Back to life, back to the present time

Back from a fan-tah-seey…who can name that tune? Anyone?

Two cat ladies going out in Key West!

Two cat ladies going out in Key West!

Not easy to go back to work after a long weekend in Key West with a fellow cat woman resplendent with kitties (courtesy of the Hemmingway Home polydactyl kitties), sweet tea, beautiful sunsets, Happy Hour, crime and love…sorta.

photo credit: wikipedia (better than my shots!)

photo credit: Wikipedia (better than my shots!)


After we got the prerequisite drag show out-of-the-way (during which I may-or-may-not-have have skinned my knee while getting on stage to join in the merriment),  Dorian and I made a bee line to the Hemingway Home which we visited twice in three days.

A replica home for the kitties created post-Hemingway's time

A replica home for the kitties created post-Hemingway’s time


Also known as the scene of the crime. Okay, maybe not a crime exactly but reckless rule breaking for sure. See that sign? The one that reads “Please do not pick up cats”?

Don't Pick Up The Cats - Key West

Oh yes I did!

Me and Elizabeth Taylor

Me and Elizabeth Taylor


And not only did I pick up a cat. I picked up Elizabeth Taylor (look at that pink nose!). Each cat is named after a famous personality – Kim Novak, Harry Trueman, Olivia de Havilland etc.

Disclaimer: I never in a million years intended to have a photograph of myself in glasses and barely any make-up on the world-wide-information-highway (see what I do for my readers?!). But in erring by not having brought enough daily wear contacts with me I was rationing them out. Going out on the town was prioritized over visiting cats since I didn’t think they would mind – not realizing I’d be needing photographic evidence!

Cats at the Hemingway House

Truth be told I’m not quite the bad ass I appear to be. The tour guide let Dorian and I hang back after the tour and I squeezed in a super quick hug!

Playing with Kitties Key West

For those who aren’t aware, Hemingway cats are known for having 5 toes on their front feet, making them polydactyl! Hemingway’s first cat Snowball was a poly, and of her descendents about 50% are poly too!

Kitten Mittens! For those who aren't aware, Hemingway cats are known for being polydactyly

Kitten Mittens!


Orange cat at Hemingway House

Tortie at the Hemingway House

In addition to the drag show and kitten cuddling we did a little shopping and hung out by the pool (sadly not long enough). On our last night we took a sunset cruise on the America 2.0,and while a tad treacherous due to the winds (see “out takes” below) it was loads of fun.

As it turns out, the captain and his first mate are bringing the boat to NYC in a few weeks to do sunset cruises around Manhattan.  And while the captain plays for the other team (I think!), his side-kick a ginger (not usually my type), was pretty cute.

Cutie Skipper (I think that's what they call them?)

Cutie Skipper (I think that’s what they call them?)


Let’s just say digits were exchanged, let’s see what becomes of it. I have always wanted to take a sail around the island of Manhattan…

Just a wee bit windy!

Just a wee bit windy!


Here are a few other photos from our trip. There are many more where these came from and I’m sure Dorian will be posting some soon as well.


Kitty Cemetery

Kitty Cemetery

All cats love a paper bag! Guess these guys are no different!

All cats love a paper bag! Guess these guys are no different!


Only kitties allowed on the furniture!

Only kitties allowed on the furniture ,now that’s a first!


Looks like someone is trying to go home with Dorian!

Looks like someone is trying to go home with Dorian!

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  • sure looks like you all had a good time!! Florida sunshine, friends and kitties all sounds like a perfect vacation! Goodness, golly, you don’t need to worry about the glasses and lack of make-up. 

    • Ihavecat

      aww shucks **blushes**
      thanks cat guy!

    • aww shucks **blushes**
      thanks cat guy!

  • Chris Thon

    Great travel report – gorgeous Kitties – Amazing sunset….makes me wanne go to Key West again….Well, come November I might be able to – keeping fingers crossed 😉

  • Ghoffman701

    hella yeah id b pickin em up. cute little poly toed babies.

  • I am SO envious!!!!

  • Ingrid King

    Looks like you both had a wonderful time! I was in Key West sometime in the 80’s and still have fond memories of all the cats everywhere!

  • Misaa

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a wonderful trip!

  • Rebecca

    Love, love, love this post. Almost felt like being there with you! BTW, I’ve done the sunset champagne sail around  Manhattan. I so recommend it. Such fun.

    Glad you picked up the kitties….how could anyone resist!!?? 

    Thank you for sharing this journey and so glad you had such a good time. – Rebecca

    • I am DEF gonna check out the sunset sail…perhaps even with the Ginger! LOL!
      So nice to know the story(s) were entertaining!

  • Looks like a fabulous trip!  …with LOTS of fun and of course, KITTIES!  (LOVE  the kitten mittens!)xoxo,  Katie & Glogirly

  • WOW…I mean>>>ME-WOW!!! You gals sure know how to party!  *gets out bucket list and adds “Party with Tamar”*   Welcome back to reality!  and oooo girl, keep us informed about that ginger. reow!

    • tehe! yes i def will about the Ginger! You’re the only one who commented on that bit of the story thus far. I guess the kittens ARE pretty distracting!

  • Robin Olson

    I just KNOW you two crazies are going to get your own reality show after this!!!!! LOL!!!! I live vicariously through you. Keep up the good work!

    • From your lips to god’s ear! 🙂 Glad you had fun reading it!

  • animalartist

    What a great time! If I ever make it to Key West I’ll have to do just what you did. Love your glasses! Where were the pool pictures? Good luck with the guys, you just never know!

    • Thanks for the compliment Bernadette! Pool picture? Oh you wanna see them?!

  • More pics please! Tamar, love your glasses and seeing you with Liz Taylor!

    • Awww thanks layla! i’ll post more on FB this weekend! Will try later tonight maybe even! 🙂

  • Jmuhjacat

    Big mittens with extra digits.  Pink noses.  Soft stripes.  ***PURE BLISS!!!***

  • Sarah Menzies

    Sounds like you lovely ladies had the best time. I can’t wait to go one day!!! Keep us updated on the ginge ;o)

  • Mimi

    just saw this looked like so much fun.  Always wanted to go to the Hemingway House .. and I live in Fl !!!!!!!  Gotta put it as a priority!!!!!