“Whiskerslist, The Kitty Classifieds” (Craigslist For Cats)

Angie BaileyAngie Bailey is a name likely familiar to you in the online cat loving community. She’s not only a fellow blogger (Catladyland.net and “Texts from Mittens” on Catster), but also a friend and a fellow Minnesotan!  And as if she wasn’t busy enough with her online writing and raising a family, she’s just come out with a book titled “Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds (read on to find out how to win your very own copy!).

Think of Whiskerslist as the Craigslist for cats.  An online resource where cats can find everything from meaningful relationships, flings or missed connections to classes like “the master art of looking away while being photographed,” and even a lawyer to go after us for changing brands of litter or posting photos of them in compromising situations!


And while this might all seem cutesy and humorous, don’t be fooled. Angie believes the larger the Whiskerslist community grows the more control we’ll lose as a species. She foresees a time in the near future where they will use their expansive internet presence for retribution, and imagines stumbling across a listing along the lines of:

“Female human for sale: passable lap size, leaves OK amount of food unattended on kitchen counter shoes moderately stinky buys crappy toys…make an offer. That time is not that far away, friends.”


Whiskerslist - Petie

Imagine my surprise upon finding Petie’s photo on Whiskerslist!


This book is intended to educate us simple humans about this parallel universe and to make sure we’re on-guard for signs of peculiar behavior.

Angie’s own suspicions began growing when she’d come home from an outing and notice the laptop was warm and passwords started changing inexplicably.  Her worst fears were confirmed when she discovered the world of Whiskerslist when her cats slipped up and failed to delete their browsing history. Busted!

Whiskerslist Kipper

Turns out Kip is quite the entrepreneur! Perhaps he should start chipping in to off set the cost of that fancy wet food he consumes.


In the meantime, as a precaution Angie recommends we change our internet passwords and thinks it might not be a bad idea to start buying better cat toys!

When I asked Angie what her three cats were most likely doing on Whiskerslist given what she’s seen of their online activity this was her assessment.

Saffy Catladyland.com Whiskerslist

Saffy is my 13-year-old big Mama. She’d be looking for anything food related, especially the services of professional food thieves. (Photo: Catladyland.net)


Cosmo Catladyland Whiskerslist

Cosmo is my 12-year-old tuxie, who’s a total Mama’s boy. He’d probably be looking for a used Snugli so I could wear him strapped to my body like a baby. (Photo: Catlandyland.net)


Phoebe (left) is my 8-year-old, 6-pound alpha girl. She'd be trolling all over the discussion forums. Also, she'd be the one most likely to sell me on Whiskerslist.(Photo: Catladyland.com)

Phoebe is my 8-year-old, 6-pound alpha girl. She’d be trolling all over the discussion forums. Also, she’d be the one most likely to sell me on Whiskerslist. (Photo: Catladyland.net)


To enter to win your very own copy of Whiskerslist just follow the simple guidelines below:

    • Leave a comment to this blog telling me what you think your cats are doing on Whiskerslist.
    • Post your comment by 5pm EST Friday November 8th.
    • Leave a way for me to contact you in order for your entry to be valid (email, twitter handle).
    • You must be a US resident (sorry!!!).
    • One entry per household.

If you don’t win a copy of this book – or don’t thin you can risk it and wait to find out if you do – you can purchase Whiskerslist on Amazon today! Plus, they make great holiday gifts for cat lovers you care about!


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  • Emilie Graham

    My cat, Mademoiselle Ophelia Polly-Mittenz started her modeling career at age 6 months. Admittedly, I probably put her under the spotlight too young, but it was her dream and who was I to interfere? After Mitty Tat (stage name) reached full adulthood we started to see some changes in her body, such as a sagging gut, that began to drag down her career. Her agent gave up on her and Ophelia decided to give up all together. Things turned from bad to worse and before I knew it she had left home without so much as a goodbye purr. Ophelia spent three days in the woods (we think, she’s still not ready to tell the whole story) and when she returned she had dropped at least 3 pounds and was requesting to be called Amanda Birds. I’m happy to report that she’s made a full recovery, and is ready to share the pressure of cat modeling with other cats. I think Ophelia would use Whiskerlist as a forum for discussion with other cats about weight issues and to advertise for the push for healthy cat models. Ophelia needs a website like this to gain the overwhelming attention she requires, but other cats need to hear her story as well. Also, hopefully this can be an alternative to her monopolizing my Instagram with pictures of herself.

