V-DAY GIVEAWAY #1: Sweet Pickles Collar and Bow Tie


SORRY, THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER. BUT WAIT! You can still get a 15% discount of your order until 2/15/14 at Sweet Pickles Designs

Both Sweet Pickles Designs collars and founder Shana Freimark – as a Cat Woman Wednesday – have graced the pages of I HAVE CAT in the past. I strongly suggest you read both posts to learn about the history of the company (but only after you enter this giveaway of course!). 

Today we’re excited to announce THE FIRST IHC VALENTINE’S DAY GIVEAWAY, breakaway kitty collars with removable bow ties courtesy of Sweet Pickles Designs!  As an added bonus, both the collars and bow-ties are made in Portland, Oregon where Shana resides.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 10.28.20 AM

Normally the collar and bow-tie are sold separately, but for this special occasion, Shana is giving them away together. But wait, there’s more!

  • There will be not one, but TWO WINNERS!
  • ANYONE IS ELIGIBLE TO WIN (regardless of residence!)
  • The WINNERS SELECTS THE COLLAR/TIE COMBINATION of their liking from a wide array of choices (to best fit their cat’s personality of course!)

Pickles modeling a bow-tie. Looking adorable as ever, she proves they’re most certainly NOT just for boy cats!


In way of a quick recap, Shana established Sweet Pickles Designs by making cat collars because while she was able to find stylish accessories for her dogs, she kept coming-up short when it came to finding cute items worthy of Pickles. So she took matters into her own hands.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 10.41.53 AM

A small sampling of the collar and bow-tie combinations you can put together.


And that’s how a fashionable line of collars with names like “The Prom Queen,”  “The Double Agent,” and “The Headliner” were born and are now (literally) joined by bow-ties called “First Date,” “The Boss is In,” “Honey Bunny,” and “The Baller” among others.


I can’t help myself. Must post these photos of Pickles she’s so darn cute in her bow-ties!



  • Leave a comment letting us know why you’re cat would look good in or needs a Sweet Pickles’ collar and bow-tie
  • You MUST leave a way for us to contact you – Twitter or Email
  • Comment must be left by February 4th 5pm EST
  • One entry per household UNLESS, you post this giveaway to your FB page and leave a second comment letting us know you did so
  • Winners will be selected using random.org

If you want to do a little Valentine’s Day shopping for the cats on your list in the meantime, go to www.sweetpicklesdesigns.com where collars retail for a very reasonable $12-$12.50 and bow-ties for $6.00.

GOOD LUCK! And keep your eyes peeled, the next IHC VDAY GIVEAWAY will be for the 2-leggeds in the family!

Thanks to @sweetpicklesdesigns, Karma's ready for her next photo shoot.

Thanks to @sweetpicklesdesigns, Karma’s ready for her next photo shoot.


I just had to share this Instagram photo of Karma, the cat that lives with our latest Cat Man Monday, Alex Ohanian, the founder of Reddit. Yup, that’s a Sweet Pickle’s collar and tie she’s sporting! Go Karma!

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  • christine connallon

    I love this contest! Hutch looks really good in ties! I swear! He has a Halloween one and a holiday one but an everyday bow tie would pretty much rock the planet! 🙂

  • Tabby would definitely look good in the Prom Queen bow tie.

  • I have a drawer of clothes for my sphynxes, including hats, but no bow ties… they are poor, deprived kittens that need spoiling!!

  • Lynette M. Silva

    My 17 yr old Pozzo is a beautiful med-hair black and white kitty, who would look dashing all dressed up with a splash of color!

  • ej

    Hiccup is a rebellious teen and refuses to wear anything without some sparkle. but it’s hard to find stuff for her that is both safe for kitties and posh.

  • Kim Watson

    My kitty Ephram is a Tuxxie and is missing a bow tie. Would love to have one!

  • Kim Watson

    Shared on my Facebook page.

  • My Enzo is already lucky enough to possess a Sweet Pickle collar and tie. However, little Paisley would enjoy one of her own to celebrate her February birthday.

  • Also shared on Facebook.

  • I have been trying to find bow ties to make my rescue cats stand out on Petfinder. I have tried thrift stores and Freecycle but so far, no luck! One of Sweet Pickles bow ties would look great on my rescue cats photos.

    Pam Bell
    Facebook page: RescueTheCats

  • I am only letting my human enter this on the condition that it is BINGA, not me, who wears the bow tie!

