A Year Ago Today

A year ago today I was in the dark. Literally. But I sure has heck wasn’t alone. Hurricane Sandy had come and in its wake left many of us without water or power (thankfully I had water – cold water but still, water).

If you didn’t read it, or just want to take a trip down memory lane, here’s the post I wrote on November 2, 2012 in the wake of Sandy. 

Unfortunately I can’t find the photo I took of my rations before the storm hit. The picture clearly demonstrated the cats came first in terms of priority. Let’s just say it’s a good thing for all involved that the power came back when it did, or I may have started eyeing the wet cat food!

ACE Hotel

Charging stations being installed outside the ACE Hotel (NYC 2013)

The very hip and hipster infested ACE Hotel was the closest place for me to go for electricity, wi-fi and hot coffee during the black out.  It was also the place that inspired me to write – and where I wrote – an opinion piece titled “My Brief Life Among The Have-Nots” that was picked up by the New York Daily News, about a personal revelation.


Daily News Opinion piece about Hurricane Sandy

I do distinctly remember being fortunate enough to be dining by candle light with my friend Eugene at i Truilli, a nice local restaurant with a back-up generator, when the power finally did come back on.

Can you believe it’s been a year? Do you remember where you were and what you were doing a year ago in the wake of the hurricane?

A photograph showing the waters of the Hudson River on 10th Avenue. Photo by Katya Valevich

A photograph showing the waters of the Hudson River on 10th Avenue. Photo by Katya Valevich


It’s heart-breaking that some areas have so much work yet to be completed before they’re restored to how they once were (not to mention the poor folks at the Jersey Shore who just endured a fire that destroyed much of the new restored boardwalk).

In that respect, my article rings just as true for me today as it did a year ago.


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16 Responses to A Year Ago Today

  1. My gosh Tamar i remember reading your post about being in the hotel for wifi!! somehow it seems ages ago, but yet one year….funny feeling about lenght of time!! i cannot even begin immagining what you guys went through! but hey NYC and its new yorkers are though cookies and you are all well…and rebuilding the soul of such special city!!
    have a good weekend and hugs from me teo jasmine and stella to you petie, haddie and kipper :))

    • Tamar says:

      I know, I can’t believe it’s been a year either. In a way it’s a reminder of so much I thought I’d accomplish that I have not yet! Scary how quickly time flies. In life in general. It’s hard to remember to stop and be thankful. I need to work on that! Hugs back at you, teo, jasmine and stella! And thanks as always for your readership and for taking the time to leave a comment – it always means so much when people do!

  2. Angel Abby says:

    It is horrible recovering from a weather tragedy.I am glad you were spared to a large degree. Being without electricity is very hard, and our entire electrical system is so easily damaged it’s scary if you think about it. Amazing it has been a whole year.

  3. Rena says:

    What a terrible time that was. My brother had become very ill and was taken to the hospital. Just before the paramedics arrived, the power in my brother’s building went out, and the wonderful paramedics carried him down nine floors! As scary as his illness was for a while (he’s fine now), he and his wife were actually lucky to be at the hospital–one of the few with power.

    • Tamar says:

      WOW I don’t think I knew that happened Rena (it’s so easy to get wrapped up in oneself – case in point!). Glad everything worked out for him then and that he is well now. (hugs)

  4. jmuhj says:

    Good article, and congratulations on its being picked up, Tamar! Over here on the Left Coast, I was glued to the internet and hoping (and yes, praying) that all cats, and all who care for them, would be safe.

  5. We are so accustomed to having electricity, it is hard to get used to being without for even a day. We can not truly imagine what all of you went through when Sandy hit and as you recovered.

  6. We can’t believe it’s been a year!

  7. mistletoeandhitch says:

    A year ago was a reminder of how lucky I am. Without electric or hot water, we banded together, conserving cell/tablet charges and cooking on the grill out in the cold. We ate all the yummy things in the freezer and talked to each other. Now we’re back to the everyday, teenager behind closed doors, screens lit up across the room, adults playing with their own toys throughout the house. A small part of me misses the togetherness of the entire family sharing the same light source. A very small part. It turns out, we all share a love for each other and electricity.

    • Tamar says:

      Sounds as if you made the best of the situation. And made some nice memories even during that tough time.

  8. Michelle Carr says:

    Hello Tamar, I have just discovered you and I think you are wonderfully gifted. You moved me to tears. I remember exactly where I was when Hurricane Sandy hit and what I did in the month-and-a-half that followed. I too live on the left coast in Canada. I was moving and my apartment was in chaos; my two cats were in a tizzy. The three of us had been engaged in online rescue work (in addition to local efforts) for several years and I knew the ins-and-outs of the NY-ACC quite well. When the hurricane hit, we knew how many animals were going to be lost, displaced and probably found and euthanized if not taken to a no-kill rescue. Maggie, Jack and I temporarily abandoned our moving activities and began cutting up surplus down duvets for kitty-size down duvets. They helped by scattering feathers far and wide, sitting on the fabric as I was cutting duvet covers and chewing on the ironing and sewing machine cords. I posted my offer of free duvets and covers and a rescue in New Jersey or South Carolina responded. Within a month, they were winging their way to their new home. I don’t know if they arrived safely and found a use. I suspect no one had time to write and tell me. It doesn’t matter. Money would not have helped; there were no local supplies for bedding to buy. We did what we hope will be done for us when disaster strikes, as it inevitably does everyone at some point in our lives. I think the people of NYC responded magnificently to a life-shattering experience.

    • Tamar says:

      Hi Michelle, welcome to I HAVE CAT! I’m so happy you found us and that you enjoy the blog! If you have yet, be sure to check out the BEST OF section (some of my personal favorite) http://ihavecat.com/category/best-of/ and friend/like us on Facebook, we are over 28,000 fans strong! http://www.facebook.com/ihavecat

      Let me say how touched I am by what you, Maggie, Jack did to help out during the Hurricane. How thoughtful of you. You have a big heart. I’m truly touched. And the animals thank you (even if their human parents didn’t have a chance to!)