “There was no judgement or ‘agenda’ at hand except maybe for food!”

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 1.15.41 PM

Kitty Witty (left) and Grey Bags (right), Jamie’s tolerant neighborhood cats!


While she doesn’t currently have any cats – darn landlord! She has “adoptive” cats in the form of two neighborhood cats who stop by to say hello. They must be very tolerant kitties because Jaimie likes to, “pick them up and give them a squeeze in the middle”!

Both Jamie and her husband Tom are artists, having graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. I love it when she says on her Etsy site that, “…we love the thought that our work can make someone happy even if just for a moment and possibly redirect their day or their lives in a positive direction.”  I think you’ll agree that her cats can’t help but bring joy to ones day.

The Squeeze

Titled “The Squeeze,” I think we can guess which kitties inspired this drawing!


When I asked how she ended up drawing cats as a speciality, she responded that she:

“…really like the shapes and forms I can create with cats, the roundness, volume and mass- like rocks in a zen garden! My cat drawings have kind of taken on a life of their own, I never try to narrow them down to “cat actions” but let them develop naturally. They often take on human characteristics and complex emotional states, albeit simply rendered! From cycling, eating, and grooming to dining a la carte or jumping on a mini trampoline their actions mirror my own emotional state of mind”


Okay, now back to business. The GIVEAWAY! 

To enter:

  • Leave a comment letting us know which zipper color you’d like if you won the pouch  (color options below)
  • You MUST leave a way for us to contact you – Twitter or Email
  • Comment must be left by February 8th 5pm EST
  • One entry per household UNLESS, you post this giveaway to your FB page in which case you should leave a second comment to this blog post letting us know you did so
  • Winners will be selected using random.org



From top to bottom zipper colors are: green, pink, blue & red


NOTE: Be patient with us should you win. There is a 2 week waiting period given the popularity of this item. But it will totally be worth it!


Jamie's self-portrait

Jamie as a cat. I have a feeling she isn’t giving herself much justice!



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  • Green Zipper. @shiwaseneko Love these!! Her art is fantastic and so sweet 🙂

  • Heather B

    What an awesome pouch!! I’d like pink zipper!!

  • Suzanne O’Gorman

    Pink zipper please & thanks!!

  • Kim

    Hi! Red zipper please! and thank you for the chance to win!

  • Zelina

    If I were to win, I would like the one with the red zipper!

  • I love this and think the red would be great! shachsmom@gmail.com

  • Pink zipper 🙂 These are totally adorable! Going to check out the Etsy shop right now 🙂

  • Pamela Hum

    These are so cute. I would love love the pink one

  • Shared to Facebook! Good luck, everyone 🙂

  • (commenters above, don’t forget your contact information!! 🙂

  • pink of course!!! pink pink pink! 😀

  • Becky Seely

    Pink of course! 🙂

  • Adodrable!!!!!
    It’s gotta be pink!
    : )


  • Sarah

    Blue zipper!

  • Mee! Meeeee!

  • Chris

    So cute! I’d choose the pink zipper. Thanks for the chance to win!
    kataddikt at gmail dot com

  • Love love love Jamie and Dancing Cat! These bags are some of my faborite creations! love the red zipper! We’ll send Pastry Squirrel a Danish if we win!

  • Sarah

    Oops – sbanick @ mindspring. com

  • Carla Garcia

    I’d like a pink dancing cat pouch! editorcarla@gmail.com

  • Carla Garcia

    Shared on Facebook!

  • Jean Israel

    Pink zipper!! Love these <3

  • denise lemmen

    pink zipper sdl40@yahoo.com

  • Marie Gilbert
  • Shar Tigner

    Love her stuff! Blue zipper 🙂

  • Heather Roy

    I love the red zipper! hroy_76@yahoo.com

  • Donna

    So cute. Red zipper please!

  • The pink zipper is darling!

  • Anngela

    Pink zipper

  • marie Gilbert

    also posted to my FACEBOOK PAGE!

  • Shar Tigner

    Shared on FB.

