Cat Hipster (Bag) Worthy of a New York City Hipster – GIVEAWAY!

An extra special giveaway to celebrate reaching 20,000k FB fans! ENJOY and GOOD LUCK!

The giveaway is over but good news! You can purchase a Tiniest Tiger Hipster total!

When fellow cat blogger Joanne McGonagle, told me of her plans to design quilted cat- patterned bags to raise funds for the Tiniest Tiger global conservation program I was concerned.

What if she asked me to promote what I envisioned to be a multi-color-cat-laden fabric bag?  I could only hope she’d read of my aversion to cat-themed clothing and realized that as a New York City advertising executive my wardrobe was virtually mandated to be black (bonus: hides city grime).

Thankfully I had nothing to fear. That’s me (above) modeling the super sleek and sporty Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag.  It’s the perfect size (inside dimensions 8″ x  9.75″), has lots of compartments inside and outside, as well as padding to help protect iphones, Kindles etc. I like to wear it when I need to be hands-free for kitty molesting purposes.

To celebrate hitting the 20,000 Facebook Fan mark, I HAVE CAT fans have a chance to win this very same hipster for themselves (open to everyone regardless of country!). But wait! There’s more!

If you win, you’re bag will arrive stuffed with all sorts of super cool kitty treats and coupons (over $200 worth)! The content of each bag varies but rest assured you won’t be disappointed. You might even score a Gracey The Tiniest Tiger Modkicker, or an I HAVE CAT sticker!

Tickle PickleTo enter:

  • Leave a comment sharing either: a) what you like  about I HAVE CAT, or b) suggestions for additions or changes.
  • EVERYONE eligible regardless of country of residence (Thanks Joanne!).
  • Comment must be left before Friday 5/4/12 5pm EST.
  • Winner will be selected using and announced Monday 5/7/12.
  • Only 1 entry per household.

And in case you can’t wait,  purchase a Tiniest Tiger Hipster today using this link. You’ll be in good company as these bags were given to celebrities like Angela Kinsey (Angela from The Office) at this year’s Academy Awards and will be part of the Celebrity Swag for the 2012 Emmy Awards!

Did I mention the bags are made in the USA and that a portion of the proceeds go to help wild and domestic cats through Tiniest Tiger Conservation Club programs?

Thanks again to everyone for making I HAVE CAT such a success. And good luck!

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  • Happy 20K!!!!!
    What a COOL drawing!  Paws crossed so much I can hardly walk.
    a)  We love how you are ALWAYS sharing new photos, content, funnies, sentimentals and advocating for our furry friends.
    b) nothing!  We love you just the way you are.
    xo Katie & Glogirly

  • Tamar, huge congrats on this milestone.  We would change nothing cuz you’re the cat’s meow. But, I’ll keep bugging you about a book deal…

  • Simba

    Congarats on reaching 20,000 fans!!  We are not on Facebook, but have read your blogs for some time.     LOVE Glogirly’s new banner for you!     We would love to be entered in the drawing.  

  • Lanie

    Awesome bag with a lot of uses. Stylish, practical and does good.

  • Eli

    ok, so this is a great post because not only do i have a chance to win a really cool bag but i also get to tell you what i like about your blog: ok, so mainly, when i first visited your blog, ages ago, i decided to stay because you were always so honest and funny about things. I love how you are not affraid of talking about any topic, it’s really cool. Also, the fact that, the blog has been evolving and it has givien you the chance to do so many thing for cats,..that is just amazing!

  • love reading about your adventures and advice. It helps me to see we all go through the same types of things with our furry children.  Keep up the entertainment and education

  • What do I like about IHC?! Oh where to begin! I love Tamar’s sense of humor,  sense of style and reading all the goings on of a big city kitty lover (shhhhh don’t DON’T call her a CCL!). I confess, being stuck in small town TN, I live a bit vicariously through her stories.  I love her compassion 4 cats and her ability to “work” a crowd…come on, 20,000 people and she has us all eating out of her hand! LOL  I can’t think of any way it could be better…oh wait….yeah I can…that when the winner of the swaggie black bag is announce it would be ME! lol We really love you Tamar! You have created a “family” of 20,000+ cat lovers! You are an inspiration to me and all of us! 🙂  <3

  • We are Crazy Cat Ladies…hear us RAWR!!! has been great fun watching your adventures in Catdom…and now a chance fur a GRRRRReat  citi-kittie bag…whooo hooo!

