15 New Years (Cat) Resolutions

This year I decided to take the pressure off myself and focus on the resolutions my cats are making for the New Year.  Here they are, in birth order.

Kip’s resolutions for 2014:

1) Kip promises to change the toilet paper when it runs out (placing the flap towards the front).

2) He will dedicate himself to learning photoshop.

3) In addition to brushing up on international politics.

4) In 2014 Kip will complete his taxes before the April 15th deadline.

5) And while it will not be easy, Kip will free himself of his shoe addiction (particularly to anything in gold lamé).

Petie’s resolutions for 2014:

6) Petie will take a break from social media.

7) He will do the laundry versus merely sitting in it.

8) Petie will practice sitting in a more polite manner (particularly around guests).

Cat to start sitting properly9) And work on over-coming his introvert nature to make new friends (that’s Angie Bailey of Catladyland working to make Petie’s acquaintance).

Work on making new friends

10) Last but certainly not least, Petie will stop wearing my lingerie.


Haddie’s resolutions for 2014:

11) Haddie will try to be more ladylike.

Behave more like a lady12) She will blog more consistently.

Cat to blog more frequently13) And stop relying on her feminine wiles to get what she wants. 

14) She (and Kip) will cool it on all the PDA.

15) And she’ll generally stop being such a big flirt (that’s my sister she’s cozying up to).

What resolutions will your cats be making for the New Year?

Last but certainly not least. HAPPY NEW YEARS to all the loyal I HAVE CAT fans from myself (Tamar) and the kitties. May you have a happy and healthy 2014.

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  • This is so funny! Oh gosh to review the list for my six cats is reading a novel. Right now I can hear Johnny walker peeing. He drinks so much. If only I can train him to shut the door every time he goes to bathroom.

    • Tamar

      Glad you enjoyed! You def need to do one for your brood! LOL!

  • Happy New year to you all! Let 2014 be even brighter!

  • Happy New Year to all of you! I know this is going to be a great year for you.

    • Tamar

      Thank you Ingrid. The best to you 🙂

  • Rebecca

    This made my day!!!! LOVED all of their resolutions. We’ll see next year at this time how successful they were! 😉 (Probably more successful than I’ll be! LOL) Happy New Years to the entire Arslanian family (furry and human) xoxo

    • Tamar

      Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Rena

    Loved this! I think my four resolve to make me laugh with them even more than I did in 2013! What a gift! Happy New Year!

    • Tamar

      Now that’s a GREAT resolution 🙂

  • One of my favorite parts of 2013 was hanging out with you and finally meeting your kitties! Here’s to an even better 2014! Love you, girl! xoxo

    • Tamar

      Awww you are too kind. I’m so glad we got to hang. xoxo

  • Susan

    What ambitious kitties! Such precious pics, and wishing you all a wonderful 2014! 🙂

    • Tamar

      That they are (I may have pushed them just a tad – haha!). Hopefully they’ll be more successful than I usually am!

  • Rebecca

    I just love all the resolutions!!!!!!! Jack and Pearl should have a few of their own. You are the best!
    Love, Rebecca(your parents neighbor)

    • Tamar

      Hi Rebecca! You’re too sweet! Thanks so much for reading the blog 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it! Yes! Jack and Pearl def need some of their own (I LOVED seeing them on the Christmas card this year – so sweet!). It’s been too long, hope to see you soon! T

  • Carolyn Schellhardt

    Since I only have one cat, (Cali!) I really don’t think that she has any resolutions!!! She’s pretty much perfect just the way she is!! But I have heard her whispering at night that she’s like a brother or a sister! Whispering to me isn’t the way to do it!!! She must whisper to her cat daddy!!! Right now, he says no. But we’re working on him!!! Happy New Year to all of my cat pals!!! 2014 will be very interesting, I’m sure!!!! Now, if I can just stay out of the hospital!!!!!

    • Tamar

      Awwww that’s cute. You must direct her to whisper to the right person! LOL! YES! Stay out of the hospital! I didn’t know you had been ill! ; 0

  • We…that is, the brood here at The Kitty Kanteen Feral Cat and Kitten Rescue have one joint resolution for the New Years…to make sure that they are always first in line for treats! The treat line has no pecking order…it is every cat/kitten for themselves! So funny to watch them all try to outdo each other in order to get more treats than the next one.
    Cats make life more interesting and add so many health benefits as well to our lives…so I guess that they will also resolve to make sure they keep me smiling the whole year through! Happy New Years Tamar and, the same to your fur-babies from all here at Kitty Kanteen.

    • Tamar

      That must be a riot to watch! Tehe! You’re so right about them keeping us healthy and happy 🙂

  • jmuhj

    Kip, Petie and Haddie are some amazing cats 😉 I know our Sammi resolves to try even harder to get out in the (forbidden!) back yard to check out those birds by the feeder. Rani resolves to get Suha, and Suha resolves to run even faster away from Rani. Tarifa resolves to whap anyone she feels like whenever she feels like it, for any or no reason at all. Maryam resolves to run faster away from Sammi. And Sahra? She resolves to rev up her Lil Bubness, because she really IS her alter ego. 😉 Happy 2014, Tamar and fams, and all our friends posting here!

    • Tamar

      LOLOL thanks for the laugh Jmuh! 🙂 Happy 2014 to you and your kitty family!

  • adorable!!! Psssst…about Photo Shop, you don’t need it! Try ribbet.com, picmonkey.com and fotor…does much of the same stuff in a easy-to-do format!

    • Tamar

      I already bought Elements last year – oh well! Wish I’d known then!

  • I think Petie’s are the most important ones to keep! Especially sitting. Yikes! I plan to get my mom to be better with her editorial calendar! As for me, I don’t need to change anything for the new year. I’m pleased with myself the way I am. – Crepes.

    • Tamar

      What’s an editorial calendar? No seriously, Crepes, I need your help! It’s good your a contented kitty…..actually I think most of you are….it’s us 2-leggeds that think everyone needs to improve!

  • I love this LOL 🙂

    • Tamar

      yay! 🙂

  • OMGoodness this is too cute!! I stumbled upon your blog searching images of kitty towers (LUVS the kitty shelf, btw). Your Petie has some resemblance to my Purcy cat! My kitty is currently learning to cohabitate with two dogs. It’s very entertaining actually… one minute she loves and charms them, the next she is plotting their demise 😉

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and your kitty’s New Years Resolutions come true, lol.

    ~ Diana

  • Happy New Year!! Loved the resolutions and I’m sure Rasmus and Lola agrees to most of them 🙂

  • I love this post! But I hope Owner doesn’t read it, because she might ask me to make some New Year’s Resolutions too!

    Happy New Year!
    – Mister Minoune

  • We have two cats, Arnold and Fervor, as well as an 8 week old puppy, Mindy, which we are raising for Leader Dog for the Blind. Arnold seems to have resolved to slowly get to know Mindy. Fervor has resolved to have nothing to do with her.