Happy Thanksgiving From Me and The Cats!

Last Thanksgiving I wrote a post on the concept of Thanksliving, and the year before that told of my trip to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary where I celebrated a vegan Thanksgiving. This year I thought I’d mix it up and have the cats share the things for which they are most thankful.

Well let’s just say it threw them for quite the loop. They looked at me rather dumbfounded as as they were completely unaware they were supposed to be grateful. (cats!)

Happy Thanksgiving with Cats

After I explained the concept to them and did a bit of prodding, I was able to pull quite a few things out of them for which they are in fact thankful (what do you think you’re cats are thankful for? be sure to leave a comment):

  • A comfortable home in the heart of Manhattan (okay I added the last bit)
  • Sunpuddles and warm laptops
  • That I don’t dress them up
  • A dearth of mice and cockroaches (they confessed they wouldn’t know what to do with them – great!)
  • The occasional ration of kibble (which they get when I’m out of town to make life easier on my neighbor who looks in on them. Hmmmm maybe they’re grateful for when I’m out of town?!)
  • For 6am so they can start bugging me for breakfast (I’m not sure why they think this is OK – it’s way too early!)
  • When I forget to put the Greenies and Temptations back in the microwave for safekeeping (which results in a sad looking, mangled, tooth-marked, empty treat bag)
  • Kip is particularly thankful for the relatively newly reupholstered chaise lounge on which to sharpen his claws (grrrr!) and for the opportunity to sniff and root around guest’s handbags and luggage
  • Haddie professed gratitude for her boyfriend Kip despite his bouts of aloofness (boys!) and for the times I don’t corner her and vigorously clean her crusty eyes with my fingernails
  • Petie is grateful for his hiding spot in the closet, strangers purses to sit on as well as loving time after my showers and at bedtime (before Haddie interrupts us!)
  • House guest who bring snacks and catnip toys and play with them
  • Loving time on their terms (this means not being picked up under any circumstances!)

As for me, I’ve had a trying year. Though I know intellectually I have so much to be grateful for at times it’s been absolutely impossible to feel. Gratitude is something I need to work on recognizing and holding onto on a daily basis. Life is too short, and I need to focus on seeing the good.

What I do know is that I’m so very fortunately to still have my Mom and Dad with me.  Not to mention a sister who I know loves me very much (and who got engaged this year!).

And I’d be remiss not to take a moment to thank my dear friends Sharon, Rebecca, Christina, Brad and Phil. You’ve each been there for me in your own way. Your patience, support and just presence have meant, and continue to mean a lot. Whether it’s talking to me when I’m up-a-tree  (metaphorically speaking of course!), sitting in the park, or having a Chai Latte at Starbucks. I’m lucky to have you in my life and I appreciate you all.

Not to mention all of you out there in the cat blogosphere – fellow bloggers and IHC fans alike – who have are always here reading and commenting and tweeting. Your readership and kind words mean a lot.

And last but not least. Though I’ve had my bouts of resentment while cleaning the litter box, vacuuming cat hair and thinking about the things I could do if there weren’t THREE of you (fantasies of taking off for a few months to exotic locals!). I do love my kitties.

Wishing you all a wonderful THANKSGIVING. Let’s all try to continue to recognize the people and things in our life we should be thankful for beyond Thursday 11/28/2013.


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44 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving From Me and The Cats!

  1. Sparkle says:

    Happy Thanksgiving from me and my human!

  2. Wishing you peace, love and purrs on T’day! We’re sharing as many of our friend’s posts today as possible since for thanks giving.

  3. Ingrid says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the kitties, Tamar!

  4. Carolyn Schellhardt says:

    Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving! And the kitties, too!!! I’m also happy that your parents and sister are still here to celebrate with you. I have neither. Have a wonderful day and please be careful if you go shopping on…………….BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!

    • Tamar says:

      Thank you Carol (and thanks for the card, just got it yesterday, you have the best timing!). I hope you have some nice plans for the day (I intend to stay far away from the shops tomorrow! haha!)

  5. Brian Frum says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you from all of us!

  6. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, today and everyday. I figure if I take a moment every day to remember what I’m thankful for, maybe it makes up for the times I’m railing against the unfairness of things I have no control over. We wish you peace today and always.