  • I would be listed as an interior decorator. Nobuddy can use toilet paper the way I can to transform the look of a bathroom. 😉


  • Lillito

    Oh my, you need a better moderator/spam policer! My Lotte is available and is looking for just this sort of employment. She was recently scanning the whiskerslist in search of anything she could get her nose into, and she has a significant amount of computer experience (mainly screen-blocking and keyboard containment). She may be your girl.

  • Scooter will most likely want to look up a source for old lady daycare (for me). Alice from the Palace cannot read yet, and may never read, due to her very busy schedule running around the house and then napping under the bed. I will surely find something in Ingrid’s book to cover this one! address is askfisher@gmail.com Jobi Harris, 200 2nd Ave S 123, St Petersburg, FL 33701

  • My crew would be looking for more kitties to bring to The Kitty Kanteen Feral Cat and Kitten Rescue…Plus a supplier where they could get some awesome treats…they are always on the search for new treats!! Our email address is aoesweetie@sbcglobal.net Charmaine Davey 33400 Daffodil Ct., Lenox, MI 48048

  • Ping no doubt would be looking up nice ladycats to impress with his charms!
    We are sorry about that low life spammer who left terrible messages. Oh my. Can’t cat bloggers be left in peace, especially today. What is wrong with people?

  • Leigh Van Horn

    We cats are searching for kitties that carry out “kit hits”. Our mama has been letting a couple of the “outsiders” in the house. One is a prissy little gray cat with a giant plume tail that she waves in our faces. And there is this really small cat we thought was a midget. Mom and dad pick it up and talk silly stuff like, “u uz susch a widdle sweetie!”. Disgusting. If you know a “hit kit” contact us. We have lots of catnip and snackies.

  • I’m pretty sure Lexy is looking to hire someone to open her canned food for her to be at her beck and call. Since she thinks I starve her.

  • jmuhj

    We are actually quite pleased with our servant, and we appreciate her spending huge amounts of time on social media trying to help other cats not as fortunate as we are to find those loving, permanent homes every cat and kitten so richly deserves; but we do wish she’d make just a bit more time to play with us. And we’d really love it if she’d pull a permit and build us the Catio all but one of us misses. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

  • My Crabbi (A kitty Angel, now), will be putting down catnip & treats as Christmas gifts for kitties far and wide. She also tries to influence stingy humans to give out more canned cat food! =^.^=

    zenithjade@yahoo.com or you can contact me via facebook. 🙂

    The Kitties & Andrea

  • This seems to be a pawsome book

  • Hahahahahahahah the comments are awesome!!!
    I shall let teo or jasmine answer as for the “cat surfin” on the net……since I made the mistake of popping out yesterday for a couple of hours….
    “And we realized mamma had left her laptop open….hurray thought jasmine!
    Next thing we know we were rolling our paws around the keyboard, opening many pages related to food so mamma would be pleased we helped her with work said teo.”

    Coming home and seeing that the screen was on I feared whatever could have happened but not to blame anyone but myself!!
    Yep….I had about 9 new tabs opened, indeed about food (I can only imagine they touched the file I have all saved work) and the scrolling up and down of pages is out of function. It doesn’t scroll. It hits bottom or top when you touch the arrows!!!

    Guess we all live on the same Catland!!!

    Big hug from Turin to NYC

  • I’m Loulou, a French kitty with Italian connections (not THOSE connections, only family) and I would advertise for playmates because I’m a single kitty and no companions except anthros, mama and papa, and I think I’m a social kitty but who knows–I might serve kibble or tear their throats out! Such are kitties.
    Just kitty-ing. I don’t really have any wishes because my life is so lovely.
    Good luck with your Classifieds,

  • Lucy would like to offer her services as a bathroom companion. She realizes that going to the bathroom can be a very lonely chore to take care of and she doesn’t like to see anyone alone, yet alone lonely. So when ever you head into the bathroom she is right at your side, often time joining you in her very own litter box. Her motto – no one should go to the bathroom alone

  • I’ve been putting up ads for my sister Peabody so she can find a mancat to move in with and leave our house. It goes like this: ” Tortie with attitude problems looking for a mancat to tame her. Neutered ok. Hairless preferred. She’s into fetish play.” No takers yet! – Crepes.

