The (Cat) Men of I HAVE CAT


Coming off the heels of Fathers Day, I thought it would be fun to share photos of I HAVE CAT Cat Dads and their fur-babies courtesy of our Facebook page.  And we’re giving away a hard copy of  Cat Daddy,” the book by ultimate Cat Dad, Jackson Galaxy. Read on for details!

First up, United States Marine Corps Lance Corporal Chou with Momcat. Nothing beats a man in uniform with a cat!  Keep your eyes peeled as this kitty loving Marine will be featured are our next Cat Man Monday!

Dan from Australia snoozing with baby Ollie (squeeee). No stranger to IHC, he’s been a featured Cat Man so be sure to check out his post!

Jeddah with the daddy who rescued her from a town of the same name in Saudia Arabia. Read all about their adventure on Catster.

 Ashley Kirk’s fiance with Bentley during a post-work love session. Just look at how they are gazing at each other so lovingly!

Katie and Dad Gloman checking out squirrel photography (though Gloman might be asleep, it’s hard to tell!).

man and cat watching squirrel

Though Sammy lost his battle with FIP in 2008, his daddy thinks and talks of him often. Sleeping is certainly one thing men share with their cats!

 Our Twitter friend @cesg shared this photo of Kit looking up at her daddy   – so sweet!

Velvet the “house panther” with her dad who is so unfazed he doesn’t break eye contact with his phone!

Elphaba tandem napping with dad – now that’s talent!

This is only the tip of the iceberg, if this post is popular I may have to make it a regular column! We need a “single-cat-man-in-the-city” feature is what I think!

And last but certainly NOT least. Win the original Cat Daddy’s book “Cat Daddy”!  I’m personally willing to pay shipping so this giveaway is open to EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD (as long as you can get mail delivered!).

To enter, leave a comment telling us about a cat man in your life. Or if your life is sadly cat-man-free (as is mine) tell us which of today’s photos is your fav!

One comment/entry per household please! Leave your comment by 5pm EST Sunday June  24th to qualify!


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  • I like all the pics but I’ll go with the Marine pic. Cool that a big bad tough Marine can show his soft side.

  • I would definitely love this to be a regular feature on your blog!

    My fiancé,Jacques,was a total dog person when we began dating,but since I have always been a big lover of cats,it started rubbing off on him too.When we moved in together in 2008,we got our first kitten,Maya,together.She’s unfortunately passed away since then,but her little life on earth,cemented Jacques’ love for cats.At his insistence we have to date adopted 4 very adorable,unique cats and share our apartment with them (or more like they share it with us 😉

    My soon-to-be husband is now even more cat crazy than I am,and would probably keep rescueing more cats if I don’t restrain him (he’s already eyeing a brother/sister pair we know that is in need of a home).

  • Phoenixtl

    No Cat Daddies in my life, but I love all the pictures. I was particularly touched by Sammy’s handsome face.

  • redsoxgirl5

    Currently no cat daddies in my life.  My brother-in-law and nephews, however, have been trained very well by the cats in their lives – Oreo & Smores.  Of the pictures above, there were so many great pictures it was hard to choose but  picture of Ashley Kirk’s fiance with Bentley would win my vote.  Love the look – that moment of love caught by the camera forever. 

  • The cat man in my life, Brian, is pictured above with “his” Bentley. I don’t think Brian was ever a cat person before he met me. When we moved in together back in 2008, I begged and begged for a kitty. I felt so lonely when he was at work and I desperately wanted a cat to keep me company. Eventually he gave in to my pleads and said I could have a cat. That very day I brought home our first cat, Chloe. Fast forward several years and several more cats (oops!) and you can see in the picture of Brian and Bentley, they share a special bond. He talks to the cats in that cute voice we all use when we talk to our cats. He helped bottle feed three tiny kittens I rescued (and somehow agreed to keeping them). He even got excited the other day when he found refrigerated cat food at Kroger and thought it would be a special treat for the kitties. I suppose I’ve turned him into the cat man that he is today, and we wouldn’t have things any other way!

