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Oskar and Klaus is an online store of well curated cat items that grew from a humble beginnings when their Mom, Bethany, started making kitty bow ties.  What I absolutely love – well one of the things! – is that they donate 20% of sales to three charitable organizations.

If you’re a big cat lover you probably already know Oskar and his older brother Klaus. Oskar, who is blind, might be familiar to you from a few of his more famous videos such as  Oskar Versus The Hair Dryer  or Oskar and His First Toys.

Since it’s the Holidays, Mick and Bethany (Oskar and Klaus’) Mom and Dad have generously offered 10% off all items to I HAVE CAT fans through the end of 2014 for US and International orders. Just use LOVE CATS at check out. US orders should be made by the 19th to ensure delivery before Christmas (it’s a bit trickier to predict international orders, sorry!).

Klaus Cosmos Stellar Red Rocket

Klaus Cosmos Stellar Red Rocket


My cats were lucky enough to receive a Klaus Cosmos Stellar Red Rocket catnip toy (originally $15, currently on sale for $11) to test drive.

It’s made in the USA (yay!) and measures 6″ x 3″ (without the tassels or fins). It’s packed full of catnip, makes a crinkly sound when chomped on and sports the adorable mug of Mr Klaus (as an astro-kitty of course).

Kip closely guarding his  Klaus Cosmos Stellar Red Rocket catnip toy

Kip closely guarding his Klaus Cosmos Stellar Red Rocket catnip toy


As you can see from the photos and video, this toy was a big hit in our household!

I can’t help but talk to you a little bit more about  Oskar and Klaus (and Bethany and Mick) because they’re all so special. Klaus and Oskar are the best of friends (actually they have a Bromance!) as you’ll see in the video I’ve included that I hope you’ll watch.

Oskar and Klaus

Bethany (left) with Klaus, and Mick (right) with Oskar


Oskar was born in May 2011 and adopted just a few months later by Bethany and Mick. He was an outdoor cat with a condition that never allowed his eyes to develop. He’s a very happy and well-adjusted kitty, and as his parents put it, “many visitors don’t even realize that he’s fully blind!”

Oskar and Klaus

Oskar (top) and Klaus (Bottom)


Klaus is about 12 and a former stray who was adopted as an adult from The Cat House in Lincoln Nebraska (one of the organizations to whom the store donates sales proceeds). His right ear lays flat and it’s not clear why. It could have been damage from scratching due to ear mites or perhaps a fight. He also has other scars on his body and is even missing a few teeth. As his parents say, “Life on the street is tough on a kitty, but he’s spoiled rotten now!”

Oskar and Klaus

I love this photo! Oskar in the tub with Klaus on the bathmat!


They are both so lucky to have found such wonderful parents! And I hope you check out their website and help support all their good work!  They have tons of custom Oskar and Klaus paraphernalia for cats and humans along with other well known, high quality brands such as Tickle Pickle, ModKicker, ModShaker and Sweet Pickle Designs Cat Collars.

You’ll definitely also have to go check out their Facebook page. Not only will you find a TON of adorable photos of both Oskar and Klaus on their Facebook page, Bethany and Mick also share information about specially abled animals that need to find homes.

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11 Responses to Oskar and Klaus Online Store

  1. Sparkle says:

    My human met Oskar and his humans at last week’s Friskies press conference and she says they were all really awesome! They do great things to help kitties in need! And my human says Oskar reminded her of a grown up version of a certain kitty named Ophelia that I believe you have also met!

  2. We’ll hafta ask Santa Paws to bring us something from Oskar and Klaus’ store!

  3. Crepes says:

    I think Kip is going to suck all the nip smell out of that Rocket!

  4. We LOVE Oskar & Klaus!
    …what fun things they’ve got n their store too!
    I hope we get to go shopping!
    : ) Katie

  5. jmuhj says:

    Lots of friends here 😉 including Oskar and Klaus 🙂 >^^^^< two very handsome catbros!