Gifts in a New York MInute: Pet Owners

When I first began my affair with cats (or realized I had one), I created four simple single-cat-lady tenents by which I vowed to live.  The very first of which was “No public display of cat-photography.”* Thanks to artist Cindy Jerrell and her quirky pet portraits, that rule didn’t last for long.

Hot Dog Digital If you have pet owner of any kind you still need to shop for –  cat, dog, hamster, duck, mouse, goat, rabbit, gerbil, bird –  a gift certificate for a custom portrait by Cindy at Hot Dog Digital has you covered.

By using the code HADDIE at check out, I HAVE CAT readers receive 15% off the retail cost of a custom gift certificate ($49)!  24 hours after purchase the lucky recepiant receives a cute e-certificate alerting them of their gift.

Here are a few more of Cindy’s original portraits along with customer testimonials. I wonder if she’s ever done a gold fish…

“OMG. OMG. OMG.” – satisfied customer

“I have never seen my Dad laugh so hard.” – satisfied customer

Tony the Mafioso Guinea Pig

“How did you get Kitty in a dress?” – confused, but satisfied customer

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