My Trip To Tanzania

I’m excited to share with you two guest posts from today on Catster and Cat Wisdom 101 featuring various aspects of my trip to Tanzania Africa.

The Catster post compares “15 Ways Big Cats Are Just Like Our Little Cats,” and features some amazing photographs taken by my sister Mar Arslanian.

Catster Tamar Arslanian

And the Cat Wisdom 101 post is a Q&A about my “Big Cat Adventure in Africa” featuring photos taken by yours truly (and beautified by Layla Morgan – thanks for that!).

CatWisdom101 Tamar Arslanian

 I hope you check them out and “like” and “share.” I certainly owe you all a post of my own about my amazing trip. In the meantime I hope these will satiate your curiosity!



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8 Responses to My Trip To Tanzania

  1. martinjh99 says:

    Tamar I am jealous – Not read the articles yet but I would love to see real lions up close as they are my favourite big cats! I can see the similarities between our domestic felines and the Lions!

  2. Brian says:

    I saw you over there today. What an amazing trip and your insight made us smile!

  3. Delane says:

    Love the article! Can’t wait to red more!

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