Maru + Uniqlo = Fashionably Plump Japanese Coupling


Maru‘s career continues to develop as the incredibly adorable and plump internet star moves on from hawking cat litter*, to teaming up with Japanese label Uniqlo to announce the brand’s arrival to San Francisco.

To celebrate the new store openings, everyone is invited to play “Lucky Cube,” an online game in which Maru picks a special prize for each player. If you live in the San Fran area, you could win an item of clothing or a ride in the Uniqlo blimp. But don’t worry, out-of -towners can play for a prize too.

I was wondering if they’d actually gotten Maru to pack-up and fly over the Pacific Ocean. It turns out his owner (servant) borrowed a camera and shot the video, in which “Maru is a navigator of the game,” herself.

It looks Maru was as intrigued by the white seamless backdrop as the red boxes.

In looking up information for this post I was momentarily excited to learn of a “Maru,” a karaoke lounge in New York City. While visitors are encouraged to “shine like a star,” sadly the lounge makes no mention of the famous Scottish Fold – or any cat for that matter.

The branding looks a bit familiar though don’t you think (Uniqlo maybe?).

And of course there’s a “behind the scenes” making of the commercial video. I particularly like second 13 where he’s on his back chilling. I’m still amazing at how spotless the apartment is – what’s her trick?!

 * Has anyone tried finding Maru’s Fresh Step video lately? Looks like it’s been removed?!

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  • annameow

    Wow, I’ve never seen a cat with claws not be able to scratch through paper. Is that some breed characteristic? My Purrl would have had that back drop shredded in a NY minute. I love that living space too…it’s feng shuied to the max. As always…*SQUEE*

    • ihavecatnyc

      oh wait. i know.

  • Would be fun for Maru to be at the Uniqlo SF opening – I have adored him for a long time and would love to give him snuggles. Too bad cats don’t always travel well… 🙂

  • jmuhj

    We’re huge Maru fans. If he was anywhere near me, I’d be sure to wear my big coat. You know, the one with the BIG pockets. 😉

    • Tamar Arslanian


  • My goodness, Maru is so cute! These guys are gonna have a grand opening! 🙂

  • Texas A Cat in New York

    It looks like the selling power of kitties is used more and more these days. Hopefully it will be helpful in having more kitties finding furrever home!

  • Layla Morgan Wilde

    Hmmm, I love Maru and UniQlo but together it’s an odd fit. The first think I think of is cat hair on clothing but no one asked me to be in their focus group 😉 Still it confirms:cats rule the world!

    • ihavecatnyc

      YOU WOULD THINK OF THAT! ha! Does make sense though!

  • lisaB

    This. is. awesome. Love Maru! marketing folks are brilliant – what an amusing promo!