So Many (Cat) Books, So Little Time


As I mentioned in a previous post, lately I’ve been feeling like a hamster on a wheel.  Trying to catch-up and going nowhere fast.

Reviewing the many cat books I’ve received ranks up there on the “to do” list.  Among them: Cat Calls, Under the Paw, Jackson Galaxy Cat Daddy,Cat Versus Human, For the Love of Cats, Paolo’s Adventures: The Tale of a Very Brave Kitty, ZooBorns, ZooBorns Cats! and The World Is Your Litter Box .

Feeling overwhelmed, I decided to let Kip pick which book to review first. 

Kip strikes me as the most literate of the bunch, can’t explain why exactly. Perhaps it’s the large-ish circumference of his head. Very scholarly.

I’ll admit, it’s not the most scientific method. I’m not sure how the mouse toy got on one of them….

Kip considered his options carefully before landing on his selection, For the Love of Cats. I wanted to be certain this was his final decision, so I waited.

But Kip was adamant. He had spoken.

Well, figuratively.

Stay tuned for a complete review.

By me, not the cat.



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  • sharon

    Hilarious!  Happy kitty Mother’s Day!

  • Rena

    Well, they say that we can talk with our feet, right?  Happy Mother’s Day to THE kitty mom!

  • My mom have the same problem 🙂

  • But now you have to get him off of it to read it! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Marilia Bavaresco

    Well, I have so many feline books to read too… and a little time every day to dedicate for this!!!

  • Kip DOES look extremely scholarly.  Have you entertained the thought of some tiny geek glasses for him?  
    Looks like a lot of excellent reading material.  I’d go for CAT DADDY second, personally. 😉

  • You have too many, and I am in need to buy some cat books. But don’t know which ones to buy first, besides cat daddy, that I certainly will buy! I will wait for your review on this one!

  • Layla Morgan Wilde

    Can’t wait. Happy cat mom day! We reviewed four from your list and reviewed Cat Daddy today with a giveaway.

  • LOL! Great idea! I think out of the three, I’d trust Maxwell’s taste the most. Faraday would have me reading the back of cereal boxes, for sure….

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