  • jmuhj

    Anycat in our family of six would look amazing in one of these collars and ties! I mean, they look amazing already, so…;) Thank you from The Fabulous L.A. FLAKERZ “Cat Dream Team” who can be reached via jmuhjacat@att.net >^^<

  • Since the girls are regular Sweet Pickles customers, we love their products and think they are so stylish. Paws crossed we win! Love, Nala, Lucy, Tess Anne, Adora Mae, and Delaney Rose and of course Bronte the dog who also loves wearing Sweet Pickles bow ties.

  • Ashley Flynn

    What a great way to kick off Valentine’s Day! Any one of my cats would look super sophisticated in a bow tie! I think Bentley would be the most appreciative. He likes showing off his good looks and charming personality!

  • Tajar would look so adorable and sophisticated in a bow tie from Sweet Pickles! He is the perfect mix of sophisticated and playful, which makes these collars perfect for him!

  • Our brofur Mau gave his girlfriend, Allie, a beautiful “diamond” collar for Christmas and now he feels very underdressed when they go out. He really needs one of these wonderpurr collars. If we win, let us know at janet.blue@thecatonmyhead.com. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo.

  • Moosey would look great in a bow tie, because he’s a suave and debonair mancat! 🙂

  • Laurene Avis

    My big boy meeko is always laying around on his back with his paws tucked up under his chin, it’s like he’s just asking for a bright bow tie to compliment his snowy fur!

  • My Stannis is a tuxedo cat, and what kind of self-respecting stylish man would leave the house wearing a full tuxedo without the bow tie??

  • Laura Davis

    My cat Pebbles would look SO adorable in one of these bow collars! She is 12 years old, but she’s so tiny, she looks like a kitten.

  • My rescue cat “Cow Baby” would look STUNNING in a “Yellow Crush” with a “Fashion Designer Bow” to complement her “Home Again” tag so she will never be lost again!

  • Ms. Phoebe’s Mom

    I do not need to enter this giveaway, this is just a comment:

    I cannot praise Sweet Pickles Designs enough for being a high quality, safe, diverse and hip designed collar and bow tie collection. I was lucky to discover Sweet Pickles Designs in its early days when my dilute tortie Ms. Phoebe became friends with the darling and enigmatic Pickles on Facebook. I was thrilled to learn she resided in Portland, OR only a two hour drive away from us!
    Shana has been a great friend and was always helpful when Phoebe and her sister Černy chose the designs they loved, and Sweet Pickles Designs collars were the only collars they wore as I liked the whimsical to posh designs, affordability, quality, and the fact they are breakaway so I was reassured the girls would be safe. Pickles and Shana have even been kind enough to help our family canine Sophie look good, by designing and creating custom dog collars for her. Sophie gets compliments everywhere she goes, her edgy and feminine collars really standing out. The furries of our family have rocked many of Pickles’ designs and Ms. Phoebe was honored a few years ago when Pickles appointed her ‘Official Sweet Pickles Designs Spokescat of Eugene, OR’!
    Both my girls have gone to the Bridge after succumbing to complications from the life long auto immune disease of which they both suffered, their last Sweet Pickles Designs collars placed in the keepsake urns I had made for them. Ms. Phoebe has only been gone a week, yet I know when the time is right she will send me another baby in need of love and a home. When that time comes, you can be sure the newest member of the family will be wearing only the finest in feline collar fashion: Sweet Pickles Designs.

  • Also shared on Facebook

  • Nydia Escobar

    My kitty doesnt own an outfit as of yet but he would certainly LOVE to try one! I know my Oreo would look great, especially cause he’s a tuxedo kitty! He neeeeeeds this. 🙂 Please randomizer, pick my baby! ♥

    Nydiaescobar@live.com 🙂

  • Nydia Escobar

    Shared on FB 🙂

  • My cat, Ryder, is a little diva and loves to dress up. She would really want to win to add this to her wardrobe.

  • heather

    My cat would love this because he loves to dress up for the holidays!

  • Sally Watson

    I love the look of these. I have 3 cats, each with their own personality, & their own signature color. These would be perfect for my fur babies.

  • Sally Watson

    Shared on Facebook as well.

  • Brooke

    My tuxedo cat is a professional at supervising everyone and everything. The bowtie would add to his appearance and his personality. 🙂

  • Christina

    My babies would hate it if I made them wear a collar, but they would look unbelievably cute in one! So please enter me in the drawing!

  • My cat Harper would look stunning in the kittylicious bow tie and the superstar collar. She is my very shy rescue kitty and I think a dazzling collar and bow tie will help her build confidence in herself! Thank you! johannabug85@yahoo.com

  • Sarah Hardej

    My Penelope loves her Sweet Pickles collar but it’s always good for a girl to have options in her wardrobe! And I know she would love to wear a bow!