  • Heather Roy

    Posted on FB! hroy_76@yahoo.com

  • Pink please! Meow.

  • Fabulous, I could carry my ‘Registrar Pens’ in the ‘Hot Pink’ one, would get so many comments am sure <3 carolinejamesuk@gmail.com or twitter @carolinejamescj
    thank you

  • have tweeted too x

  • Jeanne

    I’d love the red zippered one….TOO cute!!! Thanks for doing this

  • Elizabeth Moore

    Blue zipper please, these are so cute!!

  • Sebnem Seckal

    I’d like the pink zipper please! My e-mail is sebnemseckal@gmail.com thanks!

  • Lisa

    Adorable print — pink zipper, please!

  • Jodie

    Pink =^..^=

  • ‘.'<


  • Kim Bernards

    Green or pink. Love these

  • What a great bag! We’d like the red zipper one!

  • June Rehse

    What a cute bag! Love the pink zipper one! my email is onthefringe29@sbcglobal.net

  • Kari

    These are adorable. I’d love the pink zippered one please. kari.p.webb@gmail.com

  • Kim Bernards

    Also shared via Facebook

  • Jenny Schweitzer

    Pink is cute! Thanks for the giveaway! jennyschweitzer1313@gmail.com

  • I’m going to go against the crowd and like the blue zipper. Adorable.

  • Jenny Schweitzer
  • Shared on facebook.

  • Jill

    Pink zipper please!! Adorable!

  • Janet Hilliker

    Pink <3

  • Pink zipper please…

    Love this ! Too cute. Hope I win… =^..^=

  • Lynn

    Pink zipper please!! Also where can I buy one?

  • Rosangela McHone

    The green zipper one would be my favorite. But I would be happy with anyone of them! I love her art.

  • Claire paquin

    Pink is purrfect! werrrpennstate@yahoo.com

  • My computer shut down and I apologize for the pervious message. I would be proud to have the pink zippered pouch.

  • Emma clarke

    I <3 this @clarkeysMrs
    Really love the red zip 😉

  • Nicole T Walker

    Pink zipper

  • Rae Jean Rataiczak

    Red, please! Raejean17@yahoo.com

  • Bettina Lemmon

    How amazingly adorable!!! Pink zipper please. Purrfect pouch! Tina – at bjl@atlanticbb.net

  • melo

    Love this. Pink zipper.

  • Tracie Clothier

    SO CUTE!!! I would love to have any of them, but since I’m a fanatic for pink, I’d love to have the pink zippered one.

  • Rayn

    Pink please. Those are adorable

  • Heather Hubert

    Pink please 🙂

  • annachronism

    If given a choice, I’d like the red one, but all versions are entirely too cute! annapasq(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Kathleen

    Would adore a blue one for one of my little furry men!!! 🙂

  • Kyrsten

    Red one! 🙂 kjduv07(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Stephanie Meilak

    Pink pink pink!!! =D


  • Lize Lubbe

    Red please!

  • jmuhj

    Green is my favorite color, so…;) jmuhjacat@att.net TYSM!

  • Amy Gallo

    Ooooh, Pink! :

  • Steffani Christoff

    Blue zipper please.

  • christina

    These are so cute!! Red zipper please! Cantugraphics@gmail.com
    Thank you!!

    Sharing on fb too!

  • Angie Long

    Cute….Too Stinking Cute..The Hot PInk ZipperI


  • Leslie Jimenez

    I would love the pink but in all honesty, I would love any of them. As the mother of Gracie June Carter Cash (yes that is her name thanks to a friend of mine) we love anything kitty cat!

  • Sarah Gillingham

    Pink zipper is my fav please!

  • Hedda

    Pink zipper 😀

  • Dawn Hannock

    So cute. I’d like Blue.

  • Krisann Gutenmakher

    How cute is that!!


