If Cats Start Dating Online

Cats are proud and would likely think themselves perfect. But If they turned to online dating, would they make the same mistakes we do in our effort to impress? I for one think they would.

I recently wrote a post for BuzzFeed on this very topic. I hope you check it out and share (Stumble, Tweet, Pin on Pinterest Like on Facebook) if you enjoy it!

11 Cats Not to Date Online

And as always, let me know what other faux-pas (faux-paws?) you can think of they might fall prey to!

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  • jmuhj

    ROFMMTO!!! (Hey, now, remember, some very amazing guys were once frat boys)

    • Tamar

      This is true 🙂 I guess. LOL!

  • Catmother

    Oh Tamar, this is one of the most hilarious things you’ve ever written!!!! And so, so true!!! All of us that have ever attempted on-line dating know the difference between what may show on headshots and what wonders await when we see the entire picture!!! Why would those postings of a furry nature be any different???? All some prospects would want to do is show up & ply their date with unknown varities of catnip, have their way with them, and then just toss them carlessly into the litter box. Again, this is a great, awesome article. Keep them coming!!!! We adore you!!

    • Tamar

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! THANKS SO MUCH for leaving a comment! Oh, the catnip one would have been a great addition! LOL! Thanks again and please sure you share with your cat loving friends with senses of humor! LOL!

  • Rebecca

    This is AMAZING.