5 Things Cats Know About Life We Should Learn

Today’s post was contributed by Kat Sherbo (ya gotta love that her name is Kat!), who you can read more about and the end of this piece. Enjoy! 


Cats are smart creatures, as any cat parent knows. They usually spend their days doing exactly what they want, interspersed with moments of getting their humans to do exactly what they want. And they’re always calm, collected, and enjoying themselves. They’ve got something figured out, that’s for sure!

Here are five tips I gleaned from my cat, Timmy, who never met a day he didn’t like. We we can learn from our cats to be almost as satisfied with life as they are.

1. Tomorrow is the perfect time for everything – except what you want now.

Cats are notorious for being a bit lazy. “Cat nap” is a well-known term for a reason – they snooze about 50-70% of the day away. So you might say they take that procrastination saying to heart – tomorrow is the perfect time for everything!

Except, have you ever once seen a cat give up on what they want? Has your kitty ever waited to play with you instead of climbing onto your laptop and demanding your attention?


Cats have mastered the technique of going for what satisfies them most, and letting other worries wait in the wings. So maybe we can’t let our work emails sit for quite as long as your cat would, but you can do what makes you happy in your off-time today, and don’t sweat the rest so much.

2. It is not silly to love your old toys.

Plenty of adults feel the need to act “grown up” and to get rid of old toys, and even old hobbies. Clearing clutter can be liberating, but don’t throw out your memories and talents with it! See how your cats treasures their oldest toys? Keep mementos that you’ll be pleased to find later, and never stop singing in the shower.


3. Sunshine is the best therapy.

Getting sunshine is a great method for staying happy. Scientific studies point to the strong possibility that vitamin D from exposure to the sun improves brain function and mood. But while science is tallying it up through research, many of us can simply feel it– don’t you feel better after a day in the sun?

Don’t cheat yourself by skipping an afternoon walk on a nice day just because you’re feeling busy. In fact, feeling stressed is all the more reason to take a sunny stroll. Or, take a tip from your cat and relax in the sunniest spot in your home.


4. There is nothing undignified in asking for help.

Cats are the world’s most dignified creatures, wouldn’t you agree? Yet even they are not above asking for a little help – sometimes loudly – if dinner is late or if the door to their favorite room is closed. We all rely on each other, and not asking for help can actually make you miss opportunities to learn and to form friendships. So work on that meow!


5. A risky jump can be the most fun you’ve had in a long time.

We all dread big change, like a job suddenly “downsizing” us right out the door, or a relationship ending. These are some of the biggest causes for stress in our lives. But as any acrobatic cat knows, a tricky jump can actually become the day’s greatest adventure. Next time you’re looking at a tough jump in your life, push yourself a little bit!

Maybe you even know someone who, after being laid off from their job, realized that they’ve wanted to do something else all along, went out and got started in a new direction, and is now loving life.


Think of your cat the next time you’re prepping for a leap in a new direction – you might be able to jump farther than you thought!


Kat Sherbo is an editor and blogger at PetCareRx and The Wet Nose Press. She’s a lifelong cat lover and cat parent and has a soft spot for all black kitties, like her previous cat Timmy – but has yet to find one as boisterous, vocal, and demanding.

 PetCareRx and The Wet Nose Press.

Kat Sherbo (left) and her dearly loved, but departed, cat Timmy (right)


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  • jmuhj

    EXCELLENT article, valuable advice, and wonderful photos — Timmy and our own sweet King Sunny, who is “up there watchin'” too, could be brothers. Thanks for this wonderful treasure trove of prescriptions for making life better, Tamar and Kat! and the cats who inspire you.

    • Kat

      I would have loved to have met King Sunny! Is that him in your photo? Thanks for sharing.

  • i love seeing my cats enjoying their sunshine moment of the day!! however in our new flat we lack of sunligh in the winter….and i can see they actually long for it!! can’t wait to be spring again so they can be pleased again! but their playstation and toys are still all over the place!

  • Sometimes I think cat lovers love cats because deep down, they would really like to be one. Or, at least they would like to achieve the same attitudes toward life. That makes perfect sense to me! I really enjoyed this post. Now, time for a nap.

    • Kat

      That rings very true!

  • Can’t agree more with this.Cats teach us SO many things!