Cat Women Descend Upon Key West!


Watch out Key West! Two smack-talking, cat-and-fashion-loving women are coming to town! Tomorrow afternoon Dorian Wagner – of Your Daily Cute – and I are taking a road trip  to Key West!

The trip is a result of Ms. Wagner’s decision to run a race when no one is chasing her (absurd I know) in Marathon, Florida. She invited me to tag along and of COURSE  I jumped on the chance to hang with a cat-loving chick and sip cocktails under the son.

I’m not gonna lie, While I’m excited, I am a wee bit nervous. Dorian is younger than I am, and very sporty-spice.  And, it’s not like we know each other that well.

We’ve hung out twice, for limited amounts of time at BlogPaws. Most recently in DC, where I made quite poor showing when we went out for dinner with the guys from Rescue Ink. See that photo above? I was there too, you just can’t see me. I’m on the floor.

Yes, I literally laughed myself off the chair and onto the floor. Drinks were involved. But it’s not the amount I had as much as the speed at which I consumed them (it runs in the family).

Wish us luck and stay tuned for updates from the road. We’ll be making a stop at the Hemingway House where we’ll hang with the polydactyl cats.  Sadly I just found out we’re not allowed to touch them. That’s just crazy talk.

So in case you receive a call from a 917 number in the coming days be sure to answer. It’s just me asking you to bail me out of jail for having fondled an Hemingway cat!


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  • Sarah Menzies

    OMG I’m so so jealous! Have the best time ever! And take lots of pics!

    P.S. So funny about you not making it into that photo. I once laughed myself off a chair too thanks to alcohol. I’ve also sat on a non-existent chair thanks to alcohol. Lol 😉

  • My human is totally envious – she can’t think of anything more fun than hanging out with the two of you… unless it’s hanging out with the two of you and a few more mutual friends of the cat-lady variety thrown in!

  • Ok, this video is simply hilarious!! Have a nice trip!!! 😀

  • Robin Olson

    I just called Key West PD so they would be aware of the reason why Key West residents should take cover this weekend. If only I could be a polydactyl kitty on the wall…

  • Dawn White

    Have fun, Tamar. We need to hang soom.

  • Dbarnes

    I have already forewarned Key West to beware…. they will never be the same after you and Dorian stop by with your special brand of off the charts personality to say hello!! Sadly, the weather does not seem to want to cooperate, so, it appears an extended trip to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville is in order! Have one on me!!

  • What? Not allowed to touch the cats? Shocking. You’re not missing anything here. It’s raining cats & dogs in New York.