Gifts in a New York Minute: The Charitable Cat Lover

Now that you have gifts for the wine-lover on your list all sorted, it’s on to the do-gooding cat lovers.

Do you have someone on your holiday list who loves cats but can’t have one because of allergies or building regulations? Maybe a friend who recently lost a kitty companion, or one that’s just plain old cat crazy? We have the perfect last-minute gift for you. A gift from Tabby’s Place! 

Great Last Minute Gift for the Cat Lover

Tabby’s Place is an amazing cat free cat sanctuary in New Jersey if you don’t know about them, read my post from last year. They have great gift options you can pick and purchase in a flash. Give the gift of virtual cat adoption (starting at $12/month) – you can select a particular cat to sponsor or make a donation in the name of a beloved pet ($25+). Or give virtual gift baskets and supplies to the cats that reside there!

Here’s how it works. Go to Tabby’s Place online gift catalog and select what you’d like to give.  Your lucky friend or family member will receive an email or card alerting of their gift (you can also opt to have both sent).  If you select a monthly sponsorship/virtual adoption, the recipient will receive monthly updates on “their” cat!

Here’s a video from my trip to Tabby’s Place this past summer with Dawn (Lola The Rescue Cat’s human) and Leslie (On All Fours Cat Sitting) among others (you can’t see us, only hear us! the stars are the kitties!).


A few photos from our trip.

Founder of Tabby’s Place Jonathan Rosenberg, with a tabby (naturally).

The wonderful Angela Townsend, Development Director, with her “desk” cat (they all get one!).

Me loving on Nuttin who is FIV+ and has diabetes (I wasn’t looking so cute and had to be cropped!).

Two happy kitties enjoying one of the many well-ventilated tunnels at Tabby’s Place.

As I sign off I leave you with a friendly reminder to make sure your home is cat-proofed for the holidays.

  • Poinsettias and mistletoe are highly toxic to cats as are lily’s and a list of other flowers.
  • Tinsel and other ribbons can cause internal damage that can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills and can lead to death.
  • Don’t feed food scraps, you never know what’s in them that could be bad for kitty (like onions, grapes, raisins, tomatoes etc

If you aren’t sure, Google it.  Better safe than sorry!

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6 Responses to Gifts in a New York Minute: The Charitable Cat Lover

  1. oh my god, i love the last picture of the kitty belly from the underside – it’s so rare that you get to see that!  fun!!

  2. Dawn White says:

    I “adopted” Franny.  I love getting her monthly updates.

  3. Azar ATTURA says:

    SUPER “Like”!! THANK YOU for ALL you do!!!

  4. Wren Paasch says:

    I know you meant to say cage-free, but when I read “a cat free cat sanctuary” I was like… waaaaaait a minute, how does that work?  LOL X3

  5. Garbo says:

    Hello, Tamar. You left a comment on one of my blogs recently when I wrote about how my cat had been attacked by two dogs and the ensuing $5000 vet bill! I realize this is very presumptuous of me, but I was wondering if you would be willing to write a post about my cat’s predicament, or even just simply link to the fundraising page I have set up for her. The fundraising page can be found at Garbo also has her own blog 🙂 which is at Thanks to my friends, I have raised nearly $500 but I am running out of people to ask for help, so this is why I am contacting you. I realize that you don’t know me at all, so I would more than understand it, if you don’t want to write a post. Please accept my apologies if this put you in an awkward situation. That was certainly not my intention. Anyway, I wish you and your cats a very merry Christmas!

    • Anonymous says:

      This breaks my heart to read…..I’m so sorry you still need so much for her but thank you for not giving up on her…
      How is she doing? How are her spirits? Is she able to be a normal kitty?