Cat Man Monday: Officer Jon Boyer

Today I’m honored to present a young man who might look familiar to you from the latest installment of “Show Your Soft Side,” a campaign dedicated to changing the mindset of young people in the Baltimore area towards animal abuse. Working in the West side of Baltimore, Officer Jon Boyer has done his share of rescuing animals from dire situations and has adopted six cats.

I couldn’t help but swoon when I first saw the poster of Jon nuzzling a cat and I’m not the only one judging by the launching of a new Facebook fan page called I Love Jon Boyer.  In case you’re wondering, Jon was dating someone until recently – they divvied-up the cats between them – so now he’s single in with three cats (like me!).

Show Your Soft Side Jon Boyer

Jon photographed with his cat Lilly


Is it in your job description to help animals in need?

No, and lot of officers don’t, but most of my squad does.  I work in a rough neighborhood where they have no problem killing a human. Why would they have problem killing an animal?

I’ve always had a soft spot for animals.  When I have downtime and see it or hear about it [an animal in need] I do something about it. I’m always willing to help when asked to volunteer. Just this week I rescued two cats and a Pit Bull. It’s like they find me on purpose now!

Are you affiliated with, or do you work with a specific animal rescue group?

Not officially, but normally we take them to BARCS Animal Shelter to get check out.

Lee Howard Lubow Photography

Outtakes from the “Show Your Soft Side” photo shoot (with Jon’s cat Lilly)


What is it about cats that attracted you to them?

One of my favorite cartoons growing up was Sylvester the cat. I loved that freaking cat. I honestly don’t know why. I think it was because I was always very athletic and people would tell I had cat-like reactions – fast, agile.   I enjoyed the comparisons.

When did you get your first cat?

I’d always been pushing for a cat, and it was 5th or 6th grade when I finally got one. He was a black and white tuxedo named Whiskers* who lived to be about 17 years old.

*Suspiciously like Sylvester The Cat?!

So how did you end up with six cats?

The first cat my ex and I got was an orange Tabby named Ziggy adopted from a local rescue group.

Ziggy the orange cat


Our second cat was from a call I answered where someone had thrown a white and brown kitten down a trash chute. We kept him and named him Harley.

Jon Boyer rescued Harley from a trash shoot

Harley, rescued from a trash chute


Quincy, (cat number three) a black-and-white cat, was adopted from Last Chance Rescue.

Jon Boyer's cat Quincy



Moagli, an all-black cat was rescued from a vacant house and literally got right into my squad car and sat in the passenger side seat.  He became cat number four.

Jon Boyer rescued Moagli from the mean streets of Baltimore

Moagli making himself at home in the squad car


While on a call with my buddy we found a grey and orange kitten inside the steps of a house. The kitten looked just like Orly (my ex-girlfriend’s cat who had recently been put down) so I took her home and we named her Lynnie (cat number five).

Lynnie rescued by Jon Boyer from a vacant home

Lynnie as a kitten


Kitten number six is the one who made me “famous.”  I was on a domestic call on the same block from where I’d rescued lots of cats. I heard a scream coming from inside a house. I kept hearing it and finally saw a little tiny baby brown tabby kitten sitting right outside a vacant house screaming. I decided to take her and she snuggled up right into my arms.  We named her Lilly.

Jon Boyer's rescue Lilly found in an abandoned home

Lily when she was first found (in the squad car)


Jon Boyer's cats Harley and Lilly

Harley with baby Lilly


How did Lilly make you famous?

By the time I got to BARCs Lilly was perched on my shoulder. The girl at BARC thought it was cute and asked if she could get a photo of me holding her. I said sure.

The photo that made Jon famous

The photo that made Jon famous


They posted it on their page and it got thousands of likes and I got hundreds of marriage requests and a bunch of inappropriate comments.

That’s Lilly with me in the “Show Your Soft Side” billboard. She looks a lot bigger in the picture than she is in real life.  They actually took a whole bunch of photos with Harley and Quincy too, but Lilly’s photo is the first one they released.

Tell us a little about each of the three cats that live with you now.

Quincy is funny. He’ll knock something off and break it and just look at me like “do something.”  He’s standoffish with people he doesn’t to know, but if he knows you he wants belly rubs.

Lilly you can do anything to. She’s a snuggler and a licker. Harley is a bad ass. He gets into everything and anything.

They all sleep on the bed with me at night.

From left to right: Harley, Lilly and Quincy

From left to right: Harley, Lilly and Quincy


Do you think you’ll get any more cats?

I would love to, but I can’t. My new roommate said no more than three.

Tell us about your most recent feline rescue. 

One of my partners pointed him out to me, an orange cat eating out of the trash with a cut all the way around his neck (the photo is posted on the BARCS Facebook page but it’s too graphic to publish here). I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did it to him.