  • I like I HAVE CAT because content is not only helpful for cat lovers, but humble in the troubles we all deal with.  I enjoy learning about new products, and seeing the cute pix. 🙂

  • Cmattingly502

    congrats.. I love your blog..and I love the bag..

  • Poohny7

    Congrats on hitting 20K!!!

    I LOVE I HAVE CAT.  Why you ask? Because Tamar makes me laugh.  Her sense of what the cat(s) are thinking is uncanny!  And she is probably the only cat person I know that does not have cat hair all over her clothes.  She must have stock in those roller things.

  • Anne

    Congrats on 20,000!  I get I Have Cat updates on FB and always find them entertaining, informative, interesting and/or just plain fun.  I would love to be entered to win the Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag!

  • Judyjj

    You are on your way to 50,000! Love IHC cat news, especially news about Max and Bob. Tks for all you do!

  • Milene

    Congraluations!  I love having a cat because, as a single person, its nice to have someone to come to in the evening.  Someone who’s generally happy to see me and in a good mood.

  • I think my favorite thing about IHC is that I can relate to your writing; I am also a single, 30-something city girl.  A lot of cat bloggers have 20 cats, a house, a spouse, and 2.5 kids in the suburbs.  And/or they’re running a rescue.  And/or they’re all about the over-the-top cutesy. 😉

  • Xoreds

    Tamar – what I love the most about I have cat is your commitment to this blog. I have been with you since the beginning and am really proud of how successful you have made this blog ! It’s a very special place! Congrats on all your success! Now where’s my bag? Lol

  • Amy

    I absolutely love checking in w/ IHC!  As a single girl w/ two cats, it’s nice to hear from someone I can relate to that doesn’t think it’s nuts that I live w/ two furkids whom I love more than anything.

  • Susan Smith

    I Have Cat is guaranteed to make me smile each time I read its postings.  I’ve learned so much from this blog and it’s led me to some other wonderful (and reliable) blogs about cats, cat people, causes, art, etc.  Thanks for all you do!


  • Con-cat-ulations on the 20K fans!  That’s a fantastic feat!  My kitties and I love reading up on the goings on with you and your fur-babies on a regular basis, as well as the informative articles of what’s happening in the cat world, including controversies…Oh MY!  This black, quilted kitty bag is divine, and my five fur-babies would love to stamp it with their fur, I’m sure!

  • Pat

    Congratulations on reaching 20,000 fans!  I’m new to your blog, but love it so far.  Keep up the good work!!

  • upscalezipcode

    What do I like about ihavecat?  It’s about cats. 

  • Trudy Jewell

    I love I Have Cat!!  Been following you for some time now.  Congratulations on 20K fans!!!  I have three on my page.  I enjoy your blog as a fellow cat loving single woman.  You inspire me.

  • I have just found your site thanks to Glogirly. Thank you for the chance to win

  • jaime

    IHC makes me smile! what better reason to be a fan 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

  • Congratulations! I love reading your blog and seeing pictures from your trips and stories. Wish you had more pictures posted, but it’s a great blog! Thanks for this contest and would love to be a part of it!

  • Sarah Hardej

    I love IHC and everything about it. As a single girl with cats, I love reading your blog. If I don’t win one of these bags I think I’ll have to splurge and buy myself one!

  • Congratulations on reaching 20,000 fans! IHC reminds me that just because I have cats, that doesn’t make me the stereotypical crazy cat lady! Since reading your blog and following the Facebook page, I’ve had my incident of failed fosters..3 siblings in fact! I always thought of Haddie and how she was your failed foster, which inspired me to name one of the kittens Haddie as well. 🙂 I think Haddie would love (to lay on) if I won the Tiniest Tiger Hipster.

  • CelesteSummers

    I like the diversity in I have cat posts. It’s not just a bunch of the same stuff. And I like that even though some stories make me sad, they don’t make me so sad that I can’t handle reading them.

