Felines Need Nice Plates Too (well maybe bowls)

In my early 30s, having navigated many a registry for engagement, wedding shower, wedding and baby shower gifts, I decided enough was enough. For my Birthday that year friends and family received an email with a link to my Crate and Barrel registry* and a note that read “single people need plates too.”

Well, your cats also deserve more than paper plates and mismatched orphan bowls. Plus, they don’t look very pretty should a friend or suitor drop by.

So today I’m sharing a few of my favorite pretty and practical cat bowls and water fountains from ModaPet, Modern Cat Designs and Pioneer Pet.  Plus, IHC readers get a special 30% discount code for the Raindrop Fountain, and a chance to win a ModaPet bowl so read on!


 ModaPet describe themselves as an “US based company with Italian influenced design,” the pairing of form and function.  And I have to agree. I love the color options (you’d think they were glass), shape and practicality. Key features:

  • Non-skid bottom (you won’t find the dinner bowl halfway across the room and water sloshed about)
  • Wide whisker-accommodating design (I only recently learned that whiskers touching the inside of a bowl can be irritating to kitty)
  • Made with ABS food grade and BPA-free plastics
  • Dishwasher safe (they molded the rubber-like bottom to the bowl rather than using glue)
  • Reasonably priced at $14.99 for the smaller 2 cup bowl, and $24.99 for the large 4 cup bowl

For the holidays ModaPet is offering free domestic shipping (they ship internationally with a surcharge based on location sorry!). US residents (sorry again!) can enter win either the “Some Like It Hot” (pink) 2 cup bowl or the 4 cup “Cinnamutt” bowl by leaving a comment with your preferred bowl by 5pm EST 12/16. One entry per household please.

Modern Cat Designs, the company that brought you the Modern Cat Condo, believes kitties should “dine in style.”  With the “Cat Bowl Tray” (pictured below) I no longer have to mess with place mats under the food bowls to catch spillage and I like how clean and tidy the feeding area looks. Two quips. The price tag ($59) and they need a 3-bowl model (hey, I have three cats!).

Key features:

  • Easy-Clean, lightweight ABS plastic
  • Silicone non-skid base
  • Removable stainless steel bowls (1 quart each)
  • Rim around the edge to keep food and water contained 
  • Wide whisker-accommodating design 

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Design water fountain is hands down my favorite water fountain to date as my regular readers know well. I love the way it looks and how easy it is to clean (for a my detailed product review go here).

The Raindrop comes in stainless steel ($38) and white or black ceramic . I recently received a ceramic fountain to review and so far so good, up until now I’ve had the stainless steel version.

From now until 12/18, I HAVE CAT readers can get 30% off any Raindrop or Funshui fountains (US and Canada only – sorry!) by using promo code CatNYC at check-out. And, if you order by 12/18 you can have your fountain by Christmas!

* Back to my registry story. At the time, you could only create a registry for weddings. So  I had to put down the name of the person I was supposedly marrying. I put down the name of the only man in my life at the time. Yup. Kip. I wish I’d taken a screen grab.

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  • I love those Moda bowls, they’re beautiful! BTW, I received my Bissell stain lifting pads. Can’t wait for our next cat-tastrophe (well, yes I can but I know it’s inevitable). Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      To qualify in the giveaway pick which of the 2 Moda bowls u like best! 🙂

  • Lisa Mills

    The Cinnamutt bowl is gorgeous!!!!! Thank-you for the chance to win one =D

  • Kathleen

    My cats would love the Some Like it Hot bowl! 🙂

  • The Moda Pet bowls are so pretty! The shapes are elegant, and the variegated colors are mesmerizing!

  • gloria walters

    Elegant bowls! My kitties would be delighted.

  • gloria walters

    Elegant bowls! My kitties would be delighted.

  • michelle

    Some (my kitties) like it hot!  ok, maybe not, but they would love a pretty food bowl

  • Anonymous

    Oohhhh! I like the “Some like it hot” pink bowl!  These are great.

  • Bonnie Pinkston

    Yes, says Cheeto!!! Finally dinnerware and fountainware worthy of him and his siblings.  We will be thrilled to have new bowls!!!!

    • Anonymous

      you have to say which one you wanna win to qualify!

      • Bonnie Pinkston

        ooops — because we are large of appetite around here….we’ll go for the Cinnamutt bowl.  Thank you 🙂 

  • Some Like It Hot!!!

  • Dawn

    My girls (Misty, Chloe & Hallie) would love the lemon zest bowl. 

  • Cate

    Ivanna would love to dine from the Some Like it Hot bowl

  • Theresa

    We love your birthday registry. Should have thought of that so many years ago! The fountains look great. We have a different brand, but for the same price, the stainless steel looks great too. As for the bowls, we love the “Teal Appeal” (2 cup). W/3 kitties and 1 dog, can’t have too many bowls. Thanks!

