Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me a Match…


In High School I played Tzeitel in our production of “Fiddler on The Roof.” She’s the one that gets married. Somehow my principal was also in the musical and at some point I sat on his lap. In retrospect, that’s pretty creepy.

I used to joke it would be the only time my Mom would see me in a wedding dress. Hey universe – it was MEANT as a JOKE!

Check out this video of kitty as matchmaker below. It’s described as a “pre-nuptial” video, which kind of disturbed me until I watched it through ’til the end.

I’d like to think it’s based on a true story. I’d say this could happen to me, except for the small fact that I don’t let my cats outside.

PS – I love that she is wearing super high stilettos on the grass. You go girl!
PPS – Speaking of matchmaking, check out the photo below. Too cute. Caption?

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  • Sarah Menzies

    Cuuuuute vid! :o)

  • “Somehow my principal was also in the musical and at some point I sat on his lap. In retrospect, that’s pretty creepy.” – hilarious.  great video very cute idea.

  • Debbie Glovatsky

    So sweet.  Loved the video.  : )

    • 🙂

      • “i’m not moving, no i’m not moving.”

      • Debbie Glovatsky

        You don’t bring me flowers…

        • Tamar


  • I don’t know what to think girl, because FURST you never leave a fur child unattended! Second poor furchild is wearing something too big and made fur child purrsons! Third the ipad was very dirty lol

    • I AGREE!!! Okay, what about the caption for the photo tho?! What you think Luna? From a girl kitty perspective of course! 

  • yeah, for sure the “shirt” the cat was wearing was just so…well, unstylish, he was ashamed and had to find a guy to pour his guts out to. Hopefully his new daddy took him shopping for new clothes or better yet, let him go au natural and show off his awesome orange furrrrrrrrr~purrrr!

    • I concur! But what about a caption for the Haddie and Kip photo?! 

  • Marilia Bavaresco

    Lovely video!

    • hey there – thanks for watching and posting – what’s your CAPTION for the photo?!

  • I’m thinking of when Irish eyes are smiling…

    • As a caption or in reference to my post of that name?! “:)

  • Susan

    Really sweet video!:)

  • Caption: Sorry, love, I just can’t get past the sight of you with that other Tom. I just can’t. I may never look at you the same way again. You, you, you, cheater. There, I said it.

  • “another disapproving look,  what did I do wrong NOW?”

  • Oh please, woman, it won’t work out until you admit that I’m more beautiful than you.

  • Anonymous

    I tolds yous to leaves sump toilet paper for mes to unravel…

    PS What country is dis where all marmalade tabbys wear clothes? No wonder dey runs aways!

  • Anonymous

    “Don’t tell me…you have a headache again.”

  • sharon

    “Don’t mind us, we just had a fight. We need some space now.”

  • Rebecca

    (Rated PG): “I told you Kip, a 3some wasn’t a good idea, but did you listen??? Nooooooo……”

  • Dawn

    Sigh………. OK Haddie, I’ll explain the birds and the bees again.

  • Kathleen

    If I just act aloof and ignore her, surely she’ll come closer and groom me.

  • I have decided on becoming a Monk.

  • JaneA

    “I can haz making whoopies?”

    “Not tonight. I haz headache.”

  • “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  A lot of guys have that problem.” (OMC, am I projecting?) heehee

  • Mellors

    Caption: Why can’t we just be friends?

    Re: the video – I hope she teaches him the proper way to hold a cat.

    M.  (“/)

  • Since you asked, “No I’m not gay.”

  • Since you asked, “No, I’m not gay not petrosexual.”

    • Ok Jackson Galaxy!!!! (wink!!)

  • Ecl921

    C,mon,lets kiss and make up!

  • Deb Barnes – Zee and Zoey

    I used to do all my outdoor yardwork in high heels, but I digress…

    • Tamar

      That i wanna see a photo of!

    • pictures!

  • I’m so sick of his MEAT BREATH! He better not try anything!

  • i wanna see photos!

  • Karen Jo Gray

    Super cool video. Caption:  Hey, dude, have I got the perfect lady cat for you!