Reason #101 For Becoming a Cat Foster: It Could Save Your Life


If you needed yet another reason to be a cat foster Mom or Dad, here you go. Having a foster cat can save your life. Or as Gothomist rather crassly put it, “There are some heroic pussies out there doing their darndest to save the humans from themselves.”

That’s exactly what City Critter foster cat Nino (a black cat I might add) did for his foster Mom Claudia D’Argenio this past Wednesday.

foster cat saves lives

Nino the hero kitty is still up for adoption in NYC, just email if you want to make this sweet dude your forever cat.


Four year-old Nino, recently rescued from Animal “Care” and Control death row, had been in his foster home for less than two weeks. A normally quiet kitty, Nino’s frantic meowing alerted Claudia to the fire in her Murray Hill neighbor’s apartment.

Thanks to Nino, who had sensed the fire before the alarms sounded, Claudia called 911 and everyone made it out safely.

city critters foster saves lives

Foster Mom Claudia D’Argenio hugging here hero Nino


As a City Critters foster it’s no surprise to me that Nino acted so bravely. Have I mentioned that not only “failed foster” Haddie but all of my cats were City Critter rescues? Nino comes from good stock.

Claudia is unable to adopt Nino at this time. So if you’d like to have a hero for a cat,


The New York City 501 (c)(3) has been in operation since 1994 and is 100% run by volunteers. With no physical shelter, the group relies on foster homes to board all rescued cats.  If you’re interested in helping out by being a foster Mom or Dad (the more foster homes the more kitties get to live!) just email

You can also help the organization by supporting them in the upcoming Strut Your Mutt event during which they hope to raise $7,500 in funds to pay for vet and other rescue-related costs.

Be sure to friend City Critters on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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  • Fabulous! What a hero!!

    I posted it on with an “Adopt me” bagde. Foster people can blog about their pets available for adoption at Taildom and try to find them a home, showing how cute they are. The Adopt Me badge is the cherry on top. 🙂

    • ihavecatnyc

      Love it thx!! I need to explore the Taildom platform!!

  • jmuhj

    Admirer of City Critters and very, very grateful for their existence. So glad to hear your little heroes are alumni! and hoping gorgeous Nino is soon lounging in his loving, forever home, which will be fortunate indeed to be protected by him!

    • ihavecatnyc

      I hope so too! Go Nino!!!

  • Thanks for this – we kitties do not get enough credit for our abilities!

    • So very true Sparkle! Thanks so much for visiting us! 🙂

  • Texas, a Cat in New York

    Wonderful story demonstrating the potential of the kitty-human relationship =^.^=

  • So special. Thank you for pulling him. So wish they all could be saved. So many beautiful & deserving souls.