  • Pauline Ashley-jones

    Wonderful – red zipper is fab- i have three of my own cats – love them – pauline@dug992.freeserve.co.uk

  • zoe skourides

    I dont mind which colour i love them all i would just be happy to win as i do not have anyone special in my life to buy me anything apart from my 3 cats thankyou x

  • Yippee! Another giveaway. If Mommy should win, she wants a pink zipper. Her e-mail address is: janet.blue@thecatonmyhead.com. Jamie’s drawings are adorable and her two neighborhood cats super cute. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • Krisann Gutenmakher

    Oops pink 🙂

    Love it!!

  • Angie Long

    Posted To My Face Book Page..Hot Pink Zipper 🙂 Along@Govinddevelopment.com

  • Lauren

    The pink is too cute!

  • Yep, would seriously love one of these, any colour is more than acceptable. Love all the kitty captions, many thanks if I am lucky!!!

  • Amanda Conway

    AWESOME! TOO CUTE! I’d love a blue one 🙂

  • Blue zipper, thanks 🙂

  • zoe skourides

    I love them all so i would be happy with any colour as i dont have someone special in my life to buy me one apart from my 3 cats thankyou x

  • Jennifer

    The green one is cute!

  • Too quick! My Siamese cats are Freya – seal point girl – and Goldie – red point boy. Natures – both lovely. My website is Facebook.

  • Carrie Anne

    Combining two of my favorite things, pink & cats? It’s a definite win/win!

  • zoe skourides

    I forgot my email izoeuk15@yahoo.co.uk

  • Jeraldine McDonald

    Any would be great! How cute!

  • Rebecca Wenhold

    Adorable! I would love to win any of them, but pink is my favorite color. 🙂

  • Carrie

    Red zipper! Thanks for the chance!

  • Awilda

    Pink zipper. What a great looking pouch!

  • Lisa Ledford

    Green one please. My cats fave color.

  • Paloma Gonzalez
  • Julie

    How cute! I like the pink zipper. jubu97rn@hotmail.com

  • CassieE

    Pink zipper. They are so cute. Caselizondo25@yahoo.com

  • Caroline

    I luuuurve the pink zipper but I really wouldn’t mind which colour as they’re all gorgeous.

  • Cornelia Davis

    I would love a red or pink cat pouch. I have two sisters, Mimi & Booths.

  • Rebecca Lockwood

    I would love pink one. It is my favorite color. I love the kitty!!!! Becalynn1964@Comcast.net

  • Lee Anne

    Red zipper, and I shared, so two entries, please! @billiecassin

  • Any color, beggars can’t be choosers!

  • Kathi

    red or pink. =^.^= (also, shared on FB!) so cute.

  • I would love to get the pink zipper pouch!

  • Missy Goldstein

    How cute! Love the pink zipper!!! Mgold653@hotmail.com

  • Hi, I’d love the red zippered one! Thanks! My email is mdixonauctions@yahoo.ca or you can contact me via WordPress account.

  • Love the pink zipper. 🙂

  • Kristen

    What a cute pouch! Kristengardner1988@gmail.com, pink please!

  • Diana

    I love the pouch! Blue would be my pick! Thanks!

  • Missy Lecompte

    Super cute… Would love the pink one!!!

  • Elle

    I’d looove this pouch!!! 😀
    Pink zipper please!

  • Jessica

    Pink one please!!!! 😀 Jessica_Chan81@hotmail.com

  • francene kilichowski

    adorable ! red zipper please (hopefully) caffeine(at)nycap(dot)rr(dot)com

  • Kyla Kalbach

    Adorable. I would like the pink thesmoochanator@gmail.com

  • I also shared on facebook. I am Kyla Kalbach on here and my email is thesmoochanator@gmail.com

  • Ambre’ Shields

    Hi fur friends! #fatcats4life blue zipper style thanks 🙂

  • Janielouelliott

    Oh, pink just like cute kitty toes.

  • NancyE

    I LOVE this! My favorite is the red zipper, please!

  • Rosana

    Hi, it’s beautiful! I love the red one. My email is rsaira@Gmail.com

  • Patricia Dugan

    I love the pink zipper. patricia.thompson.dugan@gmail.com

  • amanda

    Pink! I love pink. Blue is pretty to tho. =)

  • They are beautiful! The pink in my fave though.