  • Christina Schmid

    Great post! I have the stainless steel raindrop fountain but the motor is failing so I need to buy another (my only complaint is that the motor tends to die after about 6 months in my experience). But I love it and want another! How does the ceramic compare to the stainless??

    • Anonymous

      So far i like the ceramic and think it might even do a better job of staying mold/slime free.
      I’m telling you, the motor will TOTALLY work, you just need to clean it. Did you see the video i found and posted? Check it out. http://ihavecat.com/2011/08/15/maintaining-pioneer-pet-raindrop-drinking-fountain-motor/ Also soaking in vinegar water helps!
      If you’d like to enter to get the MODAPET bowl make sure to put your color/style preference between the two listed!

  • Wren

    I would like to enter for the “some like it hot” 2-cup bowl please 🙂  Those water fountains look awesome!!  Currently I have a Cat-It fountain, the one that looks like a giant bubble that the water pours over.  It has lasted a lot longer than the other kinds I’ve tried.  I’m still looking for one that has a big marble ball on top that is spun around by the water – a friend I lived with for a few months had one for decorative purposes, and it was the Cat Fountain of Choice.  They drank out of nothing but that.  We literally were pouring about two cups of water a day into that thing for two cats.  At least we knew they were well hydrated! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Wow, I”d never heard of the Cat-It fountain before, I’ll have to check it out! Did your friend who had it for decorative purposes actually have a cat?

  • I really REALLY like that “Some Like It Hot (PINK!)” bowl…. trés chic!!!

  • Cheryl J

    Awesome bowls.  Love the style and the colors

  • Lauracea1

    That “Some Like It Hot” pink bowl would be purrfect for my cat.

    Laura and Taffy

    • LAURA AND TAFFY – you are the LUCKY winners of a SOME LIKE IT HOT pink bowl! Please email your full name and mailing address to me at ihavecat(at)gmail(dot)com

  • I won one of those Raindrop pet fountains as a door prize at the CWA conference — and my cats love it! Highly recommended!

  • Carolyn

    I would LOVE to win the 4 cup “Cinnamutt” bowl. My kids (cats) and I would sooo appreciate it.

  • Andrea

    My cats would love to have the Some Like It Hot bowl.

  • Smeetie

    Ethel and Julius Rosenberg would love the Cinamutt. Once they get used to that I think they will demand the water fountain. It’s a slippery slope.

  • The “Some Like it Hot” bowl is super cute!!

  • Susan

    Misha loves the Teal Appeal and Some Like it Hot:)

  • Julia

    Definitely Cinnamutt!  My cats are too conservative for “Some Like It Hot”

  • Melissa

    Those bowls are fantastic! I have 4 girls and we have recently been looking for new kitty bowls! 🙂

  • stacy

    some like it hot may be a bit too much for mr. henry. he would love the cinnamutt though!

  • Ashton

    Joe the Kitten would love the Cinnamutt….this may be one of the few bowls that he can’t flip over for his own entertainment!

  • Nancy

    The Cinnamutt bowl would probably be the more practical for my multi-cat household, but I want the BEAUTIFUL Some Like it Hot bowl – gorgeous lines as well as color.

  • Well, I love the Some Like it Hot bowl – it’s a gorgeous design.   I also have to say, I had to laugh at your title when I saw it today – I feed my both my cats on little glass salad plates when we are at home (as opposed to camping) because Harmony likes to bolt her food and then she gets sick.  Plates slow her down.  Chaos gets a plate so she doesn’t get greedy and steal from his bowl at dinnertime – it’s the only time she gets aggressive.  The Fancy Feast cat has nothing on my babies!  

  • Momkitcat

    My cats would love the hot pink bowl. It’s as bright as they are!

  • Christine

    Hutch would love the the “Some Like It Hot” (pink) 2 cup bowl! What a cool design!

  • Annameow

    am I entered into the contest for a bowl? I need one of these for Mister….only the best for the most perfect kitty in the world! mwah!!!

  • Anjyarose

    I like the some like it hot bowls.

  • Joan Scott

    With 5 cats- we need a Cinnamutt!

  • My kitties would love the Some Like it Hot bowl!

  • Ooooh raindrop water fountain!!!

  • Ooooh raindrop waterfountain looks amazing!

  • Caroline

    Cinnamutt for my kitties…

  • Lubelew


  • Elizabeth Flynn

    4 cup “Cinnamutt” bowl would be our preference!

  • Kate

    Thanks for the discount code for the fountain! I’ve been meaning to get one of these, and your review sealed the deal.  I just ordered one and am happy I’ll have a present for Lola and Mr. Beans under the Christmas tree!

    • Anonymous

      Yay!!! I am so glad! Let me know how they like it!