I Kissed a Pig. And I Liked It.


Okay, technically it was nose-to-snout but I’m calling it.

I can’t say it for certain, but I have to imagine this is exactly what I looked the first time I came face-to-face with a farm animal some three plus decades ago.

purina farms petting zoo, Saint Louis, MO

If you’d met me five years ago, you’d know me as a pig-lover of another kind. Suffice to say the existence of dark-chocolate-covered-bacon more than excited me. But after learning pigs have the intelligence of a three year old (human), I had to stop eating them.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying three year olds are particularly smart or anything, just that I wouldn’t eat one.

So when I had a chance to eat meet piggies recently during my visit to Purina Farms with a few other lucky bloggers, I couldn’t resist.

And the cow? The pre-teens visiting with grandparents didn’t stand a chance. That nanosecond of hesitation – when a volunteer was called for – was I needed to seal my fate as guest milker. I’ve never been accused of being shy.

Lucky for me, grandpa had some sage advice I approached the massive mammary glands. “Be sure to warm up those hands!” 

Yup, that’s what he said alright.  #youcantmakethisshitup.

Special thanks to fellow cat bloggers Dorian (Your Daily Cute) and Stephanie (Catsparella) who I think took these pics. And no, I had not been drinking.

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  • My human missed the farm animals somehow. Which is just as well – she probably would have come home wanting one!

    • I think she had to leave to the airport before me and we got to do it after that. Don’t feel bad, lots of people missed it. It was kindda spur of the moment last minute while we were waiting for our lifts!

  • Rebecca

    LOVE this post! After seeing the movie Babe, I gave up eating four-legged foods forever!
    I so love the expression on your face after the smooch! Pure bliss!

    • THANKS! I haven’t seen BABE! I love my expression too…pure bliss for sure 🙂

  • Glogirly is SOOOOO jealous!!! She has been a piggy lover since she was a little girl! She still has the first stuffed pig that Santa brought her when she was 6. It’s been love ever since. Those photos are adorable…and your expression just makes us beam!!!
    Katie & Glogirly

  • What a fun opportunity! Pigs are crazy intelligent. In fact, I know someone locally who once trained her pig to perform in flyball, typically a dog-only sport.
    Grandpa sounds very wise.

  • Dorothy Abernathy

    Twenty years ago, on November 2 to be exact, a pot-bellied piglet became a member of our family. My mother, who grew up on a farm, was turning fifty and had been reading about miniature pot-bellied pigs. They were the newest pet and wanting to get her a gift she’d never forget, well it seemed like a good idea at the time. Hillary was pot-bellied, but not miniature. She weighted in at 330+ pounds by her first birthday. I’d argue her being as smart as a human 3 year old though. Hillary was more like a 16 year old. Although she’d been a gift for my mom, she was madly in love with my step-father. She was very jealous of any other women that took his attention away from her. She would poop in my bedroom whenever she felt he was spending too much time with me. It didn’t matter that he was working on my car, i was interfering. They ate breakfast together in the morning and shared a beer and popcorn during sporting events. Pigs are wonderful family members as long as you know what you’re getting into. Pigs get very attached to one person. When my step-father died suddenly, Hillary was inconsolable. For months she looked for him, charging people as she realized it wasn’t him coming through the door. After six months of steadily declining behavior, her Vet suggested we try moving her to a farm that has many pot-bellied pigs, where she would have company of other pigs. This was a sanctuary for the pot-bellied pigs so many got without knowing what they were getting into. She lived out her life quite happily, eventually moving on to a male pig companion. If everyone had to spend a few weeks living with a pig they would eat much less pork. I shouldn’t have taken up so much of your space but seeing your delight over meeting the pigs reminded me of the fun we had introducing new people to our family pets. More than one tough guy jumped when Hillary entered the room.

    • I agree with you re: if people understood how smart they were and actually met a pig they wouldn’t wanna eat it…..so sad about Hillary when your step dad passed…it’s true they have a very high emotional intelligence. I must know though – did they realize they weren’t getting a miniature? LOL! I love that she found a man in her own species finally 🙂

  • Jobi

    It sure looks like you had a lot of fun. What a great adventure!

    • Tamar

      that’s a great word for it. an adventure it was!

    • Well said! it really was. Thanks 🙂

  • jmuhj

    Good on you, Tamar. Cats have to. WE DON’T. 😉

  • That’s one serious invisible stool! I’d have raced you for the chance to milk, though!!

    • Tamar

      lol! i like your style 🙂

    • lol! i didn’t realize how silly i was til i saw the photo! i had to skooch down lol!

  • Not only are pigs very smart, they’re also treated disgustingly cruelly in sow stalls – we currently have a campaign here in Australia to abolish this disgraceful practice once and for all and I hope we succeed. Some supermarket chains have already promised that their pig and chicken products will be sow stall/battery hen free by the end of the year which is amazing!
    If you’re going to eat meat (which I don’t), please, at the very least, don’t support animal torture – buy free range!