  • Keith Phillips

    I love the blog and the facebook page!  When  I started the page for my cat, Studley, your style and content was an inspiration to me.  AND, if that wasn’t enough, you helped me get going with great suggestions and sent friends my way.  Meeting you last year was icing on the cake and I can see that your blog and fb page truly represent who you are and what could be better than that?!

  • Tildatoo

    I love this bag! Even Prudence pup would approve. Congratulations on 20,000 (+) fans too!

  • Judy (Zack & Zoey)

    Tamar, I love this blog!  First of all because it is about cats and I love cats.  This blog is always interesting to read because of all the different kinds of  stories.  You keep people coming back.    I am a lover of black cats.  I actually purchased this cool  hipster bag for myself already.  If I would be so lucky to win this one, I want to gift it to a catster friend who also loves black cats and takes care of alot of black feral cats in her area.  I would love to surprise her with it. 

    Congratulations on reaching over 20,000  fans!

  • a) Everything.
    b) None.
    c) Thank you! 😉

  • Gmzoller

    I love your blog because it shows that we can be compassionate and stylish at the same time!!!

  • Sarah

    Me, me, me, please. I need more room to carry my cat photos!

  • i love your honesty and sense of humor!  

  • Angela G

    I became a crazy cat lady a year ago when I got my first cat and your blog was the 2nd I found 🙂  Your blogs help me realized being a crazy cat lady is NOT a bad thing 🙂 🙂 🙂  It’s TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!

  • Bettina

    I have cat is an amazing site! I love how you connect on of my greatest joys in life (cats) with life! Sharing travels, amazing causes, product reviews (love these!), and the heart of a woman (if I randomly met, seems to be be the type of person with whom I would be friends).  

    I really hope I win this purse! I have looked at it many times and simply love it!  However, your site and posting are also a true gift for which I am very grateful!

  • Kathyd

    Found your site by way of Daily Nuzzles-what I see of I Have Cat so far (read many of the posts already) I like! Signed up for the email, also. Really like the product reviews.

  • Cjgs1

    You already know that I LOVE I Have Cat!!!!  You are an adorable singlet in that naughty city (NY!), but you’re making your own star shine with your blog!  As for the hipster bag, it would really make me feel 100% better, seeing how I’ve just been through the April from hell!  2 hospital stays for me and rotator cuff surgery for my husband!!!!  We’re both still healing and that bag would put a smile back on my face!!!!!

  • 20,000 is awesome, keep it going!!!! I LOVE I Have Cat….great stuff always!!!!

  • Heather

    I love I Have Cat!! The posts are amazing, funny, helpful, etc. Congrats on making to to 20,000!!

  • We Love I Have Cat, congarts on 20,000 keep it going!!!  Purrs…Vegas, Bogart, Bombay & Bella

  • Moggie C.

     I like I Have Cat because I enjoy the cat-related links and pictures, but what’s wrong with cat-themed clothing, huh?! 😉

  • Danielle Murgia

    I like that you have lots of pictures of cats on your facebook page.  Keep up the good work.

  • I’m a brand new visitor to I have cat, so can’t make any suggestions, other than keep providing info, links pics, etc. about the wonderful feline species! 🙂

  • Lisa Anne

    While I am new to I Have Cat, I do enjoy the links, the cat pictures and the grins I get from all things Cat! I have 4 and I couldn’t imagine a day without kitty love! I agree on cat-themed clothing, it’s kinda (okay, not kinda) tacky to me, but the hipster does the cat thing very well! I will buy one if I don’t win one, so there you have it, I’ll post a pic when I get mine! >^.^< Meowza!!!

  • Cleopawtra

     New to the I HAVE CAT, love it so far anyone that loves the kitties as you seem to do has to be a great person. Keep up the good work.  Also congrats on the 20,000 fans on facebook.

  • Laura Davis

    I loved your post about Haddie and the tipping point! Friend of Gracey.

  • CD

    Congrats I Have Cat on your great success!  I always look forward to new posts on FB and Blog entries.  What I love about both is finding so much in common with other crazy “and owning it” cat ladies!!!  Cats Rule!!!

