Levitating Cat Promotes Pet Adoption


You may or may not love  – or even like – the ASPCA, but you’ll love the latest video they created promoting June as adopt-a-shelter-cat-month (and not just because it features a cute cat man).

“Hovercat,” features one very cool kitty by the name of George who had the good fortune to be adopted by cute Nightline correspondent Dan Harris. The link on YouTube takes viewers to a webpage where they can search for local adoptable cats (and dogs).

Click here if you can’t see the embedded video above.

Mekanism, the creative shop that made the :60 spot, leverages the popularity of viral cat videos by tempting fans with the sell-line “Millions of viral videos waiting to be adopted.”

You’ll notice Dan is identified as working for ABC, so I’m guessing the ASPCA negotiated free media or online promotion in exchange. A pretty creative way to get free marketing support.

Heck, if floating cat + cute guy + club music doesn’t catch people’s attention I don’t know what will. I’m only hoping it’s part of a series!

A big shout-out to Sarah of the blog The Purr Diaries for bringing this video to my attention.

And before you go, don’t forget to check out the “Cat Men of I Have Cat,” and leave a comment for a chance to win Jackson Galaxy’s book “Cat Daddy”!


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  • LOVE it!

  • Chris


  • Jmuhjacat

    Not a fan of the ASPCA or the video, but absolutely a fan of CATS.

  • Susan

    Adorable! I love the meows and purrs:)!

  • Mimi

    loved it !!!!!!

  • Sarah Menzies

    Aww thanks for the shout out Tam! Its such a GREAT video, better than the ones that make you want to cry…

  • meowmeowmans

    That is so cool! What a great (and wonderfully attention-getting) video!

  • Patricia Hamilton

    LOL–love it!!!!

  • Patricia Hamilton

    LOL–love it!!!!!! Rock it, George!!!

  • MyKinKStar

    What in the world did I just watch?  Oh, oh, oh, my gawd!  Watching that put a smile on my face, from ear to ear and now I’m looking like Batman’s Joker!  I gots to share this on my FaceBOMB page for the Saturday morning people!  ThanX!