Born in the U.S.A!

What could be better in honor of the 4th of July than a ridiculously cute foster kitten sporting red-white-and-blue-flair? Nothing.But coming in at second place, a celebration of all the cat stuff the New World has to offer!

4th of July Kitten

When I first decided to write a post dedicated to cat related products made and assembled in the U.S.A., I worried my choices would be limited (I do have standards after all). Thankfully my concerns were beyond misplaced.

Kudos to the companies listed below, for making the extra effort to craft their wares in our country – and in some cases the great state of New York! Book mark this page now people!

ModernCat Modkickers, Sweet Pickles collars, West Paw DesignsAbove from left to right, going clockwise (that’s to your right btw): Sweet Pickles Designs collar (run by a staff of 3 very busy people in Portland, OR), Moderncat Studio (Phoenix, AZ) felt roller cat toys & catnip ModKickers and Shakers and the Eco-Friendly ”Mouse” Organic Catnip Toy by West Paw Designs.

I was super impressed by the cat and dog feeder company Coburns Exclusive based out of Nashville, TN (below). I’d be proud to display these fine modern cat feeders in my apartment (hint hint!).

Coburns Exclusive When asked where their products are manufactured, Coburn Gullen him(?)self replied, “All made in-house by an American! Long Live our Furry Friends.”  To sweeten the pot, you can save 15% on ALL purchase for the next 48 hours! Just enter FURRYFOURTH at check out!

Below, from left to right you’ll find:
brought to you by Whisker Studio
. I’d be remiss not to mention the stylish, cat-approved scratcher from our very own Kate Benjamin of Modern Cat Studio (P.S. she was on last Sunday’s episode of “My Cat From Hell!” with Jackson Galaxy!). And last but not least (lower right), the Ultimate Cat Scratch Loungers from Brawny Cat.

One of my personal favorites from a personal aesthetic though I’ve yet to review their products in real life ***cries inwardly***, is ModPet based out of Queens, NY (below).  In addition to their Jetson-like food bowls, their mini sofas and chaise lounges take the cake!

Pet Products Made In The USA

What about things for humans (2-legged) you say? Fear not. We’ve got Made in the USA cat t-shirts. Personally, I’ve never succeeded in incorporating the printed t-shirt into my repertoire. I think it must be a lack of appropriate shoes? Regardless, we’ve got the perfect MADE IN THE USA round-up for you!

First up, cat t-shirts with an array of styles and slogans (two examples below).  And, from now through July 11th, you’ll get  20% OFF on all clothing items (including SALE items!) by entering “USA” at check out!

Real Men Love Cats t-shirt
MORE t-shirts you say?!What about the unconventional collection below. Clockwise from left to right: Cookie the Tortie, by Bernadette Kazmarski, Real Men Love Cats (only men’s t-shirts are made in the U.S.A. at this time), Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure ( and I Got Another Whale  (

Bernadette E. Kazmarski, The Conscious Cat , Portraits of Cats

Okay guys, hope you enjoyed this “Made in the USA” post and file it away for reference down the road. Let me know of other cat products born domestically not included here and I’ll look into them!


If you haven’t voted for my handsome first “born” Kipper yet, please do take a moment to do so. He’s competing against DOGS, all in the name of fundraising for the NY Humane Society. Voting instructions:  Click this link to vote for Kip, “Like” the page, scroll down and hit “friend” and you should see a sepia-tone old-timey photo of him! 


On another note, did you know today is Pimp – from Your Daily Cute‘s – Birthday! He’s THIRTEEN! I have no clue how many human years that is – do you? Just for fun, here are photos of Pimp and Moo from last year’s celebration! HAPPY BDAY BOYS! Mwah from NYC!

4th of July Cat

Cat in Hat

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  • Tamar, thanks for the shout-out for The Goddess tee! I’m preparing links to send out for today, happy happy!

    • yay! glad you liked it! so many great things made in the USA! 

  • Brilliant idea!!! Simply brilliant! HAPPY 4TH!

  • Susan

    Adorable! Happy 4th to you and your kitties!

    • Thank you thank you! Likewise! Thanks for visiting and posting! 

    • THANK YOU! Hope you had a good one! 

  • Hi Tamar, do you have an email? I couldn’t find any contact info on your blog.
    Great blog – really smart and funny!


    • yes i do! ihavecat(at)gmail(dot) com! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! I’ll look out for your email!

  • Jmuhjacat

    LOVE that little tyke in his colorful collar!  And we’re huge fans of ModernCat products.  May the handsomest striped tigret win 😉 and we’d love to find a man to fill that T-shirt.

    • I know right? soooo cute! The woman who took her photo is a foster mom and says that’s what the kittens have to endure in exchange for being fostered – they are forced models! LOL 

    • I know right? TOO CUTE! Me too re: the t-shirt filling! 

  • yay! glad you liked it! so many great things made in the USA! 

  • Poohny7

    OMG!!!  Pimp and Moo look so cute!!!

  • meowmeowmans

    OMC.  What great stuff, and all made in the USA.  Very cool!

    Happy Independence Day, T.

    • Glad you like it! BE sure to bookmark it! 

  • Great information!  Happy Fourth of July!

  • Look at ALL that cool stuff!!!
    I’m making my shopping list just as soon as I have another piece of salmon. (salmon always comes first)
    And guess what??? We gave you an award today! xo,Katie & Glogirly

  • Marilia Bavaresco

    I hope your Independence Day has been fun!!!

    • hot and lazy..i guess that’s fun in it’s own way?! 🙂

  • Oh! Thanks for all the links! ***purring*** Gotta show this to my human!

  • Thank you so much for including our All American Collar in this amazing collection. Pickles already put together a shopping list of her favorites for me to pick up…

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