  • Karen

    Adorable! Would love to have it with the pink zipper.

  • Ceci Hampson

    I would love to have pink! Thank you.

  • ericka

    I love the blue!!

  • Alison Xenos

    Green please!! So cute!

  • Korinne Taylor

    Pink!! Shared on facebook. MauiMeowi8@yahoo.com

  • My favorite color is pink! (The color of all my kitties’ toes!)

  • Sherri Wittler

    I love the one with the pink zipper. Well, I really love th all – but, pink is my favorite color!!!

  • Emma

    I’d like to win the red zipper one please.

  • Kristine M.

    Blue! My Twitter name is fezabel.

  • kristi

    love it!! must have blue zipper 😀

  • Rebecca

    Adorable! I love the pink zipper

  • Cary Hillman

    Love the blue zipper. 🙂

  • Colleen Boudreau (Collifornia)

    Pink! 🙂
    holliister at gmail dot com

  • absoutely cunning

    I would like the pink zipper.

  • absoutely cunning

    I would like the green zipper.

  • Anne Portelance

    I would like the green zipper. So cute!!!

  • Nancy

    I love cats and I love the Red

  • Anne Portelance

    I want green. LOVE It!!!

  • Leslie Johnston

    Pink zipper please! Alabamagrrl at yahoo

  • Caity Rose

    If I were to win I would like the Blue One! Thank you for the giveaway!
    Twitter is @rocknbeliever or Email is Rosebreakingdawn@gmail.com :3

  • Lauren Beard

    The green zippered pouch looks fantastic! I would love to be entered to win it!
    Lauren at lexquismusique@gmail.com

  • Pink zipper! 🙂 zenithjade@yahoo.com ! <3 <3 <3

  • So cute, I like the pink one!

  • Amy
  • If I won, I’d like the pink zipper please.

  • Pam

    My kitty, Charlie says he wants the pink one!

  • Pink of course. So cute. I love everything “cats”. Thank you for this giveaway!

  • Hanna

    Love the pink zipper! Thank you!

  • Myriam Romero

    I would love a pink one!! My twitter account is @mylibethterry 😀

  • Nikki Lesher

    I would love to have the one with the pink zipper.. thank you. I hope I win… : )

  • pink zipper please! twitter – FatCatDots

  • turquoise zipper. i love jamie’s awesomeness! supah ([{at}]) supah dot com !!!!

  • Heike

    I would love the pink one.

  • Oh, so cute. I like the red zippered one. I am just another ‘crazy cat lady’. lol I’d put cat treats in it. email. kathy4@hotmail.com

  • Lynn Sampson

    I would love the blue zippered Valentine cat zipper pouch from The Dancing Cat ! Thank you Jamie + The Dancing Cat !!!

  • Carolyn Schellhardt

    Red!!! You can never have too many cat themed accessories!!!!! And this one is a true winner!!!! cjgs1@yahoo.com

  • Brooke

    I’d love to have the one with the pink zipper! Love them all though 🙂
    My email is thequeenb2004@hotmail.com

  • Jorie Johnson

    Pink zipper please!

  • Pink Pink Pink! Love these amy12265@att.net

  • Brooke

    I shared on Facebook. My Facebook is Brooke N Rob Young.
    Email: thequeenb2004@hotmail.com
    Pink zipper case 🙂

  • Vicki

    Pink zipper for me please. :0)

  • katy

    Pink or green would be extra keen!
    xoxo kisforcalligraphy@gmail.com

  • francine

    Love The Dancing Cat! The red zipper please! kitakatz at yahoo dot com,

  • Christine Watson

    Love it! Pink zipper would match the rest of the cat picnic stuff!

  • Meg

    They’re all so cute! I think my favorite is probably the pink zipper though 🙂

  • Angela Dejesus

    Pink please! These are adorable!

  • Martha

    Pink or blue, please! But they are all the cutest things EVER!!1! <3

    Martha spasticfurchild@yahoo.com

  • Ilea Casas

    I would love the green zipper, my cat goes every place I go and she would love this for her treats.