  • I always love to hear from people who love, admire and find humor in cats! Gracey sent me and I have enjoyed perusing your site!

  • I have been introduced to your site by The Tiniest Tiger (Gracey!).  I love that you have sooo many blogs (blogrolls) to enjoy.  Keep up the good work and continued success!

  • I always love to hear from others who share my love, admration and ability to find humor in the Feline Campanions!  Gracey sent me and I have enjoyed perusing your site…Thanks for sending me Gracey!

  • shannon heitt

    i love the flirting with vegan section. I am a vegeterian but vegannism seems scary and confusing. but its great to see i am not alone in trying to make the switch

  • Ellen Wexler

    What I like about I Love Cat are the giveaways 🙂 Reading about The Cats, and Flirting with Vegan. Thank you for the chance to win. My four sweeties are hoping-

  • Chloejoy

    Please enter me in the random drawing. I am a dog person but would gladly wear this hipster bag. Congrats on reaching 20k fans!!

  • Marilyn Hamill

    I don’t have any suggestions as I just got here!

  • I love the fellowship of Cat People here!  =^..^=

  • Ashadowdncr

    I haven’t found a thing that I don’t like about I HAVE CAT!

  • Jennifer D

    I love it – finally a place where single female cat lovers can shed the crazy cat lady moniker! So glad I found your site!

  • Penelope Catfromhell

    Concatulations 20,000 fans is a real accomplishment!  You are Bast in the world of Catdom!

  • Jen

    Brand new to the site, so no feedback yet, but you’re clearly doing something right at 20k plus!!

  • carol k

    what do i like about i have cat?  the stories, learning about new products, the pics. 🙂   as for additions?  hmmmmmm.  maybe a discussion board?  that would be nice.  🙂

  • amyorvin

    I like this giveaway!
    I am new here, but it looks like a great place to be.

  • The Island Cats

    Congrats on reaching 20,000 fans (of which we are one!) on Facebook!!  We love everything!!  Please enter us in the drawing!!

  • Four Crazy Cats

    We would love to be in the drawing for this incredible bag.  Looks like it would be purrfect for toting a camera around too!

    We love everything on your site!

  • That is a cute bag. 

    We have to share Jan’s FB account so we haven’t seen you there.. Congratulations on reaching 20,000 fans.

  • Kat Brown

    I must say that you look smashing in your cat hair-free black with black hipster bag! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde gives you 8 paws up! (they’d give you 16 but felt that rolling onto their backs was undignified)

  • Kat Brown

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & their Feeders think you look smashing in your cat hair-free black with that hipster bag. In fact, you look so good that you get eight paws up from the Horde  and four thumbs up from the Feeders.

  • Heather


  • What do I love about I HAVE CAT? That you, like me, are single and a cat owner in NYC. How fun is that? There are so many of us aren’t there?

    These bags are AWESOME.
    Love your blog. 🙂

  • Lisa Mills

    I really enjoyed your Cat Man Monday posts, cat men are hot. Just wish I could find a single one LOL I also enjoyed your redecorating with cats, gave me some good ideas and things to consider. Your apartment turned out beautiful btw =D

  • Jsmorgun

    I’ve been eying this bag. It looks so stylish. Would love to win it, though I am pretty sure I’ll have to share it with one of my cats who is a huge fan of bags (he likes to sleep on them and be carried in them! go figure!) And the goodies in inside the bag will be shared by both of my kitties.
    What I like about I HAVE CAT is that I also grew up without pets and never thought of having any, until I agreed to foster 2 kittens for a few weeks. Well, I fell in love. I fostered a whole family of mom and kittens afterwards and am now a happy parent of 2 🙂 I identify with many daily occurrence stories. It’s always fun to be reading your blog and nodding my head with empathy.

  • Cheri Herron

    I’m new here….   I’ve been talking about getting shelves for a few months – love the ones you put up for your babies!

  • Tricia

    Congratulations!  I like I HAVE CAT because I am a first time cat guardian that is also a vegetarian “flirting with vegan”.

    Love the bag and all the great stuff in it!

