Feline State of Mind

Asked to describe a cat’s personality recently, I rattled off a list of attributes not thinking much of it. Upon reflection however, I realized I’d described the average New Yorker.

Curious to see how far the similarities went, I compiled a list the likes of which you’ve never seen before (and affirmed why I live in NYC – with cats).

20 Traits Shared By Felines and New Yorkers

Cats Over New York (origin unknown)


1. Opinionated.

2. Land on their feet. Usually.

3. Guarded, but once trust is earned will bare their soul – or belly.

4. Obsessed with shoes.

My friend Laurence’s sweet old lady Noisette.

4. Nocturnal (I’m an exception).

6. Misunderstood, vilified even.

7. Polarizing.

8. Love boxes (studio apartment).



9.  Are an acquired taste.

10. Have superiority complexes.

11. Believe – falsely – that they’re self-sufficient.

12. Non-conformist.

13. Act like they don’t care (but do).


Audrey Hepburn and “Cat” from Breakfast At Tiffany’s (source unknown)


14. Predators not prey.

15. Don’t pander, but tell it like it is.

16. Can’t be bothered with casual acquaintances.

17. Intolerant of mediocrity.


Cat at Shea Stadium (source unknown)


18. Don’t want to be in any club that wants them.

19. Territorial.

20. Finicky, particularly when it comes to food.*

Are there any I missed? It does make me wonder if I could come up with a similar list for dogs and Los Angeleans (is that a word?)…

*While on a tour of the Hills Science campus recently I learned that while dogs reject food based on taste, while a cat will reject it based on smell alone!


Speaking of cats and New York…

As some of you know, I recently went on a vacation to Vieques PR with my friend Sharon and came back with a cat. A kitten actually.  If you don’t yet know about Gracie, you can read about how she ended up in NYC here.

My friend Nancy summed it up well when she said, upon hearing the tale, “Some people go on vacation and hook-up. You come back with a cat. I guess it’s safer.”

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone in PR and the FB universe who helped my friend Sharon and I bring her to the States. We raised $600 in less than 24 hours through a ChipIn! We raised enough money to bring Gracie back in the cabin of the plane (she slept on our lap the entire way), replace the carrier we borrowed from a kind woman by the name of Ingrid Bergman (you can’t make this stuff up!), cover her vet visit in Vieques and her upcoming spay surgery and booster shots.

If it all works out as planned, we will also have $15o to split between two shelters in San Juan who need it very badly.

The video below is from Gracie’s first night at the W Hotel (from the beach to the W Hotel and NYC in under one week!). Click here if you don’t see the video below. Gracie was with me for a while and now she’s with Sharon and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that her cats fall in love with Gracie (or at least tolerate her!).

Oh, and here’s the cat photo I originally thought I’d be sharing with everyone upon my return. The resident W Hotel cat who doesn’t seem to have a name. A super friendly girl (?) who has the cutest tongue curl I’ve ever seen!

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  • Sarah Menzies

    I love this post!!! I love New Yorkers and cats!!!

    And so nice that lovely Gracie gets a mention, her whole story is so special, I hope Sharon can keep her!


    • Anonymous

      It is looking very good for Gracie!

  • Kaboodleent

    Love this post! And you need to submit this to national media to have a whole cat debate! Brilliant stuff….and the pictures are great too!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! 🙂
      Glad you love!
      Yes, media…how to do that…!
      But no debate! Different but equally lovely cats and dogs!

  • sharon

    Awesome list! Well done, my friend!

    • Anonymous

      Thank YOU for your input! 🙂
      The only other thing we worked on in Vieques! Other than cat rescue!

  • Keith Phillips

    I think you have an accurate list on both counts and something I never thought of before.  But, since I love both cats and NYC there must be some truth to it. (Incidentally, I have heard people from Los Angeles referred to as “Angelinos”)

  • Guido the Italian Kitty

    Catzowey! Gracie hit da Jackpot! Congratucatulashuns on coming to America – I did and itza meowvalous

  • Mimi

    OMC… she is precious…. i sure hope she finds a wonderful furever home!!!!!!

    Love the New Yorker  and Cat analogy!!!!!Mimi and the kids


  • How many wonderful things can you put in one post? I love the comparison of cats and New Yorkers and was delighted to see the video of Gracie in your hotel room. She’s a lucky girl! Hope the cat introductions are going well.
    Deborah Julian

  • Tamar, the first thing I think of is impatience. Horns blaring and “feed be now!”.
    Peeps from L.A. are called Angelinos. And, Gracie deserves a separate post.

  • Annameow

    Love it.  Now, that I know New Yorkers are cat like I like them much better.  😉
    Nashvillians are cat like too. I mean, hello, “Nashville Cats”!  (Okay, a dash of dogs, because we really love to please people!)

  • Cheysuli

    Perhaps I shall move to New York–I am a discriminating cat an this sounds perfect for me!

  • Well I can certainly tell that I am the child of Brooklyn parents AND that I was born in Long Island! I may have moved away when I was 2 but I think it is in my blood lol.

    Ohhhh I am dying from kitty cuteness!!! So you didn’t take her to the Humane Society and your friend is going to keep her?

    She is beyond adorable!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What a great deal for Gracie! And after Jack, I’m so glad she could fly in the cabin.

    I’ll have to share this with my New York friends>

  • actually #4 is wrong.  Cats are not nocternal, they are crepuscular – active at dawn and dusk.  That is when their natural prey is most active and they are most likely to be sucessful hunting.  Their eyes are designed to see best in the twilight of the day (am & pm) and can not see in complete darkness.

  • Love this list! And Gracie’s story, of course. Do you think she’ll develop the same New-Yorker cat traits after a while? Are PR kitties different? 😉

  • Best Christmas gift ever! Thanks for doing all you do and for all the Chip In folks!

  • This was most entertaining!

  • Great list Tamar – New Yorkers are a special breed of people and it appears that their cats are as well!! I loved the story on Gracie and look forward to updates!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Deb! I know, some people remarked that she deserved her very own post!

  • Marilia Bavaresco


    • Anonymous


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