How Cats are Better Than Men

In the past I’ve written about how men and their feline counterparts are actually quite similar. And I have no doubt that in some respects 2-legged men excel over cats.

But what isn’t debatable is that there are several ways cats are distinctly superior to men of the 2-legged variety. Check out my latest Catster article to read all about it. 

11 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Men

Then come back here and let me know what you think. I’m bracing myself!

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  • The cat can tell when you’re mad at him, and will purr adorably until you forgive him!

    • Tamar

      This is such a good one! I need to amend my list!

  • Some cats actually DO pee in the shower. 😉

    • Tamar

      Nooooooo! Really – have you seen it?!??!?! belch!

  • catherine

    Men pee in the shower??? WOW!

    • Tamar

      ohhhh yehhhh

  • I have to agree with Sparkle. I’ve lived with a couple of cats who peed in the shower. And I haven’t any complaint about it myself.

    2. They don’t send inappropriate tweets to other women

    But, in all fairness, from what I see of the cats on Twitter, they are an endless stream of selfies. No teenage girl or sideways ballcap broheim with a camera phone and a bathroom mirror can compete with the cats and their countless self-portraits on Twitter. Inappropriate, though? Well, you be the judge.

    Men pee in the shower??? WOW!

    I’m surprised you didn’t know, catherine. It has antiseptic benefits, you know, and men have been relieving themselves in the shower for thousands of years. Why do you think there are no Neanderthals? They thought they were being all proper and whatnot when they showered, and look who survived. It’s evolution, people.

    • Tamar

      That’s pretty funny about the Selfies! They must be getting some help! LOL!

  • A cat is ALWAYS at home where (s)he belongs. A cat doesn’t have any annoying and time consuming “hobbies” or “guys-nights-out”. A cat will always be there for his owner-woman.

    But I have to confess that I as a cat haven’t peed in the shower. However, given the change, I might have peed on some piles of fresh laundry…. According to my human, it’s not a good thing at all. I guess men don’t do that…