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I’ve long wanted to write a “Best of I Have Cat” post, and since I can’t  fall asleep now seems as good a time as any!

So whether you’re a long-time reader or a brand new fan, I hope you enjoy taking a (second) look at the 5 IHC posts with the most traffic since our redesign a little over a year ago.*

1) 11 Tips for a Safe & Stylish Kitty Home: Seven years and three cats in, I’m still learning ways to keep my brood safe while keeping a fashion-forward (and hopefully guy-friendly apartment). In this post I share some of the life and sanity saving tips.

2) Capturing Cats: Simple ways to improve your pet pics without the need for fancy equipment.

3) Cat Versus Human: My interview of the creative, funny and hip cat woman Yasmine Surovec who recently published her first book!

Cat Versus Human

4) 10 Ways Cats Are Like (Furless) Kids: I think this one speaks for itself.

My sister’s cat Birdie apologizing to me.


5) Interview: John Fulton of Must Love Cats: Like the title says 🙂

*Sadly I have no way of knowing the all time most popular posts of all time


And because I found it amusing, a few images that popped up on Google images when i searched “Best Of.”

Image accompanying some random Canadian’s “Best Of” list (okeeee!)

“Best Of” overly attached girlfriend (ha!)

Best Nightclub in Denmark (can’t include link as it very likely not safe for work)

And the most confusing and random “Best Of” photo from the first page of Google images, BARIHUNKS BEST OF 2011, from a blog dedicated to the best Baritone Hunks. At first I was afraid to post a link to it!


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