    • Oh, and in regards to the single cat man feature..I actually know a man (30 something) from my gym who not only is single but has..wait for it..THREE CATS! One of the cats happens to be the brother to my three kittens I rescued.

  • COOL!!!!!   Although Gloman would probably not appreciate being called “DAD.”  He’s kinda funny that way. He probably thinks it’s not manly enough. heh heh…  

    Oh, and he is awake! …he was scrolling through wildlife pictures on his favorite photography forum.  That’s what cats and, uh….Dads… do.

    xo Katie

  • Finny Buddy & Jazzy

    The cat man in my life is my Dad. The cat-loving gene is known in our family to have come from my Irish mom and her ancestors, all cat lovers too. But my Dad has become quite attached to many of the cats we’ve had – little timid females melt for him! He has a very soft quiet demeanor for a big man, so I guess they pick up on that and are drawn to him. I posted a picture on the I Have Cat facebook page of him with one of my current cats, Finnegan, who Dad also loves.


  • Patty

    Of course I am a bit prejudiced… but my favorite is of our Sammy and my husband Michael napping. Sammy was the first cat Michael ever had. He found him in the dumpster outside his work place and took him home. That was about the time I first met Michael. Eventually he and Sammy moved in with us and he became my baby too- but was always Daddy’s boy. It was funny to see them riding in the truck together. Sammy on his lap looking out the window. Even though we now share our home with our 2 dogs, 3 cats, and for now my daughter’s 3 cats since she moved back home… Sammy will never ever be forgotten and we will always miss him! 

  • Moggie C.

    I like the first photo, as the cat man in my life is in the Air Force 🙂

    My shyest cat, who normally takes a few days to warm up to new people (including me when I first adopted her) took to him immediately. She’s normally scared of men, but she loves him to bits. I’d say that’s definitely a sign!

  • I love the photos, and the connected stories! I don’t have any cat men in my household, but many in my life among family, friends and commissioned portrait families. They are everywhere! I already have the book, so don’t enter me, let someone else win it! And I agree with a few other commenters, a guy in uniform with a cat is definitely the best!

  • Sbanick

    Short on cat men at the moment…but I think my favorite shot is the one of Velvet the House Panther.

  • Skogitta

    Nothing more attractive than a cat man, right? Well, I was introduced by my cat man to the love of cats. He made me the cat girl I am today. And I am so thankful for that.

    • CONGRATS! You won a copy of Jackson’s book! Please email me at ihavecat(at) so i can send it to you!

  • Aww.. Thanks for posting Kit and her Daddy.. she sure does love him so.

  • Nitegracee

    When our rescue kitten, Teodor Katbluskee, needed $2800 eye surgery because he was born with major congenital defects, I didn’t see how we could possibly do it. My husband, MY Cat Man, said that he didn’t care what it cost, we were going to save this precious baby. So, Teodor had his surgery, and multiple exams thereafter at $80 a pop! Hubby calls him the million dollar cat! That was 8 yrs ago and Teodor sees fairly well and gets annual check ups by his ophthalmologist. Thank God my man loved this kitty as much as I, because we’ve been blessed by this dear feline companion in so many ways. 

  • We imagine a world where all men will be cat men! I didn’t know you were looking for cat men pics. I have the best cat daddy at home.

  • Rats, I keep meaning to send you a cat man pic…and keep forgetting! These are great (but I agree, nothing like a cat man in uniform)!!

  • Jmuhjacat

    All of the men on both sides of my family, going back through the mists of time, have always been catmen (that I know of), loving, feeding, and rescuing felines.  My dad was the first catman in my life, of course, and he taught me compassion and kindness, inspired me to grow up in his proverbial footsteps, and inculcated the love of all things Feline in me.  I owe him a great debt of gratitude for having done so.  <3

  • My husband was a self proclaimed dog person when we met, but after we got our cat Birdie he became a cat person too :-). Whenever Birdie hears that he’s home she excitedly jumps out of bed and runs down to greet him. 

