Who You Calling Crazy (Cat Lady)?

When most people hear the words cat lady, crazy usually implied, they don’t conjure up visions of feline femme fatales like the ones pictured below.  But they should! The time has come for cat ladies to be thought of as Crazy Sexy Cat Ladies!

Famous hot uber-young cat owners aside (aka AnnaLynne McCord) it’s thanks to folks like you who read and share this blog – and others like it – who are slowly but surely changing the way cat loving women are perceived!

Dorian Wagner, Lisa Alexander, Kira Alexis Hersch, Sara Menzies, Laura Zaccardi, Rym Ghazal

And now the folks at Pets360 are working with us to change this stereotype! They recently published my guest post The Truth Behind Cat Women featuring the six fab cat women pictured above. You’ll find they’re  beautiful – inside and out – successful – we’re talking engineer and war correspondent among others – socially well adjusted and stylish to boot!

So suck it Crazy Cat Lady and say hello to the Crazy SEXY Cat Lady! Show Pets360 we’re with them on this and go check out that guest post now!

If you are a cat owning woman (or man!), tell us which “crazy cat person” stereo type LEAST describes you and what people might be surprised to learn about you!





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  • I fully embrace Crazy Cat Lady. I refer to myself that way. I’m proud! I can’t stand it that some people think people like me are devoid of social graces, that we’re mentally unstable, and/or social outcasts.

    • victoria goforth

      hear hear crazy cat lady, i too am a crazy lady with a cat and i care not whatthe masses think of me . good for u x

    • vickie

      mee,tooo!!!proud of it!

  • Ms. Phoebe

    The stereotype of a crazy cat lady being frazzled, homely, weird, and dirty ALL fail to describe my Mom. She is not any of those things, she tries to give her best appearance, is as fastidious about cleanliness as a cat, and while she may enjoy some different things she is not weird.
    Most people are surprised to find out the petite, quiet, girlie girl they see has multiple tattoos, can swear like a sailor, and has a lot to say when it comes to the rights of women, animals, elderly/disabled, and children. My Mom is an old fashioned cat lady with a modern mind. MOL! <3

    • A big (belated) Hooray!!! To your mommy! Woot!

  • D

    I am very socially graceful and can blend in with and relate to almost any group of people. However, I don’t mind the title “Crazy Cat Lady”. I just like to say that since I only have one cat, I am extra crazy to make up for it!

    • Love it! I have three so I don’t have to try hard to get the title!

  • Well, like some “crazy cat ladies” I am shy. But I work at keeping a spotless and attractive house, and I keep myself tidy and groomed, and I can’t stand bad smells! Great post, by the way!

    • Thank you!!! Thanks for reading and commenting! Sorry for taking so long to reply!

  • Christine

    I, too, fully embrace the Crazy Cat Lady title. I used to have 12 cats by the way. Live in a very cat friendly neighborhood, I only adopted 2 cats, the rest came from the streets of my neighborhood so many were inside/outside. I’m now down to 5. Yes, I’m single and pretty much an introvert but I’m certainly not shy, work a demanding job and am well liked by co workers, friends and family. The thing that burns me is that you will see stories in the paper or on the news about wonderful people that rescue horses or dogs but a woman with more than a couple of cats…whoa Nellie…what’s wrong with her! Instead, they should be saying “wow, what a big heart she has that she can take in and care for so many cats that were on the streets”

  • I am a cat lady, but I don’t think I’m crazy. I am not a socially inept loner, either.

  • Meow trying to go viral. Please help meow: http://www.ragtimelolcat.com/

    For the lols,

  • I guess it’s better than being the “Crazy Cat Dude”

    • It depends. are you a dude? :/-

  • hhj

  • This is the best blog post EVER LOL 🙂

    • Tamar