We Are Safe. Cold, But Safe!

I’m overwhelmed by all the people checking in with me (and the kitties) over the past few days.  Just wanted to let everyone know that my sister, Mom, Dad and I – along with our respective furry family members – are all safe.

No power so we are a bit chilly, but feeling grateful on so many levels (a special shout-out to my friend Jessica who’s been letting me take hot showers at her place!).

I’m only slowly beginning to see and understand the devastation left in Sandy’s wake. Not having had power has protected me from the images of mass destruction and tremendous loss.

So much for kitties being intuitive. Mine have been rather clueless, acting normally before, during and after the hurricane.  What they were thrown by however, was the Pioneer Pet water fountain not flowing per usual. Not sure they recognized the still water as being something they could – or should – drink.

Sir Petie seems to think he can con me into giving him more food by sitting next to his food bowl in the dark looking all pathetic. No dice buddy.

I’m hunkered down at the ACE hotel with a bunch of displaced hipsters trying to look like I belong here so I can use their wifi and have coffee in the morning. Will keep you all updated as I can.

The hope is to have power by tomorrow. Come on ConEd! You can do it!

NOTE: For those of you interested in the Imperial Chair and Ottoman Petie is engulfing above, you can purchase it for $55 (it comes in a variety of “finishes”). Pretty good deal given the size and quality (not to mention stylishness!).

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  • catchatcaren

    sooooo glad you are all safe and your upbeat manner is not only one of my favorite things about you but you are to be highly commended for it! ((((hugs)))))))

  • That is a cool chair. I am so glad you are safe and sound. So scary watching it on TV.

  • We’re so happy to hear you are safe and sound. You are right, it’s probably a blessing you’ve not been able to see the destruction on TV. (((purrs))) to you and to everyone who is left hurting in the wake of Sandy.
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  • maybe your kitties aren’t as un-intuitive as you might thing.  I mean they are safe and they have food, what is to be upset about?  The feral kitties on the Jersey shore have all come back and survived the storm just fine.  

    • ihavecatnyc

      Touche. Touche.

  • The disruption has been horrific and I’ve become addicted to the news programmes.  More than 90 dead in the US alone – it’s horrific.  We were all so glad to see your first post-Sandy post on FB.  All my NY friends now safe and accounted for although one without power until at least 11th November 🙁

  • So glad you’re well and that Petie & Co are doing fine. It’s hard to fathom not only the destruction but the massive undertaking ahead to clean & repair…. Our thought are with all east coasters as you guys dig out.

    • Thanks Lisa! sorry for my very belated response! I like that “Petie & Co”! LOL!!

  • powellrhonda_8

    We have seen your posts on FB, and we are glad you are all safe.  We are even more glad you have found a place to check in and it looks like it has some electricity so you can be warm there?  Let us know if extra blankets are needed!  😉

  • So glad to hear you’re well! I didn’t think you were in one of the hardest-hit areas but being without power and with the city being all upside down life has to be strange. I’m glad you couldn’t see the destruction as it happened. It looked like the world was ending, being that close it would have been totally frightening.

  • So glad you are safe! I will have my fingers crossed that power returns for everyone by tomorrow. There has been enough stress for one week!

  • Glad to hear that you all are safe !
    Hope the power will come back soon !

  • Love Petie’s new THRONE!, Quite chic!!! He’s such a con artist too…but you’re better at it! LOL.
    Glad EVERYONE is well. Yes, prayers we have electricity tonight. And I’d love AT&T to get it together
    so I can have cell service at home!!!!

  • Hang in there youze guyz!  Snuggle up tight!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  • I am really glad to read you are ok! Even if without energy.

    PS: how could you resist petie there aiting for food? so adorable!

  • I am glad you and the kitties are okay! And that you are managing to keep your phone charged. 😉

  • Texas, a Cat in New York

    Glad to read you are safe and sound. Sending you lots of purrs!

  • I’m so happy you guys are all right. Here everything’s fine as well. We didn’t lose power. I guess we were lucky.

  • Yup. Petie looks like a cat who enjoys a little something to eat now and then.

  • Kevin Hattori

    Tamar, sorry we are so late in getting here!  We’re glad you are safe, and hope, purr and pray that your power has been restored.  Be safe and well.

    • Thanks so much Kevin! Talk about being late – look how long it took ME to respond to your comment!

  • Diane Albergo

    My neighbor Liane and her kitty Holly Golightly, just moved back home to Long Beach. Her house was destroyed by Sandy but her spirit was kept a little brighter because of her cat Holly. I’m going to tell her about your blog. Be well!

    • I love that her kitty’s name is Holly Golightly. I’m so sorry that her home was destroyed but so happy she and Holly were saved and helped keep each other’s spirits up! Thanks so much Diane for visiting and leaving a comment 🙂 Means a lot!

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