  • sharon

    The only “cat man” in my life is my dad. He was a dog lover and still is…but now he likes cats too.  This occurred after I moved home initially with my 2 adult cats and since then, I brought Gracie- the Puerto Rico rescue kitty – into his life…and he’s hooked.  Those cats have my dad wrapped around their little paws! 

    As for the photos…I love the military guy with the kitty.  When I think of military men, I don’t necessarily consider them to be cat fans.  It’s always touching to see because it’s less expected.  There something very touching about tough men in uniform showing compassion or love for a feline when it’s usually dogs. 

  • soniamend

    My boyfriend used to be a dog person, but now that we have Gotchi living with us, I think he loves cats as much as he loves dogs. Why wouldn’t he, right? 🙂

  • The cat man in my life is my boyfriend of 7 years! We live together in a small apartment with one little 2 year-old gray tabby kitty, Zuck. Zuck is my boyfriends first pet, and they are amazing together. I was very impressed by how much he learned about cats within the first few months of adopting our kitty. They understand each other very well, and is so cute to watch them play games and “talk” to each other! However, after a recent change in my boyfriend’s schedule, Zuck has been developing and showing several less than ideal “alpha cat” characteristics. He will jump up in your lap, expecting to be petted only to grow tired of it after a moment and then start biting to show his displeasure. He will hide and stalk us until we walk past and then he will leap out and bite our ankles before running off to hide again. We give him plenty of attention/playtime and he has enough toys to entertain him forever yet if we stop playing with him for one moment, he will meow and meow and meow until he gets our attention again! If my boyfriend works from home one day, Zuck will jump up the back of his chair and scratch and bite him and push him out of his seat until he surrenders the chair. If he tries to remove him, Zuck will respond by warning him with hisses and paw-swatting. We would most definitely LOVE a copy of this book so that we can read up on how to better understand and accommodate our sometimes-snuggley/sometimes-naughty little boy!

  • Sarah Menzies

    You know all about the cat man in my life, he’s second from the top 😉

    Will work on a Cat Man Monday DAD post for you soon! xo

  • Ronnie


    So my favorite picture is Elphaba and her daddy, or as I
    like to call him my husband Kareem.  When
    we meet eight years ago he had never had a pet before.  I however had a 16 pound Maine Coon named Meeks
    and informed him the cat wasn’t going anywhere. 
    When Meeks passed away five years after that we were both crushed, what
    made matters worse was Kareem had gone back to school and moved an hour away.  I was alone and miserable without anyone at
    home waiting for me.  I knew I could
    never replace my kitty but I didn’t want to be alone.

    When Kareem came home for the weekend we went to a shelter
    and looked at a lot of kitties, we decided that we would get two and we had a
    list.  He went back to school for the
    week with us still talking about which cats would be the best fit for us.  This is a lifetime commitment after all and
    he took it very seriously even looking into what breeds had what traits and
    would fit our lifestyle.  Now I come from
    a long line of cat people so my folks and sister wanted to take a look at the
    cats.  We ended up at the shelter so I
    could show them the cats on the list.

    At some point I sat on the bench in the big playroom and that’s
    when I met Elphaba, she jumped on my lap and refused to get off.  I tried to explain to her she wasn’t on the
    list however there was no way she was letting me leave without her.  The shelter lady was very confused when I
    brought her the cat and told her that I wanted her.  She didn’t know where this mystery cat had come
    from and had no records on her.  She took
    the cat to check her out and told me she’d call me the next day.  The next day when she did call she informed
    me that Elphaba tested positive for FeLV. 
    It didn’t matter thought I had to have her so I went and picked her up.

    At this point we went from getting two cats, researching cat
    breeds, and making lists to “Hey hon I adopted a special needs cat.  You can meet her on Friday!” 