    • Tamar says:

      Yes, we need to practice radical acceptance of those things we cannot control (or that are unfair!). I like your idea of taking time out each day to being thankful. Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for your thoughtful note (and for your readership!)

  7. Kitties Blue says:

    That was a great post Tamar. May you and the kitties have an amazing Thanksgiving. We and our mom are so grateful for all the wonderful people and kitties we have discovered and gotten to know since we started blogging 1 1/2 years ago. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Tamar says:

      Isn’t the blogging community wonderful! Well the kitty one at least! I’m thankful that you stopped by today and left a comment. Best to you and your kitty clan! =^^=

  8. Fluffy and cow Baby wish you and yours all the best turkey and treats today!

    • Tamar says:

      I Love that i have visuals of both Fuffy and cow Baby now! Best to you and them today (no turkey for us here today!). Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for your readership!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving. Gratitude is an important component of a full life, and I can completely relate to the struggles of reaching for it in the dark moments. Hoping you and the fur kids enjoy your Manhattan apartment, and the sunpuddles and all the glory that comes with living an authentic day. Peace!

  10. jmuhj says:

    Thanking you, Tamar and fams, and wishing you a happy, healthy, warm and wonderful holiday/weekend.

  11. meowmeowmans says:

    What a great post, Tamar. We’re thankful for your friendship, and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

  12. Alana says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I think we all sometimes needs reminders to be thankful for what we have. Also, I feel your pain with the microwave safekeeping of treats. Same here. They got the fish food last night…

    • Tamar says:

      Lucky kitties they got fishie food! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.A wonderful THANKSGIVING to you, your hubby and the furbbabies!

  13. Feeling Beachie - Hilary says:

    Lucy and I want to wish you a very happy thanksgiving!

  14. Chris Thon says:

    Well said Tamar – I mean the last sentence in particular… Thinking about what my Kitties are thankful for I come up with the following:
    1. Food
    2. Naps
    3. A balcony on which they can roam abut and safely experience the outside world

    The most important:
    4. Cat-crazy parents that do everything for them and also forgive ruining the occasional Designer chair, Amplifier, Vases and other decorative knick knacks 😉

    To you and your whole family from ours:
    Happy Thanksgiving Tamar!

  15. We’re thankful for warm napping spots, catnip toys and stinky goodness. And all our blogging furiends! Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. rmudge says:

    I hope Thanksgiving was great for all of you. It can be hard to be thankful at times. I know all about that. The good thing about being at the bottom of the barrel is that things can only go up from here!

    • Tamar says:

      Good point – but i’m always worried that i have to be careful b/c they could find a way of getting worse- which i’m sure they could because I do really have a lot to be grateful for. I just need to let those things override what I feel I don’t have…..

  17. Many impawtant things to be thankful for! But please, keep forgetting to put the Greenies in the microwave 😉
    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!

  18. Tamar, this was an incredible post, thank you for writing it! We are sooo with you on this “Though I know intellectually I have so much to be grateful for at times it’s been absolutely impossible to feel. Gratitude is something I need to work on recognizing and holding onto on a daily basis. Life is too short, and I need to focus on seeing the good.” ….I work on it super hard, and overall I do well, but we all have our moments! Hoping you had a most wonderful Thanksgiving! Love, Caren and Cody

  19. Alissa says:

    Tamar, among many things I am thankful for, I am thankful for wonderful cat blogs like I Have Cat so I can share my love of cats with people I’ve never even met face to face. I am thankful for my kitties Lennie and Ed who remind me every time I walk in the door that they love me, I was missed, and they need some love. Immediately. Have a wonderful holiday season and here’s to an incredible 2014!

    • Tamar says:

      Kitties are truly amazing aren’t they. They def make us feel needed and loved. Thank you for the kind compliment about IHC. Thank you for your readership 🙂

  20. What a heartfelt post. You’re never alone. Many of us have faced tough times, whether job loss, or facing illness or passing of a loved one but there are silver linings. Focusing on the positive can be uplifting. Can’t wait for your visit to introduce you to my kitty clan. Working with community cats is the most humbling experience.

  21. askfisher says:

    I know I am late, but I saved your post because I knew it would be awesome. I was right! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, but how could you miss – living comfortably in the heart of Manhattan!

    • Tamar says:

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment (glad you saved the post!). Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Reality hits tomorrow! =^^=