Life With Tigers – Severed Leg Catnip Toys

“Nothing tells kitty you love her more than a severed leg.”

I had to smile when I read this on the Life With Tigers website.  I’ve long believed cats are the coolest pets exactly because they are pygmy tigers.

Life With Tigers was founded Karen Brazell, a fellow New Yorker and cat lover (with 3 cats), who started her business crafting cat dolls for humans.


Modern, Fun Catnip toys for Cats

One day a doll leg went missing only to be spotted in the mouth of a, “grey kitty walking around with the leg in her mouth, like a mountain lion who just overtook a jogger.”

Viola, severed leg catnip toys were born! And this year they’ve added a who new set of severed things to their collection, here’s just one example:

Life with Tigeres Severed Leg Catnip Toys

This year just for I HAVE CAT fans, Karen is offering 20% off all purchases from her Etsy store by using IHAVECAT at check out through December 20, 2013! Good for domestic and international orders.

So don’t dilly dally – get one for your little tiger today!  They make great gifts too!

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