  • Sarah Hardej
  • Alicia

    My Princess Leia is such a regal little lady. Her sleek, shiny, all black fur is the Purrfect canvas for a Sweet Puckles Designs collar and bow tie! Besides, as the 11th Doctor says, “bow ties are cool!”

  • Alicia

    I just shared this on my FB page as well! alicia.rompage@gmail.com

  • (I hope this is the correct place to leave my comment to be entered in the contest!)

    I have regular collars & Christmas collars & bow ties for my 2 cats from Sweet Pickles. I love them. BUT, we recently adopted a shelter kitten & he needs a collar & bow tie to match his new older brothers.
    Thank you for having this contest.


  • I posted about your giveaway on my Facebook page!

  • Tanya Merrell

    Duncan and I are big fans of Sweet Pickles. He just got his new professor collar, but I think he needs a fun holiday one!!!! Every cat needs a fancy bow tie!!

  • My kitty can’t have enough bling! Beckybrauchler

  • those are adorable. we would love to win one to give to our foster girl Licorice – maybe it will help get some attention and find her forever home.

  • Bridget Sweeny

    I would donate the bow tie to the rescue organization I volunteer for – Anjellicle Cats Rescue – they could use it on kitties at adoption events!

  • Rosanne Benavides

    I have three kitties (2 gingers & a white w/black splotches) that would look very cute in these bow tie collars 🙂

  • OMC! How handsome Minchie would look in a Sweet Pickles collar and bow tie! He loves to model all sorts of mancat wear and would love to add one of these to his collection.


  • Joyce Jensen

    I think any of my 5 cats would look marvelous in one of your ties!!! I have 3 boys and 2 girls, and I would have to try it on all of them and take pictures!!

  • Our office cat Apple would be adorable in this! We post pictures of her often on our Facebook page and everyone loves her!

  • Skippy needs a new bow tie.. (because bow ties are cool)

  • Vivienne Stitelman

    My perma-kitten, BooBoo, loves to be dressed up in adorable outfits. A kitty bowtie would be the perfect final touch!

  • Misha

    My 11 year old boy, Bobby, would look so great with a kitty bowtie in black.

  • Brooke

    Bones (aka Dr. Leonard McCoy) needs a bow tie. Not only is he a space doctor that needs to dress up for fancy occasions, he is also a fan of Doctor Who. And bowties are cool.

  • Ted

    My Birdie has never worn “jewelry” before so I think she is due for the first in her collection.

  • Sue eshleman

    Are you kitten me?? My kitty would look absolutely fabulous in your gorgeous bowties!!

  • christine connallon

    Hutch would look so cute in one of these awesome bow ties! He has two ties now – one is a Halloween one and one is a holiday one. I would LOVE to have an everyday one for this little cool cat! 🙂 productiongirl@hotmail.com

  • christine connallon
  • Chelsi

    I’ve always wanted a cute and stylish collar for my little Gizmo. With my love for bow ties, this is absolutely amazing and would match her sassy personality! Gah!

  • Alexis C. Tucci

    It’s hard to imagine my girl, Scout, looking even more beautiful. She has assured me that having one of these collars would be just add to her perfection. She thinks her brother Ranger really needs to step up his game and get a bow tie. Ranger has never been the slave to fashion that Scout is, but he does like to look dapper.

  • Alexis C. Tucci

    I also posted on Facebook.

  • Pris Haffenden

    We need a red collar for our cat, Ben (Benjamin James Haffenden) – for our gigs (we perform on oboe and guitar for senior citizens and hospitals), and Ben would fit right in!

  • Jennifer Wright

    My 15-year-old cat, Osiris loves to dress up. It makes him feel fancy! I hope I can win this for him. =^..^= Physsie@gmail.com

  • Ollie needs one because Bosco has one and he doesn’t 😉

  • Amy Kerr

    My cat Casanova LOVES wearing bow ties so much that he will bite you if you try to take it off him! He’ll also bite anyone else you put one on if he doesn’t have one on himself. He’d love to have one of Sweet Pickles ties and collars. I would love to cheer him up, two of his housemates went to kitty heaven this week and his very sad right now.

  • My kitty Ishmael always looks dapper in bowties. Me please!

