Sexy Cat Woman Beth Stern and Hubby Howard Stern Adopt A Blind Cat

This past Tuesday I was honored to be invited to participate in Purina’s first ever Better With Pets Summit in New York City. It was a TED Talk type event featuring 16 speakers  addressing various aspects of how pets and people are better together.

It was an amazing day full of speakers ranging from the touching – Judy Finnegan of Puppies for Parole – to the entertaining – Simon Tofield of Simon’s Cats and (super cute) Alexis Ohanian founder of Reddit (who obviously spoke about the power of cats on the interwebs!).

Photo courtesy of @purina on Twitter

Beth with one of her new foster kittens (Photo courtesy of @purina on Twitter)


But I’d be remiss if this blog didn’t first write about the very sexy cat woman of the day, Beth Stern, who spoke about the joys of fostering shelter kittens (47 and counting!), a topic I’ve written about myself (10 Reasons to Become a Foster Parent).

And, as my headline gives away, announced on stage for the first time, that she and Howard had decided to adopt the blind foster mama they’d been caring for, bringing the Stern family feline count to 5!

Beth Stern and Bella the Blind Cat

Beth with a photo her her and Bella


Before we get to Bella and Beth’s other cats and fosters, let me begin by getting a few (rather petty) things out of the way:

  • I will never ever get my photo taken standing next to Beth Stern who is literally a real life Barbi doll
  • The woman knows how to give a talk, sharing the stage with three adorable kittens, given both the men and the women in the audience something to pay attention to (and drool over!)
  • While I’d never thought of much of her before as anything besides Howard’s arm candy – to be fair I hadn’t thought much of Howard before – hearing about how she’s opened their home to so many homeless animals, and how Howard has gotten so into it, naming and photographing them, gave me a new respect for them both (and for some reason I was particularly excited to learn that she’s a mature 41, and not some young bimbo – I know, I know, shame on me!)
Beth Stern Better With Pets

Beth shares the stage with her new litter of foster kittens


It was actually Howard who named the blind calico cat, abandoned while pregnant, Bella  (which means “beautiful” in Italian).  Bella apparently loves crawling up into Howard’s curly hair for a snooze – she obviously knew who she needed to cozy up to!

Beth told the story of sitting down for dinner with Howard one day when he asked where all the applications were for Bella (a rather strange thing since all the animals they foster get tons of applications thanks to Howard’s plugs on the radio). Beth looked at him rather sheepishly and apparently at that point Howard opened a bottle of wine and they both toasted to “Bella Stern.”

Photo courtesy of @bethstern on Twitter

Photo courtesy of @bethstern on Twitter


As you can see from the photo below, Bella has made herself quite at home.

Charlie Chunk and Bella

Charlie Chunk and Bella hanging out (photo courtesy of @bethstern Twitter)

In addition to Bella, the Sterns have 4 other cat. Walter, Charlie Chunk, Leon Bear and Apple.

Beth with Leon Bear, Charlie (left) with Walter (right). Photos courtesy of @BethSterns Twitter

Beth with Leon Bear (left),  Walther and Charlie (right). Photos courtesy of @BethStern Twitter


Apple in a glam cover shot with Beth (Photo taken by Howard)

Apple in a glam cover shot with Beth (Photo taken by Howard)


And let’s not forget about the fosters. 47 to date and counting! Howard gets to name them –  inspired by characters from his favorite TV shows.  Applications for the fosters are accepted on Howard’s website. North Shore Animal League reviews the applications and sometimes Beth even hand delivers the kittens to the lucky adopters.

Beth with foster kittens North Shore

Beth picking up a new litter of fosters  (Photo courtesy of North Shore Animal League)


She told the Associated Press back in September of this year that the first time she had to say goodbye to foster kittens who were being adopted, “one of the hardest days of my life….I was crying like a baby.”  But the article also reveals that the day she said goodbye to those 6 babies she said hello to a new batch of 10!

Beth’s Instagram feed reveals a rather unique socialization method she employs on the fosters. I bet there’s quite a few guys out there right now wondering if they can apply for a foster position!

Photo courtesy of @BethStern Twitter

Photo courtesy of @BethStern Twitter


There’s even created a Facebook Page called Bianca’s Furry Friends (named after the beloved bull dog Beth and Howard lost last July after 10 years) where those who have adopted pets from Howard and Beth can share photos.

Feeding time at the Stern household

Feeding time at the Stern household


Beth has so many amazing photos with her fosters and cats I could post them for days. If you want to check them out yourself check be sure to check out Beth Sterns’ Twitter feed (I love her description on Twitter: “mom of apple, walter, leon bear & charlie boy. happy wife, happy life.”).

Do you foster cats or kittens? If so, tell us why you do it. What inspired you to foster and what d you get out of it? We want to hear about it and hopefully encourage other folks to do the same! Don’t forget. For ever cat that goes into a foster home, a cage is freed up to save the life of another cat. And fostering helps socialize cats, making them more easily adoptable.

And if you do foster, THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!



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  • jmuhj

    While I don’t foster, I certainly thank — and give huge props to — those who do, no matter who they may be, as long as they are loving, gentle, and responsible! Looks like you can’t always judge a book by the cover here 😉

    • Tamar

      I couldn’t agree more – on all points! Wise as always you are! Thanks for your readership as always, and for taking the time to leave your thoughts! =^^=

  • jmuhj, You are right on! Never a Stern fan, prior to this article! God bless them both! 🙂

    • Tamar

      hear hear! i think Beth is the best thing that’s happened to his reputation – not to mention the kitties! 🙂

  • I knew that she foster and that Howard was her photographer – but kudos to them both for taking a stand for homeless pets and showing others the joy of fostering. I foster too and while it can be hard, the joy of seeing the cats & kittens flourish and then find their forever homes is wonderful.