He was very scared. I got a hold of him but he got away from me and went inside an abandoned house. I wanted to break down the door but thought about all the paper work and decided it probably wasn’t the best idea.  When we finally got into the house we cornered him in a closet, I picked him up and put him in a clean trash can with a lid on it.

Jon Boyer's most recent feline rescue now at BARCS

Jon’s most recent feline rescue Craison


He’s been named Craison and had surgery funded by The Franky Fund (a fund created by BARCS that allows seriously sick or injured to obtain the emergency medical attention they need). I think someone will be willing to rescue him once he’s ready to go.


On November 29th, just days after giving this interview, Jon’s path crossed that of yet another stray kitty roaming the streets.  This little girl got right up on Jon’s shoulder and stayed there for the entire car ride to BARCS. She’s been named Penny, and Jon seems quite smitten. I wouldn’t be surprised if his kitty count reaches four very soon!

Jon with Penny perched on his shoulder

Jon with Penny perched on his shoulder


You weren’t kidding when you said you’re always willing to help when asked. Just last week BARCS auctioned off a date with you. How much did you go for?

The one-on-one date went for $370. And then they are going to do a group date for $50 a person. I expect we’ll get a lot of people. The money being raised goes into the Franky Fund. Whatever helps the animals.

Would you date a girl who didn’t like cats?

She would have to have a lot of other good qualities and not be allergic. My cats can turn anyone into a cat lover.

To learn more about BARCS or to make a donation, visit their website.

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45 Responses to Cat Man Monday: Officer Jon Boyer

  1. Rena says:

    Great story! Great guy!

  2. Cathy says:

    Terrific guy and story. It’s amazing how cats know and seek help from humans! Several have adopted me through the years!

  3. Angie Bailey says:

    Amazing guy, for sure!

  4. ThePetMuseum says:

    Bless him! How wonderful to read about policemen like this.

  5. What a wonderful guy! Thank you Jon for rescuing and loving animals!!!

  6. Julie says:

    great blog!

  7. jmuhj says:

    Great guy who will hopefully be a positive influence on a lot of people! LOVE his gorgeous cats and rescues, too!

  8. Carl says:

    Thank You for taking good care of the cats and helping people understand real Men love all animals.

  9. What a great guy!!! (and not too bad to look at either) ;)

  10. Jeanne B. says:

    I’d like to add myself and my five cats to the long, long list of marriage proposals. I have yet to find a man who LOVES cats like this one obviously does (who is straight) and I’m done dating cat-dislikers.

  11. NINA ABERNATHY says:

    Jon, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!! In this day and age of animal abuse (I work cat rescue) I see & hear a lot of really sad stories. Thanks for helping to restore my faith in some humanity.

  12. Ms. Phoebe says:

    What a wonderful and compassionate human man, I’m not surprised so many ladies like him!

  13. That is one of the sweetest things i have ever read!!

  14. What a great post and a fantastic interview.

  15. Crepes says:

    So, Jon. You love cats, I’m a cat. And I’m single, too. Well, ok, I have parents, but eventually I’ll be old enough to go out on a date. And not one of those group dates, neither. A single date. Purrrs. – Crepes.

  16. Kizzie says:

    Mum says all that photo needs is a box of chocolates in it as well, and she would be in seventh heaven. But seriously, what a very interesting and moving story, and we bet Jon could write a book after all the rescues he’s done, and dates he’s been on too.

  17. Holly T says:

    My twin sister and I are the lucky winners of the date with Officer Boyer. Both of us are old enough to be his mother, but we’re still pretty cute for our age. We’re identical twins, and our names are Holly and Ivy, so we figure a Christmastime “date” would make for excellent human interest stories for local media outlets—-which translates into raising awareness of animal welfare issues.

    • Tamar says:

      How exciting!!!! I’m so glad you came here and told us about it! Do let us know how the date works out okay? We want dirt! LOL!

  18. Annameow says:

    Tamar, I adore your “cat men” stories! They always melt my heart. What an amazing big hearted guy. Thanks!

  19. Jfer says:

    Thank you Officer Boyer for helping the cats. You are amazing, keep up the great work! Thank you Tamar for sharing. btw I happened upon your blog last week when I was googling vegan cold weather food and as a devoted not too crazy cat woman married to a not too crazy cat guy I am thrilled! I have already learned about so many cool people and special rescues, this is a wonderful blog.

    • Tamar says:

      Hi! I love that you found this blog looking for vegan food recipes! How great that you’re a cat lover too – and how lucky for you that you’re married to a not-too-crazy-cat guy! How many cats do you have. I’m so happy you like the blog! Be sure to check out the CAT MAN MONDAY and CAT WOMAN WEDNESDAY columns (just click on the word cloud on the right hand side).

  20. cattywumpus says:

    What a wonderful guy! I want him. I hope he adopts some more kitties – they are obviously drawn to him!

  21. Juli says:

    What a beautiful human! Marry me? lol

  22. Mary says:

    What a hunk (kitty) … I’d love to be rescued by these hunkers!

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