  • Kathy OConnor

    I love all of them! Not picky.

  • Sara ackerman

    Love this! Would love a hot pink zipper! sara_josh@yahoo.com

  • Lynette M. Silva

    So cute! That huggy kitty looks just like my Rufus 🙂 (blue zipper)

  • A red zipper one would look amazing


  • Susan Martin

    Soooo cute! I’d love to have the red zipper. 🙂

  • Red one for sure! Love the kitties!!! <3

  • Sherry

    The pink zipper please 🙂 sdeedeec@yahoo.com

  • Erixa

    The blue one:)
    EALLIY21 twitter

  • Yvette Simoneau

    Adorable – pink zipper please.

  • Melanie walker

    I would pick the cute Pink zippered one, because Pink is my color 😉
    P.S. I have 5 kitties, who I love dearly… I am the epitome of the “Crazy Cat Lady” (minus the Crazy! 😉

  • Melanie walker

    And I also shared this on my Facebook for all my fellow Cat Lady friends to enter 🙂

  • Ms. Phoebe’s Mom

    I would adore one with a pink zipper! I’ve always been a fan of Jamie’s since first seeing her work featured on Hauspanther a few years ago.

  • Ms. Phoebe’s Mom
  • I’d love one with a green zipper! These are SO adorable!

  • Annie Dee

    Pink, of course! Love these! Thank you

  • Bonnie Erika

    I’d like the pink zipper! bonnie.py.ho@hotmail.com @bonnieerika

  • Bonnie Erika
  • Rebecca Thibodeau

    This is so cute and I’d L❤

  • Rebecca Thibodeau

    The pink zipper please!

  • I shared on FB! 😀

  • Would love to win! Either the pink zipper or the blue. I’m not picky I like them both! Thanks for the chance ! 🙂

  • Missy Haney

    Pink zipper please! So cute. I shared to my FB. THANK YOU!

  • Riana Heck

    Too cute! Red zipper please!

  • Veronica Smith


  • Missy Haney

    Oops my contact info is missy3141@gmail.com

  • Kat

    I love the PINK zipper! xx Super duper cute stuff xx
    katch05 at gmail dot com

  • Blue Zipper – love it!

  • Blue! Awesome!

  • Annette

    Pink pls

  • Facebook shared too!

  • Monica Whiteside

    Green zipper for my kitty’s green eyes.

  • Love – Pink zipper plz…@valorra

  • Barb Larsen

    I love The pink pouch it would be great to hold pens or change in the purse.

  • Pamela Sorokey

    I just love the pouch and would like the blue zipper! I have a kitty pocketbook, wallet, checkbook cover, checks, and notebook. This would be a great addition!

  • Pink zipper! mermaidevil@gmail.com

  • Nicole Vaught

    Pink 🙂 these are so adorable <3 them!

  • Lynne Harvey

    PINK< PINK<PINK Please. Love all Jamie's items!

  • Lynne Harvey

    PINK PINK PINK Please!

  • Vivienne Stitelman

    I would love to win a pink zipper pouch!

  • Leticia Rosas

    Pink zipper! Shared as well. Goldenpuppy2006@comcast.net

  • Andrea Miller

    Don’t know if I will keep it for myself or give it to my daughter! Such a tough decision.

  • Judy. Fitzgerald

    I. Would. Like. Any. Color. I. Would. LOVE. A. CAT. BUT. DOCTORS. SAY. ANSOLUTELY. NOT. !!! I. Have. To. Many Medical. Conditions. !’!!! So. Anything. I. Can. Get. W /. Cats On. It. I. Try. To. Buy. Or. Get. ! So. I. Would. Appreciate. If. I. Could. Even. Buy. It. Let. Me. Know. Thanks. A. Lot. !!

  • Robin Bittle

    Oh I love the bag! I would like the blue zipper because I have a big boy tux cat. I love cats! I have joined your email and am excited to see all your cat stuff. Please pick me because everything I own is cats 🙂

  • Justin Race

    Blue zipper!! racejustint@yahoo.com

  • Justin Race

    I shared the page to facebook!

