Is Your Cat a Fiber Artist?

I believe in supporting the fine arts and admire the avant-garde creations of Henry the Feline Fiber Artist. But Kip’s fiber art is something I’d prefer on canvas. Not my chaise.

Cat Scratching SofaMy cats are partial to carpet-covered scratchers. And if you’ve check-out the options lately you’re probably wondering – as I am – if the carpet industry severely over-estimated the demand for beige shag carpeting.  As far as variety goes we’re talking light blue, brown and purple.

If that works with your decor you’re in luck. If not, Square Cat Habitat has come to the rescue with sleek, modern wall and floor scratchers. Read on for a product review, discount code and a chance to win a Square Cat Habitat scratcher by sharing your cats very own fiber art.

modern cat scratchers

If you’re cat has done damage created artwork in your home (by scratching a rug or piece of furniture)  send a photo of the masterpiece to me and you could win an Itch Scratch or Lo Scratcher for your home! (SORRY, giveaway is over!).

To qualify you must:

  • Live in the US (Sorry, I know I need an international giveaway and I promise I’ll work on it!).
  • Send ONE photo to ihavecat(at)gmail(dot)come by 5pm EST Wednesday February 15th.
  • One entry per household.

In the meantime, everyone can receive a 15% discount on any Square Cat Habitat product (they have cat shelves and trees too!) by entering ihavecat at check out from now through March 9th. REMINDER: Other Valentine’s Day discount codes available for hot pink IHC-endorsed items here.

If you’re wondering how my cats did with the new scratchers see for yourself.  I used treats as a lure but Sean Hamilton, founder of the company – did I mention most of the cats on the website are his?– also suggests rubbing cat nip behind or on the insert itself.

A few folks have asked how the inserts have held up and if the velcro really keeps them in place. At the start of the video above, Kip is able to pull the insert up a bit in one corner. It’s because I didn’t insert correctly. You have to be sure the velcro strips match up. I haven’t had any problem and after 3 months the current inserts still look pretty good.

I like the fact that the base is permanent and only the inserts are replaced. A bit more eco-friendly, and it allows you to have fun with the colors and textures. And the wall units are easy to install. The ones for the floor have small plastic “stoppers” so they don’t slide around.

For those of you wondering who Henry the Feline Fiber Artist is, I felt compelled to include a photo of the cat and his art.

I leave you with a gratuitous photo of Penny, one of my former foster kittens, using the Lo Scratcher as a bed.

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  • Henry’s fiber artistry reminds me of the amazing book, Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics. There’s a chapter dedicated to feline sculpture and scratch-form. It’s good to enjoy the feline scratch-form but it’s equally important to interpret the art, to enter the window into the kitty soul. If you haven’t seen the book, it is a must for cat lovers.

    • I will TOTALLY check this out – thanks for the reco!

  • Marilia Bavaresco

    Yeah! I have five cat fiber artists!!!

    • love it! send in your pics! even if you aren’t in the US it would be fun to see!

  • Jmuhj

    How I wish I could send you a pic of our “late” sofa — but my ex took it to the DUMP when we moved, without my approval, of course.  I miss that couch.  
    Rani is quite a fiber artist, but her perferred medium is, uh, bath tissue.  

  • It always makes me purrrrrrrr to hear about purrrrrrsons recognizing the creative work of cats! 

    • awwwwwwwwwwww you are such a thought leader! ahead of your time my friend!

  • Has Kip considered getting an art dealer?  He’s mucho talented.

    • Ha! I seriously should have though about selling it vs re-covering it! Don’t your  cats scratch!?

  • Ahhhh! I wish I had a picture of my old couch before I learned about the wonders of microfiber. Pimp could have seriously given Henry a run for the best fiber artist title!

  • One of my felines is a fiber artiste but her preferred medium is toilet paper.

    • bahaha! that’s an entirely different contest idea! will keep it in mind! 

  • I am not going to confess to how many Fiber Artists I have, but I have several. I will have to get some photos of their Art work and send one to you next week 🙂

  • Anonymous

    My parents gave away my favorite sofa when we moved. It was a great work of art. Now we have slip coverings to protect the sofa every day just in case I get the creative urge again.  I also have more scratching surfaces to work on. 

    • Shoot! how did they get rid of such a masterpiece?!!! 

  • Joan

    Is there a link where one can see the entries for the fiber art contest?

  • What color of green is the carpet inside yours? I want to buy with a green insert on a white frame as well, because those are the colors I plan o re-decorating my living room with. From the pictures of the website, I think the insert I would choose is the grasshopper. is that the one you have? also, what are the measurements of them? because I will put it in the corridor, but can’t decide between getting 2 or 3. (I don’t want it to look crowded, but 3 would look amazing together, depending on the size.

    • ihavecatnyc

      am i too late to respond?! did you order them already?!