10 Confessions of Single (Cat) Mom


Last month I shared 10 Embarrassing Singleton Confessions with you. Today I bring you 10 Confessions of a Single (Cat) Mom.  Here we go – please don’t judge me!

1. I worry about the lack of a male role model in their lives beyond Skemdar the super.

2. When I scoop the litter boxes I pretend I’m panning for gold.

Tamar Arslanian, I HAVE CAT

 3. I don’t wash their bowls after every meal.

4. I wish I lived with someone so each cat had a petting hand (not to mention the foster!)

5.  Not all my fur kids were planned.

6. I feed them Fancy Feast in addition to Weruva and Wellness (same rational as diet coke with fries).

7. I’ve fed Kip kibble in the bathroom with the water running so Petie wouldn’t hear.

8. I employ corporate cuddling even when they haven’t done anything wrong.

cat buffer

9. I’m an avid kitty huffer (goes hand-in-hand with #8)

My biggest confession of all, and it’s one I’ve only come clean on with myself recently…..

10. While I love all my cats equally, I like one better. Wanna take a guess? I’ll never tell!


What are your deepest cat mom and dad “sins”? This is your chance to confess and clear your conscious (and you’ll make me feel better while you’re at it!).

A huge shout-out to Ana Grupke of meow.com for turning me into a poop pan handler!  If you’re looking for a cat themed t-shirt – meow.com is the place for you! 


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36 Responses to 10 Confessions of Single (Cat) Mom

  1. My favorite is “I’ve fed Kip kibble in the bathroom with the water running so Petie wouldn’t hear.” (Priceless) And what a super photo of you “panning for gold!!!”

    I do know who your “favorite” is, but I’ll never tell.

  2. NuriaRodriguez says:

    I’ve been feeding mine raw and Felidae, but yes I do also confess I add some of the Friskies special diet urinary along with it.  I find the more natural the food, the less smelly it is, and sometimes they have to have that smelly food to get them interested. 

  3. I can never feed one without the other! 

  4. ihavecatnyc says:

    You rock – thanks for all your support as always! 🙂

  5. kaufmle says:

    #7 is hilarious!  Adorable post, Tamar!

  6. Uila says:

    I am a kitty huffer as well. And I also dont wash their bowls after every single meal.
    one more confession: One of my cats likes to knead, so sometimes i fetch him and put him on my back, just to be “massaged”. lol

  7. Rena Henderson says:

    Yep, #7 rings a bell. I, too, adore all four of my cats, but have to confess . . . there is just something about those big, hunky boy cats that makes my heart melt even more. 

  8. LOL thanks for reframing litter scooping into a positive spin. That’s a million $ idea!

  9. he he he.. thank you for the linkup on the kitty huffing.  I read the confession and I wondered what you might have linked to – since I love kitten huffing and LOVE to see examples of it.. I was so totally tickled to see you linked to me 🙂

    and there are quite a few flavors of FF that aren’t ‘junk food’.. actually all of their ‘loaf’ or ‘pate’ forms (actually I think they call it classic now) are pretty good  it is once you start getting into all the chunks and bits and gravy (and garden greens) that they start becoming ‘kitty crack’  (sorry, I can’t help myself) 

    and #4 is never ever ever gonna happen at my house.. well at least with out a major tragedy that sends me off to the mental funny farm anyway.. 

    • I HAVE CAT says:

      How could I resist! Loved your post! LOL! Figures MY guys like the chunks and bits with gravy as far as Fancy Feast! LOL! 
      Very funny re: #4! LOL

  10. AmyEddie says:

    Here are my confessions:
    1. I have names picked out already for future furbabies.
    2. I have facebook pages for my furbabies.
    3. I am guilty of having my cat get married this summer. I went so far as to have them elope and made a photo album of their marriage.
    4, I have a whole dresser(small) filled with cat collars and dog sweaters. I change their collars often.
    5.I secretly wish they would learn to clean their own litterboxes. And often dream of the day I win the lottery I will hire someone to do this job.
    6. I can’t sleep without a furbaby in the bed with me.
    7. I, too, am guilty of loving one furbaby the best. She has stolen my heart.
    8. I place my furbabies before my boyfriend on the love scale.
    9. I could easily slip into cat hoarding tendencies.
    10. If my cat (the one I secretly love best) was a man we would be married.