  • Laurie Hundley

    Green zipper please! Very cute!

  • Laurie Hundley

    Shared to Facebook! Thank you!

  • Deb

    Pink zipper would be purrrrfect!

  • Blue zipper please, Jenwild2000@gmail.com

  • Raine

    I would love a Green zipper 🙂 Happy Valentines Day everyone! @buzzyngabe

  • Raine

    FB share: Raine Dawson

  • Melissa goley

    Pink please 😉

  • Katherine
    If I should win,I would be very HAPPY.I would like the blue one.Thanks

  • Pink zipper one! Would love to win this for my niece who loves cats and LOVES pink! 🙂

  • I’d love to have any color but if I have to choose, I guess I want red.

  • Laura Crane

    If I am lucky enough to win – GREEN, please!!…

  • patricia ortega

    I like the pink zipper. These bags are so darn cute. And i also love sqeezzing my kitties too. Lol they get smothered with so much love my husband calls me Lulu.

  • Laura Crane

    I posted this giveaway to my FB page!!…

  • How cute! I would love a blue zipper! sandpipercatblog@gmail.com

  • Bianca Hollands

    Pink 🙂 my two favourite things together, cats and pink <3

  • Pink, Please. I have shared this giveaway on my facebook page!

  • Paula Trujillo

    Red please 🙂

  • Debbie Johnson

    So cute! I’d love any, but would choose the pink zipper! 🙂

  • Ashley

    The pink one is super cute ! Iove cats. 🙂

  • Connie Marie

    Oh!! To win would be wonderful!!With the red zipper please.
    Contact is constancehopenoble@gmail.com
    Thank you for the chance.

  • The pink zipper pouch please!
    I posted to Facebook 🙂

  • I’d love one in pink!!

  • Ren

    I’d like to have the one with blue zipper. 🙂 Keep spreading the cat love!

  • Kristi Brege

    Pink. (Actually I like pink red or blue!) Going to check out etsy 🙂 They are so cute. (kkbrege@svsu.edu) thnx for the giveaways & the chance to win!

  • Kristi Brege

    Shared on facebook as well! (Pink is my top pick… kkbrege@svsu.edu)

  • I’d love one with a red zipper – bcherkowsky@gmail.com

  • Meaghan

    How wonderful!!!. I love the one with the red zipper! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Melanie Sutton

    Pink!! So cute!!

  • Maria Munkholm

    Please pick me 🙂
    Green zipper..

  • Tricia

    @TzBeautyBuzz red zipper. How adorable are these pouches?

  • Tricia

    Shared to all the cat lovers I know!

  • Jennifer Jones

    I’d like the pink.

  • Britty

    They are all awesome, the blue is my favorite!

  • Lindsey

    Pink please!

  • Sarah

    So adorable!!!!!! Red zipper pretty please!

  • Kay

    I would like the pink on pink! Is use it as my everyday makeup bag! So cute!!!

  • midge thomson

    Pink Zipper ! It’s purrfect to keep my change in!

  • midge thomson

    And just posted on my FB page ~ pawsgalore@hotmail.com

    (PS Jamie’s stuff is great – I have a couple of her Reading Room tote bags. Love ’em!)

  • These are great and I am a new fan!! I would love a greven or pink zipper if I won. My twitter address is @JaciBuntinPhoto

  • mickey

    I’d like the pink zipper, please!

    Liongoddess @ gmail . Com

  • Red please

  • Carrie
  • Martha

    I like the red zipper but would be happy with any of them. So cute!

  • I also posted to facebook.

  • I love the red one!

  • Imogen Webster

    I like the pink one 🙂

  • Michelle Lowrance

    Must have the pink zipper! <3 missmichelle2013@yahoo.com

  • Red zipper is my favorite

  • Melissa

    I’d choose the blue zipper. 🙂


  • Honey Langley

    I’d love one with a pink zipper! sweetgingertea@gmail.com

  • Delores Berg Brouillard

    Super cute!!! Pink!