  • Ray Chesnick

    My cat, Tipper, would be online plotting world domination! =;-) He’s certainly the leader of any group plotting subversive ideas such as 24-hour a day feeding bowls, catnip hour every evening, and hunting lessons for a city stray! We’d love a copy of your book — pawtographed, if possible. =;-) Ray — @DaneRay (TWITTER) — Ray Chesnick (FACEBOOK) — zqx@juno.com (E-MAIL) — Ray Chesnick … 2015 West 20th Street … Cleveland, Ohio 44113-3508 (REGULAR MAIL) — THANKS!

  • Oh, that’s easy. My cats (and dogs) have fired me so many times, they’d be online searching for a new human. One who gives them unlimited computer time and doesn’t forget to fill the food bowl at 4 am.

  • I bet my cats would be all over that site fixing the grammar and spelling being used.. 😉

    (speaking of which.. ” or don’t thin you can risk it “)

  • Glenna McMenamin

    My cat Sherman would be right along with Saffey and looking for food thieves. Princess Fiona would be looking for a full length mirror so that she could admire herself.

  • Megan Drozd

    Halston and Dior here, we are brothers who were adopted by a family that spoils us rotten. Which is a good thing to, as we were abused in our former life. Our days are spent trollin Whiskerlist for new toys, and new friends, then using our Aunites Plastic Fing to purchase what we want.. Our mama is constantly telling us “NO TALKING TO STRANGERS” Okay are fellow kitties strangers????? I THINK NOT….. Dior my “Fluffy” brother spends his days snoring as loud as he can or watching the Chipmunks in the back yard. I am trying to search for toys and traps for the Chipmunks.. I don’t want to harm them just “RELOCATE” them……. Also, my Auntie Megan has been known to ask me to search for her head. I don’t understand how she can lose it so many times. Our Granny spends time keeping up with us and making sure nothing happens to us while Mama and Auntie are at that work fing….. So I’ve been selling Mama’s purses on Whiskerlist so she doesn’t have to work. That is a good thing right……..

  • The Whiskerslist ad that my cat, Quint, would put up would read something like this:
    “Wanted: Someone who can find my favorite mouse toy. I batted it under something somewhere and no one around here can seem to find it. I don’t really want to play with any of the other toys around here. I only want this one. Please, someone help me find it.”

  • Grace Rathburn

    I am pretty sure my little Hannah the Diva Queen would be looking for nip and cozy spots to claim as her own, and Asheron cat he would be searching endlessly for noms and little toy mices to bat around.

  • Grace Rathburn

    Oh almost forgot our email is phoenixreborn66669@gmail.com

  • Kelly Craig

    I can guarantee Furr-Furr is on Whiskerlist 24/7 scouring for anything crocheted. He has a crochet fetish! He started this when he was just a wee kitty trying to drag full size crocheted afghans through the house. I started making him his own little “lovies” to drag around. He has about 6 right now and I’m working on a new one right now but he just can’t get enough of anything made of yarn. Whiskerlist is the perfect place for him to hunt for bargains since he is computer savvy!

  • As the humans are in Paris until the 14th, we are planning mass destruction. On each of their last two trips we broke a lamp. We can’t do anything bad today because the housekeeper is here all day, but we’ve got plans. And we know we could really use a copy of this book. If we win, please notify us at janet.blue@thecatonmyhead.com. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • Angelique I.

    My cats would be looking for a human toy. Mommy and Daddy spend too much time playing with the foster kittens and they want a human all to themselves!


  • I think Timmy would be looking for volunteer opportunities, especially for the disenfranchised cats. He also may look for other kitties to help him with working at the Poo Factory. He surely would not sell me as he has noms manipulation down to a science and he would need to train someone new. Tamar – you know how to reach your buddy, Tiny Timmy. 😉

  • Katie Kitty Too would be on the Whiskers List selling all the foster kits so she can have more time with her Mom… Joey the Nike Cat would be looking fur a seamstress to make his Nike Cat Hero Costume… Doobie would be looking fur a catnip dealer… that’s a few of the kitty activities around here.

    • oh and Lil Bear would be looking fur free typing lessons.. he hasn’t mastered the art of disturbing Mom while typing yet.