Two Hotties In Four Days: John Fulton and Joshua Bell

Normally contact with one hot guy in a given month is considered newsworthy (or rather blog worthy). But this past week I had the pleasure of enjoying the presence of two hotties within a mere four day period. In truth I didn’t have actual contact with Hottie #2, but given he was a heart throb of mine growing up and we shared the same air space this past Tuesday so I’m counting it!

Hottie #1. John Fulton.

This past weekend I attended the Alley Cat Allies Conference in Washington, DC – can’t wait to tell you more about it! – where I met John Fulton, a man who continues to be a heart throb for many cat woman though his show Must Love Cats was only picked up for two seasons and hasn’t been on-air for over a year.

John Fulton at Alley Cat Allies

Mugging for the camera with John Fulton


I interviewed John Fulton for I HAVE CAT a few years ago, but this was the first time I met him in person. From what I recall we had a brief  but lively chat (see below for more on that and no, I wasn’t drinking). So here are a few things I learned about him during our few moments together.

John Fulton is:

  • Tall
  • A total charmer (He had me a bit tongue-tied – not an easy feat – I was definitely babbling. He was gracious about it, and hopefully I didn’t say anything too tangential)
  • Funny
  • Goofy
  • Allergic to cats
  • Convinced his two cats, Billie Holiday and Betty Davis, prefer his girlfriend’s company to his (yes, of course he has a girlfriend!)
  • The nephew of the late Jay Chiat, one of the original founders of TWBA/Chiat Day, one of the best known creative advertising agencies in the industry (they created the first ever Apple TV spot,”1984“, and came up with the Energizer Bunny, just to name a few)
  • Unaware of the of the existence of the FURminator (and his cats have long hair – I told him to check it out stat!)

He performed a few songs (“kitty ditties”)  from his show for the conference attendees and even dropped a few trade secrets.


Remember Klepto Kitty? Turns out after hour of waiting in the dark drinking coffee and eating donuts, the crew got tired of waiting for him to steal something and actually left a few items strewn about to get him started. It did successfully get him going and his bra theft (among others) was not staged! As an aside, the bra belonged to the woman at second twenty in the Klepto Kitty clip (or as John said, “the Mother of the kid who can’t count,” which will make sense to you if you watch the clip!).

It also turns out that Kopi Luwak (aka civet coffee), made from coffee berries ingested and excreted by the Asian palm civet, produces a crazy high and that the entire crew was basically hopped-up as if on drugs when they taped that segment!

And for those of you who didn’t know it already, John was NOT meant to be the host of  MUST LOVE CATS. It was one of his friends who was the finalist, but the folks at Animal Planet spotted John in a piece of audition video featuring the band they played in together, and the rest is history. According to John they’re still friends, and his friend left LA to become some sort of investment banker/finance guy and is doing well for himself so we shouldn’t feel too bad for him!


Hottie #2. Joshua Bell.

I first alluded to my crush on virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell back in 2009.  I myself started playing the violin myself at age 5, attended music camps my summers in High School and played all the way through college (yes, I was an official orchestra geek).

Sadly I haven’t picked it up in almost 20 years, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating classical music, though I don’t listen to enough of it – live or in any format. I used to listen to music in the car, but living in New York City that’s not really an option.

Joshua Bell

Not having been to a concert in ages, I got on a kick a few weeks ago and decided I had to take better advantage of what NYC has to offer. I can only related it to what it must be like living near the beach or having a pool. It’s there and so convenient you figure you can go anytime, only you end up never going (is it me or can others relate to this as well?).

Carnegie Hall

The view of the stage at Carnegie Hall from my seat


It doesn’t help that there’s always so much going on here that it can be overwhelming and one often finds oneself at home ordering in and watching TV! A pity really! Anyway, I was fortunate enough to find out Joshua Bell was playing at Carnegie Hall the very next week and scored tickets for only $30!

After a bit of interweb research I learned that Mr Bell is now 45 years old (perfect) with three children from two different baby-mommies (not-so-perfect). While Wikipedia identifies the mother of his eldest son, it fails to mention who bore his twins. A bit odd. But my crush obviously gets around.