  • patricia ortega

    I have four babies. They are duchess fat boy cupcake and ladybug. I havent bought any collars for them and they would look awesome in some bowtieslol. Patriciaortega11080@gmail.com

  • Whitney

    My beautiful rescue kitties deserve only the best! We are huge Sweet Pickles’ fans with a lovely collection started so far! We would love to add to their wardrobe!

  • Abu and Jafar, my Burmese black beauties, would look so fabulous in a matching set of bowties. I’d love to give them a bit of flash this Valentine’s day!

  • Kathleen

    My Charlie would look so regal in this. I adopted him from our local shelter last year as he had to be surrendered by his original elderly owner due to health issues. He was extremely shy because of this upheaval in his home and still has some confidence hurdles. I think this beautiful set would make him feel like a million bucks!! <3
    Also shared on Facebook!! Thank you 😀

  • Julia

    I have 2 black and white cats and an all black cat that would look extra adorable in one of these!

  • Carla Garcia

    Since my cats will be my Valentines, I need them to dress the part and nothing would be finer than a Pickles bow tie.

  • Carla Garcia

    I have shared this on my FB!

  • My cat Shadow will look so handsome and dashing in these bowties!!

  • Patricia

    My Smokey Bunny would be proud to wear the Honey Bunny one! That’s my nick-name for her & she’s such a little Queen! 🙂

  • Rosangela McHone

    I’ve looked everywhere for a fashionable collar for my baby Igor, med hair all black cat and cant find the right collar.He would look gorgeous in one of your bowties!!!!

  • Heather Hubert

    My kitty Milo has a small bowtie collar, but now that he is growing up would really like a cat bowtie collar!

  • Carrie Anne

    My kitten, Cookie, needs an adorable Sweet Pickles bow tie & collar both to replace the “hand me” down collar she’s wearing from ‘big brother’, Muffin, & to match Muffin’s Sweet Pickles cupcake print collar!

    Muffin loves his Sweet Pickles collar so much that, if it comes off (hooray for the safety clasp!), he will yell at me and do his best to show me where it is so I can put it back on!!

  • Rebecca Lockwood

    I have 2 kitties that I rescued from the dumpster at our apartment complex. The white with polka dots would be gorgeous on my all black Precious and the black would dashing on my orange tabby George,named after George Strait.

  • Angie Long

    My now One Eyed Pawly, Could Use An Accessory To Help Him Feel Dapper Again…Along@Govinddevelopment.com

  • Angie Long

    Shared OnFacebook… Along@Govinddevelopment.com

  • Kristen

    Either one of my two tabbys Oliver or Myles would look super snazzy in your collar/bow tie combo, one cat is orange and the is grey and black mixed.

  • My gunther loves to be the center of attention and the sparkle and jazz of sweet pickles collar and bowtie will give him the exact attention he craves for. thesmoochanator@gmail.com

  • Shared on facebook(: thesmoochanator@gmail.com

  • Chrissy Nelson

    Our cats already wear Sweet Pickles ties & need more of them! :). @catmum1932

  • NancyE

    My alpha cat is a beautiful, hunky Flame point Siamese mix – he will look only MORE awesome wearing a collar and bow tie!

  • amanda

    So cute ! My baby would of course be dazzling in one of these adorable combos =)

  • Rosana

    My precious would look great in a wingman collar with a cat burglar bow tie :). Thanks, they all look great. My email is rsaira@Gmail.com

  • Lauren Beard

    The cat I would use the adorable bow tie and collar on is my black Siamese cat. He’s mischievous and there aren’t enough non-black collars out there so we can spot him in the dark.
    Lauren at lexquismusique@gmail.com

  • Hannah Kittenhuffer

    I have got to send Toby out to work so we can afford a boat and an owl. He will need a bow tie to wear to the office. Thanks 🙂 @HLMaddix

  • Kathy OConnor

    My Rosie would look great in the glittery bow tie collar. She’s a bit of a tomboy so this would bring the girlie out her.

  • Angela Dejesus

    My how handsome my Simba would look in a Sweet Pickles collar and bow tie!

  • Milo would look so dashing in this! He’d be impressing all the ladies here. :p

  • lindsey walker

    My cat oliver is always getting picked on by the neighborhood cats. I think a bow tie will make him manly enough to be accepted.

  • Angel (the cat!) is a rockin’ diva… and would totally dig that combo of collar and bow tie!


  • Maisie would look awesome in this because she’s the cutest cat you’ve ever seen. True story.


  • Facebook shared too!


  • My LillyFae must have! @valorra

  • Andrea Miller

    My Clarence is named after the Christmas angel in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. He wore a bow tie, so it would be fitting that my Clarence should wear one as well.