    • Tamar

      THANK YOU for fostering! I agree it’s hard but it’s so fun to meet and nurture all those little personalities isn’t it?!

  • My human said she had a blast hanging out with you during her all-too-brief New York trip! And she loved Beth’s talk too. And the kittens!!

    • Tamar

      Ditto. Ditto. and Ditto! =^^=

  • Lucia

    Yes, I foster. We went in to get catfood a few years ago and a young ginger cat adopted my ginger husband. We enjoyed Blaze so much, I wanted to help other people add loving companions to their homes, too. Yes, it is always hard letting them go, but there are always so many more waiting for a home. Fostering makes cats much more adoptable.

    • Tamar

      awwwwww i love it! a ginger cat adopted your ginger husband! the perfect team! LOL! thank you for fostering – I agree, it socializes them (as well as freeing up a cage) i need to add that into my post! will do now! thanks for the reminder Lucia and thanks for your readership!

  • I have been fostering since 2002 and fostered over 300 kittens.. I didn’t know that the Sterns fostered, and am happy to hear it. The more people that can spread the word about the huge need out there.

    • Tamar

      HOLY COW CONNIE, that’s a LOT of kittens! Can’t thank you enough for all you do! I wish I had a home with an extra room I could convert into a foster room – that would be my personal heaven I think!

  • Oh my gosh! This has to be one of my favorite posts yet to date Tamar!

    Admittedly I was not a fan or follower of Howard Stern. I think many of us jump to wrong conclusions about him. And now to learn of this softer side and to meet his wife. Beth is not only beautiful, but articulate and heroic and now she’s my HERO!!!

    To foster 47 cats is beyond amazing!!!

    Tamar–I envy you that you could attend–next time if you could ask if you could bring a friend! I’ll fly up! and carry your camera, your glass of wine while you schmooze.


    • Tamar

      You are too cute! I’m right there with you in regards to my notions about Howard and Beth. They might be 2 of my new fav people (or at least Beth!)!

  • I encourage everyone to read this blog post by my good friend Tamar. She was invited to special Purina event in NYC and met Howard & Beth Stern who have fostered over 47 cats and just adopted a blind cat. I’m sure some of you, like me, may have had other perceptions of Howard Stern. I’m so excited to learn of this incredible work that he and his lovely, articulate and intelligent wife, Beth, are doing and truly making a difference. Now they have five cats at home. The photos are amazing and of course there’s one of a black cat.

  • Way to go Howard and Beth! Never liked the weird radio and TV shows of the past but was always sure that deep down Stern was one of the good guys…since Belzer is/was always on his show. Now I know for sure. Howard and Beth, you are always in my Purrayerz… Purrz for Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. Katie Kat.

    • Tamar

      Your instincts have been confirmed! I have so much love for them now and what they do! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment! They must be truly lovely people!

  • A fine example of how fostering is critical to reversing the rate of homeless pets. So wonderful to learn of the incredible hands-on work that Howard and Beth are doing.

    If anyone out there can foster a pet, please contact a local nonprofit. We’re always looking for cat foster parents in South Florida. We’ll provide the food/litter and do the marketing to help find the kitty a home.

    • Tamar

      Thank you for all you do and for taking the time to read and post on I HAVE CAT! =^^=


    I don’t foster but my husband and I do rescue kittens found in the neighborhood, to date we have 9 rescued. One litter of 6 their names are Larry. Curly, Moe, Elvira (all long-haired totally black) then their is Samson (brown with black stripes) and Penny Lynn (black and white). Another time he rescued from Ace Hardware Store a little all grey kitten (we named him “Ace Hardy”. Quite recently we just rescued “Gator Bait” he was given that name because my husband says when he meowed he sounded like a baby gator then a few days later we found his brother which was so skinny his name is “Ziggy”. Tried to find homes was unsuccessful so they now have “forever homes” with my husband and I.

    • Tamar

      Awwww so Gator Bait and Ziggy are yours now? You must post photos of them to our FB page we’d love to meet them! Thank you for the rescue work you do! Do you work with a group that helps with TNR?

  • Erin S.

    I have so much respect for Beth and Howard for doing this! I foster for BARCS in Baltimore and have had about 20 cats over since May 2012. I started out as just a shelter volunteer, but after a week, I took the longest term cat home with me to foster and have never looked back. I mainly do adults, since they have a harder time getting adopted, and three of them have been partially blind. It’s been the most rewarding experience of my life. I love getting updates from the adopters!

    • Tamar

      Oh, I’m so happy you took that kitty home with you. Thank you so much for fostering! Also, I think you will enjoy Monday’s upcoming post. It features a local hunky police man who has become quite the BARCS celebrity! Can you guess who it is/! 🙂

  • Erin S

    Oh I know exactly who you’re talking about!! 😉

  • Sailor Moon (who was w/ all the other cartoons in a framed picture) then uses his maging poision & turns Robert into a cat for being so evil as Princess, Phil and Lil jumps into the picture to join the other cartoons.

  • I LOVE this post! Never liked Howard before this, but I love what he and Beth do for the kittehs.

    • Tamar

      I hear you! I felt the same way about them before I learned more about what they do for the kitties!

  • Marco

    Shes beautiful, and doing beautiful work…. Thank you Beth and Howard!