Carnegie Hall 2

Carnegie Hall. It doesn’t matter where you sit, the acoustics are superb.


On the plus side, he lives in the Gramercy Park neighborhood, very close to where I live. So maybe there’s hope for me us yet. I did see him at an airport once but I was either too shy or he was too fast in getting away and we didn’t meet. I wonder how he feels about cats…

Should you think me crazy for having a crush on Joshua, know that I’m not alone. The Washington Post captures him perfectly in this passage from an article written in 2007.

“Bell’s a heartthrob. Tall and handsome, he’s got a Donny Osmond-like dose of the cutes, and, onstage, cute elides into hot. When he performs, he is usually the only man under the lights who is not in white tie and tails — he walks out to a standing O, looking like Zorro, in black pants and an untucked black dress shirt, shirttail dangling. That cute Beatles-style mop top is also a strategic asset: Because his technique is full of body — athletic and passionate — he’s almost dancing with the instrument, and his hair flies….He’s single and straight, a fact not lost on some of his fans.”

The article by the Post was written about a social experiment conducted where they had Joshua play in the Metro system in Washington D.C. to see what would happen. Would there be a mob scene? Would anyone notice?  The outcome was pretty fascinating. If you have any interest at all I suggest you read the entire article and check out the video below.

Okay, so I’ve shared scoop on a cat lady heart throb and confided one of my own secret crushes. Now it’s your turn. Who’s someone you’ve carried the torch for that not many (or any) people know about?

Empire State Building 11-12-13 insta

The Empire State Building on my walk home that evening. With the hot dog vendor in the foreground, it seemed like the perfect NYC moment.


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  • Tamar, I’m another smitten fan of Josh Bell. I first discovered him about a year and a half ago, and have since seen him in concert more than a dozen times. Can’t get enough of his music. Have you noticed he has some seriously catlike qualities about him? Including a grin that would make the Cheshire Cat jealous! Glad you liked the Carnegie Hall concert. I have a ticket for the same program this weekend at SUNY Purchase. 🙂

    • Let me know what you think of the performance. It’s like he’s dancing on stage. I like when he does the encore pieces at the end where he pics up the mic and interacts with the audience. You’ve seen him in concert more than I have!

  • jmuhj

    I’d never seen him before, only loved his music — OMG! The video — all those clueless people! Was that you with the shopping bag? 😉 And of course, love John Fulton and wouldn’t miss his show — APL needs to bring it back. It’s the best!

    • “The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats.” Albert Schweitzer
      Credit where credit is due, I spotted this on The Violin Channel.

      • I LOVE THIS! I need to look into this Albert character. He seems to know (have known?) what he was talking about!

    • The video is amazing isn’t it? What a great social experiment. I like how he was nervous b/c he’s like “at concerts people are paying to see me”!

  • Mom had a crush on the actor, Michael Douglas, ever since they went to the same college. She was pitifully shy in college and never got the nerve to approach him. He was a total hippy at the time…long hair and bare feet and always with his large dog. She still thinks he’s a hottie, but glad our dad (who she married 40 years ago) has stayed way more youthful looking than Douglas. Dad is 66 and doesn’t have a grey hair on his head; though, his mustache is now mostly grey. Mom loved your post. She also loved the show Must Love Cats and remembers Klepto Kiity well. Thanks for sharing. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Lisbeth, Astrid and Calista Jo

    • Tamar

      Wow, that’s crazy she went to college with him. She could have snagged him but it sounds like she did pretty well for herself 🙂 Yes, Mr Douglas hasn’t aged well I must say (even with the plastic surgery – ick!). I must say, I do appreciate a nice grey mustache myself 🙂

  • Tamar: Here’s what happened at SUNY Purchase.

    The autograph line (we are all heroes in our own stories)

    I avoid autograph lines, always have. But still, I guess it was in the back of my mind last night when I slipped Joshua Bell’s new Musical Gifts CD into my bag before heading out to Purchase College.

    You never know what you’re in for with a recital. For one thing, you can’t count on the flash and dazzle that happens in front of an orchestra, not even when you’ve got an outstanding accompanist like Sam Haywood holding things together. With Bell, it almost doesn’t matter. He is such an extraordinary musician that if he decided to play all by himself facing the upstage wall, he could still hold an audience in the palm of his hand. A miracle of flesh and bone and exquisite control.