  • Laurie Hundley

    Thanks for telling me to enter here! I have one male cat “Jasper” and he needs to look good for the four female felines he lives with. Thank you!

  • Alexis Stecz

    My flame point munchkin, Custard, sits up on his hind legs and looks like a little orange/cream penguin! I have always said that he needs a bowtie! He would look so handsome with one!

  • Jennifer Jones

    The dog is always getting clothes and fun things. It’s the cats’ turn.

  • Our little Gemma has been with us for six years now and she is a DIVA! She is one tiny, fluffy, gorgeous cat amongst three dogs, and three human sisters ages 3, 4 and 16. Gemma likes to show that she lives by her own rules and she definitely has the dogs trained. They only pass when she allows it. She has earned her rank at the top of the pack and my little diva would look great showing off her pride in one of your bow ties! Please pick Gemma, we like to post lots of pick on different sites and always tag and would love to show it off! @JaciBuntinPhoto

  • Martha

    My handsome Javier really needs this tie!

  • Martha

    I shared on my facebook too

  • Rayna Haque

    My cat is a weirdo who actually likes dressing up, and this would be very cute present! raynahaque@yahoo.com

  • My mom-person say’s I would look furry handsome in a collar with a bowtie with ♡ 🙂
    So please enter me to the give away !

  • My staff have neglected on purchasing me ANY accessories, so I really would need one! I think “the Boss is in” would be most appropriate!


  • Ann

    I just ordered a collar and bowtie for my sweet girl, Asuka but I know our boy kitties are going to be jealous! I’d love a chance to win a set for them.

  • My little Isabelle needs a bow! She is so sweet and a bow would just add to her sweetness.

  • Awwww, these are beautiful! Perhaps I can get TIPPER to wear a collar if it’s so spectacular as these are!!! Absolutely gorgeous! — @DaneRay — RAY, TIPPER & TIGER

  • ok i’m commenting. am interested in seeing all the varieties of collars.

  • also shared on planet kitty, bethany’s page and my own personal FB profile

  • Melissa Rodriguez

    I think my 9 year old greybie Teatu really deserves a collar after having to move 700 miles from the home he had always knew and being a good sport for it. He is my best friend and I worried about him the whole trip because he didn’t make a sound and wouldn’t drink any water. He seems to be adjusting to his new home and forgave me just as quick with snuggles and purrs in bed our first night. That’s why I think my little fur baby deserves a new collar. Thank you got your consideration.

  • Melissa Rodriguez

    Shared on Facebook.

  • I have had an eye on these collars for a while! I think both of my kitties would look so handsome and debonair in a bow tie – after all, gotta look nice when they are bird watching! petsitting.by.danielle[at]gmail[dot]com

  • My Gizmo would look sooooo cute in these! Or Nova, because she is a DIVA!

  • Also on Facebook!

  • Terry primley

    I have 3 very handsome guysbwho would love to strut their stuff in these awesome bow ties.

  • I like The Good Witch collar to match my eyes with The Office Romance Cat Bow Tie. ~Socks

  • Posted to FB.

  • Raz’s girl Madi said she loves ManCat in a bowtie….He would LOVE to win this to wear to thoe Ball.

    The Florida Furkids

  • We shared on Mom’s FB page.

  • My sister Zoey and I would love to win this bowtie because we have never had one, and our mom thinks we would look so adorable in one! Don’t worry, we will be nice and share! 🙂


  • Shared on Lola’s page!

  • My sweet rescue boy, Mica, would love a collar and bow tie to make him feel elegant!

  • Lucia

    Anthony, my foster failure! He was so thin and weak when I got him that he had to lean against the kitchen cabinets to stand. The abrasion on his hip healed rapidly and now he is a robust, handsome and very friendly redhead. I put a bowtie on him when my old friend from Atlanta visited, and he strolled about for everyone to oh and ah. He knew he looked festive!

  • Rocky needs one of those because he’s an actor and will hopefully be attending some awards ceremonies this year. He needs to look good!

  • Buster doesn’t have a bow tie & would love to have one. He likes to share pics on Instagram & all his other feline friends have bow ties except him.

  • THANK YOU Sweet Pickles and I Have Cat for this really fun giveaway. My boy Alfie, who is 100% black would look smashing in the red bow tie and the red collar. He is such a sweet kitty, I would love to give him a prezzy for his kind nature.

  • My cat Mabel (all black) MUST have a bow tie because she has ripped off two of her previous collars and is now running around naked! Red glitter all the way!

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