    • Rebecca Danis

      Hi, to everyone and Ronnie, In case you aren’t aware, there is a series of 3 shots called the LITC shots for cats with FIV and FELV. One of my cats has FELV and I have heard that these shots help both FIV and FELV. Not all vets have the shots, so check on the internet to find one who does. Apparently these shots can quiet down the viruses and help save these cats lives. They only give the shots once the cats become symptomatic. I hope this works for my kitty Peter.

  • Debbie

    I guess I have two special cat daddies  in my life.  The first is my dear hubby who supports my efforts to rescue cats and dogs to find them homes.  He also indulges me the ones I can’t give away.  (No I’m not a horder, LOL!)  The other is a fellow rescue person who has a kindness and softness that all cats respond to.  It’s absolutely amazing to watch him work in our shelter.

  • Catnut215

    Loved these cat-dad” pics. All six of our “babies” have an adoring dad, which is a daily blessing! When I met my husband 31 yrs ago I had 2 cats & I asked him early into our reactio ship: “Do you like cats?”… He paused & said; “I dont know, I’ve never been around them.”, (which totally kept me from ‘kicking him to the curb!). He has turned out to be THE MOST loving, caring, concerned & loyal ‘cat-dad’ I could ever have hoped for!

  • I am in love with all of these men! It’s hard to pick just one, but a man in uniform is dreamy.  I’m looking for my special cat man and am accepting applications at this time.  =^. .^=

  • Milene

    My son Davis is my favorite cat man.  When he walks across the room, Enzo likes to swat his leg when he wants to play.  Brothers….sigh…

  • CD

    DH is the cat daddy in my house.  Over the years he has truly become a caring cat loving human being.  We have had many kitties with major medical issues & he is so generous in making sure they get every kind of care possible to make them comfortable, happy & pain free.  He has never bat an eye or ever questioned any vet bill, no matter how large.  The kitties in ours lives will never want for anything.      

  •  My husband, Matt, is definitely a Cat Daddy.  Before he met me, he preferred dogs, but didn’t hate cats.  Once he met my cats, he was converted.  Now, he’s as dedicated to cat rescue as I am, and he will bring home strays probably more often than I do at this point.  There are days when he’s tired of caring for so many cats, especially fosters who need medication, wet food, etc, but he has never once said we should stop.  It is amazing having a partner I don’t have to sweet talk into taking in cats or have arguments about vet bills, etc.

  • Kmyron126

    Nothing wrong with loving cats, guys!

  • Rachel

    I have 2 kitties. Turbo was always more standoffish than Nitro, but when the boys met my boyfriend, Turbo definitely became a softie. He warmed up quickly to my loving man, and now both kitties are more affectionate with me also. I love having a cat man in my life!

  • Angie Stringfellow

    The cat-man in my life is my hubby. He rescued a tiny little tabby cat during a rain storm from our yard. He has no idea where the poor little thing came from, but when he found the little kitten, the poor thing was completely soaked from the rain. Steven (my hubby) dried him off, and waited until I got home. When I got home, he told me about the poor little “half drowned” and cold kitten he had found. He had brought the little guy into the house, and the kitten–now warm and dry–promptly went to sleep. He is now a lot bigger, this once little kitten now regularly  grooms my hubby, and sleeps with him. This cat will follow my man everywhere, and the love they share is worthy of calling my man a cat-man.

  • Lisa Mills

    The Cat Man in my life is my Dad. I grew up with cats, dogs, and other critters but it had gotten to the point that the pain and expense of the passing of our pets was too much. When the last of our pets had passed my Dad said no more and my Mom agreed, my opinion didn’t count since I don’t live at home anymore lol.

    Two years ago a stray started haning out in their backyard, and usually it’s my Mom animals take to because she’s home the most. Not this one! One day my Dad was on the computer in front of their sliding door that was open and this beautiful black cat invited herself in, rubbed up against his leg for a bit, then went right into the kitchen LOL The only pet food they had left was dry dog food which my Mom mixed with gravy for her. For the next week this cat came and went as she pleased.

