KittyBlocks – Modern Cat Lounger/Scratcher Combo

My cats love KittyBlocks so much they’re unofficial models for the company **puffs out chest like proud parent**!

When they aren’t scratching them, they like curling up inside of them. I like the way they look and would love to get a third one so I can stack them up in triangle formation!

They’re pretty solid and according to the designer Paul Roberts should last for years. They retail for $49.00 and that includes free shipping within the US.

And just because it’s “too cute,” I had to share a photo of the Capitol Building replica and cardboard armchair Paul created for the Animal Planet Too Cute Live Kitten Cam! Squee!


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  • Do you think the maker of the Kitty Scratching Sofa might sell overseas?  My Australian cat Oscar would love it, and I could get the lounge back lol