  11. Judy Jacobs says:

    I don’t wash my cats bowls after every meal either. I mean, they eat each others vomit, for Christ sake, how much worse can a dirty bowl be?
    And, I love one cat better than the others too. Not ashamed to admit it cause he knows what Mama likes. 😎

  12. Judy Jacobs says:

    I don’t wash my cat’s bowls after every meal either. I mean, come on, they eat each others’ vomit. How much worse can a dirty bowl be? And, I also love one kitty more than the others and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It’s because he knows what Mama likes and he’s an excellent manipulator. 

  13. smashleyx0 says:

    I LOVE this post! I must admit, I am guilty of a few from this list. I also have a favorite, but if anyone asks I just smile and shake my head 🙂

  14. Tanya Labeck says:

    1) I feed the girl cat first when the boy cat annoys me. I give her a full scoop and him a half scoop when he’s especially annoying. They’re supposed to both get half scoops because they’re chunky….

    2) When the fights break out, I always side with the girl cat. But I know that she probably instigated it, so after I reprimand him and put her on the bed in the bedroom, I close the door and apologize to him for yelling.

    3) My husband’s in the army. I can sleep okay when he’s on active duty, but I can’t sleep when I’m in a hotel or visiting friends and I’m without the furry “kids”

    4) I quit my job once and tried to make a living off of making cat toys. I thought it was my dream job. It wasn’t.

    5) I am 29 weeks pregnant and I’ve only half set up the nursery so that the cats can continue to play in the cat boxes. (I also am feeling extremely guilty about not being able to scoop their litter and apologize every time they give me the eyes when they come out of the box)

    6) Sometimes I put treats on my back in hopes of getting a massage that will last longer than 15 seconds or without nails.

    7) My cats groom me sometimes when I’m sleeping and while it’s kind of gross, I also feel like it’s endearing and makes me feel loved because they accept me as part of their clan.

    8) Every time I have a bad day, I blow raspberries into their furry bellies and it makes everything better. Sometimes I blow so many raspberries, when I finally put them down, they run and hide. (Although, please note, the boy cat is much more tolerant)

  15. My sin is just one:
    I still love all the kitties that have been a part of my life and have gone away. I always will do. My current kitties doesn’t know that they are sharing my heart with a big bunch of furry friends! 
    Well, to be honest, there’s another sin: I’m a happy servant of them! And they now they rule me… ^^

  16. Kristine says:

    Love the confessions! You are definitely in good company. I am definitely guilty of corporal cuddling. My cat is very unaffectionate but I will pick him up and hug him all the time until he growls at me to put him down. I like to think I am wearing him down and that he secretly likes it but I am probably fooling myself.

  17. 1.  I kiss one of my kitties on the lips, because he lets me
    2.  I have been known to tell my husband it’s his turn to do “box duty” when I know it’s really mine
    3.  I am coveting an adoptable cat from his picture and story online, and even though I told my husband I would never just bring another one home without discussing it first… I am THIS close
    4.  I love snorfling a nice floofy belly

  18. Cole Cat says:

    What great confessions! We’ll never tell!

  19. Misaa Ayoub says:

    Love this!  Great post Tamar!

  20. That is a very interesting list. I have to say that I am guitly of many of them too. Except when I scoop their litter boxes, I pretend that I have an oxygen mask on.lol

  21. Leslie Curry says:

     I’m with you on all of those! Confession 11: I have a different voice for all my cats, even the fosters. Confession 12: If they wake me up, I make them do a cat dance – I hold them standing, and flop their arms around while I sing a little ditty. True story.

  22. Leslie Curry says:

     I’m with you on all of those! Confession 11: I have a different voice for all my cats, even the fosters. Confession 12: If they wake me up, I make them do a cat dance – I hold them standing, and flop their arms around while I sing a little ditty. True story.

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