    Then one night she showed up at the slider door waiting to be let in with two kittens. She stayed long enough to make sure the box and blanket my parents put the kittens was good then left. A couple of hours later she came back with a third kitten. My Dad went to bed and woke up the next day woke up to an even bigger black fur ball then the night before.. she brought two more kittens home that night. Five completely black, couple of weeks old kittens!

    I got two of the girls, my parents kept the third gril and one of the boys, and a friend of mine and her Cat Man who had been wanting to get a male black cat took the other boy.

    No more pets huh? I guess my Dad shouldn’t be so attractive to momma cats LOL You know, we’ve had these wonderful furbabies for two years now and their ‘Son’ recently brought home a stray that’s about 6 months old and now owns the household =D

  • My “cat man” had many different cats in his home while growing up, and I vice versa. However it wasn’t until we moved in together and got a little black kitten, “Stormy”, that we both fell for the feline breed. While he does like to label me an almost “crazy cat lady”, I know he loves our cats as much as I do. My favourite thing is when I hear him chatting away to them (and sometimes even singing) when he gets up at 5:30am for work. He admits that when I go on holiday to my mums, that they are his best company (crazy cat man anyone? :p). To top it off, my partner is quite a proud bogan – here he is having a cuddle with Stormy

  • My husband is an amazing Cat Daddy.  He faithfully cleans the litter boxes 2 times each day.  He cuddles with our babies and he works long hours so they can eat premium cat food.  Yeah, Steve!  I <3 U!

  • Jennifer Paulette

     I have a cat man of my own!  So, he might not qualify, since I have scarfed him up already.  =^..^=

    However, my brother Christopher is a single cat man, and he has two kitties, Leonidas and Onyx.  Leonidas is the sweetest, snuggliest, friendliest orange boy cat.  Onyx, in contrast is a beautiful black girl kitty who only loves her papa.  Christopher sends me pictures of his kitties doing silly things.  For example: Leonidas headbutting him, or Onyx cooling down after she tried to rip everyone’s faces off at the vet.  And sometimes, on very rare occasions when the moon and stars align, he catches a photo of Leonidas and Onyx actually snuggling with each other.  (Scandalous!)

    It’s always an adventure with him and his kitties.  My brother would be perfect for a single cat man in the country (not city) feature!  Although, I did take him to NYC once, and he handled it very well.

  • All pictures are adorable!!
    The cat man in my life, for now, is my dad!! He loves “his” kitty cat so much! (Lily is really mine but I let him believe it’s his). When I first brought Lily home she was only six weeks old. My friend took her from some boys in the park that were planning on leaving her there. Since she couldn’t keep her because of space I decided to keep her while we searched for a home. Needless to say, it only took a night to realized she would be staying with us. She turns 3 this July 4th! 
    My dad had always stated that he didn’t like cat but just days after I brought Lily home, I had to leave the country for a few weeks, so Dad had to take care of her. When I came back, it was obvious they had built a connections that is beyond words. He loves her so much!! He makes sure he has enough treats for her, always making sure she is comfortable and talking to her all the time!
    Lily is a very spoiled cat!

  • MyKinKStar

    I can’t pick a favorite one!  Each looks like a real Cat Daddy, with a whole lotta fuzzy love in their life.

  • S.K.

    My husband is the ‘Cat Man’ in this house.  He does the feeding, litter box cleaning, food buying, taking to the vet and cleaning/washing their beds. What do I do for the cats?  I just enjoy their company and antics.   He spent more than $3000 on our ‘White Kitty Baby’ cat when she became seriously ill and he had high hopes for her to pull thru but she did not.  Yes he named the cat White Kitty Baby.

  • My kitties and I nap together a lot.  That pic was my favorite.

  • Kaboodleent

    Beautiful MEN…as they love cats!!! We love them too!