    The program at the Performing Arts Center opened with Tartini’s Devil’s Trill. It’s the kind of showpiece, filled with impossibly tricky passages, that Bell does exceedingly well. His finger work and bowing were breathtaking as always, but the Devil seemed somewhat tame.

    His reading of Beethoven’s Sonata No. 10 was sensitive, beautiful and restrained. Shostakovich made exciting ballet music but last night, for whatever reason, the fiddler wasn’t dancing.

    The audience was a surprise, given how close we were to New York City. There was an outbreak of applause after the first movement of the Beethoven, and some people didn’t seem all that sure when it was over. Thank goodness for house lights and intermission. Halfway through the second act, four women sitting directly in front of me stood up and bumped and stumbled their way across two dozen other people to get to the exit before the encores. Too bad, because those four ladies missed the best part. With Tchaikovsky’s Mélodie and Wieniawski’s Polonaise Brilliante, Josh was in his 19th century Romantic element, all poetry and passion. His face lit up and his playing fairly shimmered with joy. Brilliant!

    Afterwards, I made my way to the autograph line. I didn’t actually want an autograph. Recently his Facebook avatar had encouraged fans to post reviews of the new Musical Gifts album on Amazon where Josh might read them. I wanted to tell him I’d posted one, thank him for a lovely evening and wish him well.

    The autograph wait stretched to twenty-five minutes, then to half an hour. I knew Josh had generously allowed the theater to auction off a private meet and greet with him and his violin as a fundraiser, and so he was meeting and greeting the oh-so-lucky winners.

    Back in the lobby, theater staffers reminded restless fans that photographs would not be allowed. People shuffled around, shifting from one foot to the other. Nobody left. The man in front of me began to sweat. At some point, Bell slipped in unnoticed and took a seat behind the table. The line began to inch forward.

    Josh has the autograph ritual down to a science. He’s seated, you’re standing. He looks up and says hello with that engaging smile of his. Charming in photographs and videos, when you see that smile in person from three feet away, it is awesome. He takes the proffered CD or whatever, scrawls his signature with a Sharpie, thanks the fan for coming and turns to the next person. When I handed him my Musical Gifts insert and mentioned the Amazon review, it broke the rhythm. He looked up and you could see a flash of genuine surprise, “Did ya,” he grinned, and then sort of mumbled that he hadn’t read the reviews. I said it was good, and I meant the recording. Aware that the line behind me snaked back almost 50 yards, I thanked him and stepped away, wishing I could have had five minutes instead of five seconds. And wondering if he might actually read the Amazon reviews sometime, as the Facebook avatar had hinted.

    I haven’t looked at my CD insert yet, in case the autograph isn’t there and I dreamed the whole thing.

    • Tamar

      Wow! Thanks for the detailed update!
      I agree with you regarding Shostakovich but I chalked it up to not loving the piece as much as the others – I’m not as into 20th century.
      I DEF could see a difference when he played without music, during his encore pieces. He was basically dancing on the stage – much more fluid.
      Funny, some folks at Carnegie left before those pieces too – I guess trying to beat the rush.
      I’m not sure if they had a signing at Carnegie Hall….usually in NYC you have to wait outside at the stage door.
      That’s so cool that you got to meet him and speak with him (and see him up-close) if ever so briefly!
      Thanks again for filling me in!

      • Tamar

        That’s pretty funny that you haven’t looked at your CD yet! 🙂

  • Lots of hot guys and cute cats around here lately…not sure what more a girl could ask for!!

    • Tamar: Thought you might enjoy this. And the hunt for hotties continues. 🙂

      • Tamar

        Wow thanks! Did you see this snippet?

        “The outdoor shower on the roof is one of my favorite things. When it’s a nice day, early in the morning, I go out in my bathrobe, and while you’re showering you can basically see the city through the slits.”

        Must be nice! WOW!

  • DuchessofDownton

    Bell’s only got one baby momma. Lisa Matricardi (former long time girlfriend) is the mother of all three of his children.