Catzilla and the Empire Sky Scratcher!

Or King Cat perhaps?

After his girlfriend was ready to throw an eye-sore of a carpeted cat scratcher out the window, Mike came up with the idea for the Sky Scratcher.  His first creation was inspired by the Chicago skyline (since he grew up there), and now Mike has just introduced the brand new Empire Sky Scratcher as a tribute to NYC!


“I am King Cat hear me roar! (or is it growl?)!” Kip is so funny, he looks  more surprised than scary!


The Sky Scratcher is eco-friendly as it’s made of cardboard and renewable bamboo plywood. It doesn’t use toxic glues or adhesives, so worn” floors” can actually be replaced.  It comes fully assembled and includes a bottle of powerful organic catnip spray to entice your kitties to start using it!

Empire State Sky Scratcher

I love how it looks like a piece of art in my living room!


In case you were wondering, the name “Sky Scratcher” was inspired by a French book from the 1800s that described American sky scrapers as buildings that “scratched the sky.”

Both versions of the Sky Scratcher stand three feet tall and retail for $149 + $25 shipping/handling. It’s not cheap, but I couldn’t love it more if I tried.  It was just awarded the Readers Favorite & award in the Apartment Therapy Design Showcase 2012 and I can see why.

Sky Scratcher New York City

Petie (left) and Kip (right) posing with the Empire State Sky Scratcher


In truth, I almost don’t want the cats to use it because it looks so cool as a sculpture in my living room. I’m tempted to create an entire skyline of Sky Scratchers!

A less expensive alternative is the “Subway Hug & Kick” $24 (pictured below) which also comes with a bottle of organic catnip.

One of Mike's cats, Frank, demonstrates the "Subway Kick and Hug"

One of Mike’s cats, Frank, demonstrates the “Subway Kick and Hug”


Mike wasn’t always a cat man, but became one when his girlfriend adopted one in 1998 at which point he says “I immediately fell in love and have been a cat guy ever since.”

He and his girlfriend now have three rescue cats in their family (who double as product models) – Maceo (16 yrs old), Smokey (9 yrs old) and Frank (2 yrs old) – plus an outdoor stray Thomas, who he “co manages” with his neighbors.

Mike describes Thomas him as “a loveable giant that passersby stop to gawk at because he is such an amazing specimen of a cat.” How cute is that?

maceo and smokey

Maceo (left) and Smokey (right) show how it’s done


While Mike has considered creating a Big Ben Sky Scratcher (how cool would that be?), he’s keeping his next project under wraps. All I know is that it will be a vertical scratcher that will also include a horizontal scratching surface that it’s slated to launch Holiday 2013 – the suspense!

Chicago Skyscratcher

The original Chicago Sky Scratcher

 So save up your pennies and have a piece of the Big Apple (or Chicago) in your home!  For those of you in the New York area, Mike will be at the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair June 22nd and 23rd if you want to check him and/or his wares in person!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review beyond receipt of the product itself. All opinions are my own.

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  • I love these – cat-friendly, eco-friendly and aesthetically stunning. What more could you ask for in a cat scratcher? Hope he does a Big Ben version!

    • Tamar

      I agree with you on all points!

  • LOVE that scratcher, all of your kitty items look soooooooooo cool in your place!!!

    • Tamar

      awww thanks so much – i LOVE it!

  • I love how your place is so ” Cat Cool” as compared to mine which is more, ” Crazy Cat Lady Cluttered”. If they come out with a Philly City Hall, complete with a little William Penn on top? It would sell out in the SE PA area. I’d have to have one, although the other humans in the house say no more cardboard. We just have two Kitty Blocks , which both I and the cats love, and the Infinity scratcher/lounger, plus the dual scratcher/lounger from Kat Kan. Then there’s the lounger/settee and the speed bump and….., maybe the other humans are right. Both about having enough cardboard and about my being a crazy cat lady. But that’s better than just a crazy lady! Right?

    • Tamar

      Ohhh, Philly City Hall would be cool for sure! Our cats love our Kitty Blocks too! They look super cool I think. I agree, ccl is better than just plain old crazy! LOL!

  • We think those scratchers have our names written all over them, and we have asked Mom to start saving so that we can have one for Christmas. Thanks so much for telling us about it. Mom wanted us to tell you how much she loves your apartment. And we think those cat perches are the bomb! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

    • Tamar

      Yay!! i hope you get one – they are the best. Thank your mama for me. It’s taken me a LONG WHILE to get my apartment looking the way I like it. I’m trying to live like a grown up (finally!). It’s about time!

  • jmuhj

    I could see these in internationally famous building designs. You’ve catified your house beautifully, Tamar! So glad you and your gorgeous cats are enjoying their scratcher. And very glad Mike woke up and smelled the catnip 😉

    • Tamar

      awww thank you! =^^= i love it!

  • Oh, that is SO cool! Your place is so “CAT-tastic,” Tamar. What is that arched hole in the closet behind Petie? Is there a litter box in there?

  • Jane

    Love these cat items – I’ve tweeted.

  • We love the SkyScratcher here at BlanCat! We’re also a cat product in development and have currently got a Kickstarter campaign of our own for our adorable, unique cat blanket.
    Please take a look!