  • Delores Berg Brouillard

    Shared on Facebook. deliresberg@icloud.com

  • The PINK ZIPPER is super adorable on the pouch! It’s a purrfect must-have for this CrazyCatLady 🙂 Sharing on FB, too!

  • I want PINK!!!!! Bukido@comcast.net

  • Jacqueline Younce

    Pink! Email or Facebook under Jackie Younce 🙂

  • Pink zipper! Looks just like my chubby cats. 🙂

  • I’m not picky, either, I like them all. It’s a cute idea. Tamar, I tried to contact you through Linked In but was unable to. Would you please email me.

  • I love them all — blue is my choice if I win one. 🙂 Thank you! I’ve posted on FACEBOOK and tweeted on TWITTER, too. Thanks! @DaneRay — Ray Chesnick — RAY, TIPPER & TIGER

  • Brooke G

    Pink! Though the aqua is lovely too. Love it!

  • Rayna Haque

    I’d love a pink zippered one, how adorable! Perfect for storing…well, everything, if I won. Raynahaque@yahoo.com

  • Very cute!! I like the pink zipper best.

  • Oops–I forgot my email. Bledsoe.trudy@gmail.com

    Very cute–I like the pink zipper the best!

  • I shared on Facebook.


  • Pink zipper

  • Hello! My kitty sister Zoey would love the pink zipper pouch! It will go great with her tortie coloring <3


  • Tort

    RED zipper please! The cats would like this pouch to be used for their travel snacks =^..^= tortp@mac.com

  • Susan
  • I posted this giveaway to my facebook page! maymay1153@aol.com. and pink please!

  • Jennifer Savage

    Sooooooo cute. Pink please. @reoracer

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  • Hello, nice to meet you ! We’ve just discovered your blog thanks to the Cat Blogosphere. Mum fell totally in love with that pretty pouch ! We know that she’d like the pink zipper. Thanks for offering such a cool giveaway ! Purrs

  • Hi, love this cute pouch! blue please/ ponyst@hotmail.com. >^..^<

  • Jodi Samphire

    Pawsome pouch! Would love either blue or pink.. jsamphire@live.ca

  • these are super cool. and i like the blue zipper. roguekitteh@gmail.com

  • christine connallon

    Ooooh! Love the blue zipper! productiongirl@hotmail.com

  • GQ

    Red ZIpper! Thanks for the chance <3

  • Pink zipper! @kitcatchronicle, kittycatchronicles@gmail.com

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  • Jenna

    I like the pink zipper!

  • Maria

    Jamie is a great artist, I have her art at home and my cat and I love it! Pink zipper 🙂

  • I have mostly girls so i’d love the pink zipper please! janwischmeyer@yahoo.com

  • So super CUTE! i want a pink please!

  • Aja Bjorken

    green for me please! meow =^.^=

  • Kristine Ahlskog

    Green!! thanks so much for this chance! twitter: @kfsooner

  • SO cute!!! Pink all the way 🙂

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  • Julie Arnsdorf

    Super cool pouch!!! I could use it for so-o-o-o many things!

  • Annette Mayer

    I would love the pink if I win =^.,.^=

  • Annette Mayer

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    Sooo cute! Red zipper please 🙂 @petravanduijl

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    I’d love the pink zipper color! Thanks!
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  • i would love the pink one 🙂
    email : pouci_bnncir@yahoo.fr

  • Katie

    Blue zipper! So cute

  • Formica Dinette

    I love the way she talks about kitties! Even though she doesn’t have her own cats, she is clearly a Crazy Cat Lady.

    Pink if I win, please.

  • c

    Such an adorable bag, I’d love to win the green zipper one,Thanks 🙂
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    • Cheryl Roark

      Here’s my name again Cheryl Roark

  • Cheryl Roark

    BTW here’s my email CHERYL.ROARK@COMCAST.NET

  • Green zipper! jb135709@gmail.com and also, sharing this on Facebook

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    – Nikki