  • Melanie

    Just came across your blog today, and it’s fabulous! Was Googling for a review for the raindrop water fountain, which I’ve just ordered for my furry ones.  I love that I HAVE CAT is a place for sophisticated cat lovers. But my favourite bits about I HAVE CAT are the descriptions of your fabulous kitties and their relationships with the fosters, and your video. I’d really like to win the Tiniest Tiger Hipster, but I’d also like to suggest that you do more reviews/posts about fashion items that are “not lame” and for worthwhile causes. Cheers – Melanie! 

  • My girlfriend is always showing me posts, pictures, etc from your Facebook page. I’m pretty sure she has turned me into a cat man in the process!

  • Eliza

    Congrats on your Facebook fandom! I love your site. I think what you’ve done to promote kitty rescue is just fantastic. And I always love the Cat Man features 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  • 20,134 fans to be exact! Congrats. Your blog is stupendous. As a recent first-time cat owner (and now crazy cat lady) your blog has been an indispensable resource for education and all around enjoyable read. Your cat knowledge and experience is admirable and you passion for the little ones has inspired me. Way to go, Tamar! You’re the best!!!!!

  • sharon

    Congratulations on surpassing 20,000 fans!!  That’s awesome!  Excited about this giveaway!  What I love about IHAVECAT is the high level of engagement you maintain with your fans!  

  • Christine Dromgoole

    Congrats! That bag is really cute! I love the reviews of cat products and Cat Man Monday! Don’t change a thing. 🙂

  • Amyhpaul

    I love I Have Cat and one of my favourite things about it is how interactive it is. You have so many fans yet you still take the time out of your busy schedule to update with amazing posts AND interact with EVERYONE. You are always doing fun posts and giveaways, replying to comments, wall posts and making everything so personalized. 🙂

  • Love the bag and your blog! I’ve been a fan on facebook for quite some time and love all the personal touches you add with extra videos and photos

  • ConCATulations on reaching your 20,000 fans on fb! I love your Blog and have followed you for quite some time now.  Thanks for the chance to to win The Tiniest Tiger’s Hipster bag. Good luck on your next 20,000 *Likes*.

  • Wow! I’d really love to be in with a chance of winning this bag.
    I love I Have Cat because you’re so unapologetic about loving them so much, and yet, you keep your perspective so wonderfully, i.e, no mad cat lady themed clothing. That really comes through in the posts.
    I’d love to see the Cat Man stories return again, as they were really touching.
    I write the Cuddles and Catnip blog and live in the UK.

  • Bobbie Coker

    We always love the pictures on I Love Cat!.. and Congrats 🙂

  • Congrats on 20000! I’m not on facebook but the reason I love your blog is that as a single woman with (too) many cats, I’m afraid of the “Cat Lady” title. I love all the pictures and personal stories.

  • michelle

    My suggestion :  more cat aerobic pictures!   J/K, congrats!

  • Sarah Menzies

    PICK ME, PICK ME!!! =^..^=

  • Werrrpennstate

    I follow your blog and also Facebook. I love when you show us pictures of your cars

  • Pudgebutters

    Awesome giveaway! It would be fun to see a feature on the blog about recommended cat toys 🙂

  • Nicki

    Congrats on reaching 20,000 fans!!! Such an incredible milestone. I love looking at the photos of your cats, and have enjoyed your Flirting with Vegan posts. I, too, am a new vegetarian, and though I haven’t gone the vegan route (could I ever give up ice cream and string cheese?), I have enjoyed your articles. Keep up the good work!

  • Parker

    The best thing is your great kitties – I love seeing them on posts!

  • Kalieg

    I love your blog b/c I love my kitties just as much as you do! Its nice to know there is someone else out there that takes offense to the crazy cat lady remarks and how were classy ladies not crazy! 

  • Itsmecissy

    Dang, missed the 4pm ET deadline (even though it’s 3:35pm here on the Left Coast). But congrats to the winner anyway!!!

    • ihavecatnyc

      stay tuned! we have other awesome giveaways coming up!

  • Danielley

    Hey cat lovers! Check out my video of Sky, my new kitten 🙂 Post a video of your pet on our facebook page to win a free $25 PETCO GIFTCARD and a BOTTLE OF SOMAPET!