Chateau du Chat

Now that we’ve got your 4-legged friends covered with our Tipsy Nip giveaway (you have until 12/12 to enter!), it’s time for the 2-leggeds.

According to recent research findings cat owners were found to be less social, more introverted and more neurotic than their dog-loving counterparts. And since our pets tend to be indoor animals considered less social as well, it can only mean we spend nights in our rented apartments (more research findings) talking to our cats and drinking copious amounts of wine to ease our neurosis, right? Particularly during the holidays.

California Wine Club Cat and wine

Kip attempting to come between me and my wine!


The folks at The California Wine Club must agree with this hypothesis as they asked me to test-drive their Premier Club wine-by-the-month gift membership (read on to enter for a free month of wine and a discount code so you can share the gift of wine this holiday season!).

Living in NYC wine delivery is just a phone call away seven days a week. Now, one lucky I HAVE CAT reader will experience the joys of wine home delivery with a ONE MONTH membership to The California Wine Club Premier Membership (2 bottles =  $50 value). Entry details at the end of this post.

While I love my local wine store and their resident cat Jack (who sees the vet regularly and is on a prescription weight-loss diet) I don’t rely on them to expand my knowledge of wines. This is where a wine club can help out.

Jack attack!


Bruce and Pam Boring, who started The California Wine Club 20 years ago, travel California wine country monthly with their son Jon to meet wine makers and find wines to share with their members – some of which never make it into national distribution due to their limited runs.  Not convinced? Jennifer Garner and Justin Timberlake are both huge fans (not sure if this helps or hurts but figured it was worth mentioning!).

By signing up, you – or a lucky friend –  will receive two bottles of wine monthly (one red, one white) with tasting notes and a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like a wine after trying it you don’t have to pay for it. So take advantage of the 10% discount being offered to all I HAVE CAT fans through 1/31/12 by using the promo code  ihavecat at checkout!

To enter the 1-month Premier Win Club giveaway:

  • Leave a comment telling us about your favorite kind of wine: California? Red? Pinot Gris? Whatever is in your glass or on sale?
  • Comment must be left before 5pm EST 12/9. Winner will be chosen using and announced on 12/10.
  • You must be of legal drinking age (proof in the form of an official state or country ID may be requested before release of prize).
  • Anyone save residents of Utah or Canada (sorry!) is eligible to enter.

NOTE: While I receive the wine I review free of charge, I am not compensated by The California Wine Club in any other way.

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  • Protojew62

    I am a red wine fan, esp. a Cabernet, from CA!

  • Depends on the day, but generally red wine is my fav. More familiar with California and Washington wines, but certainly open to trying others!

  • Sarah Menzies

    Anyone can enter? Even Aussies?? ;o)
    If that’s the case then my fav wine is Sauvignon Blanc!! I never liked wine when I fist tried it, but I wanted to look sophisticated holding a wine glass when I went out so I’d drink Passion Pop (ick! – do you guys have that there??), or Moscato, or even dessert wine! Eventually I learned to love all wine, including reds, but I can’t go past a good New Zealand Sauv Blanc!!!

  • My favorite wine is pinot noir — but I like most red wines.

  • Poohny7

    My favorite kind of wine ~ Whatever is in my glass LOL.  Truthfully, I am not a red wine drinker.  I prefer white.  Though I have come to like Pinot Noir.  I do like Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio, Reisling and Gewurtztraminer.  We try to buy our wines at the farmers market that we go to.  These are sold by wineries in the State of NY.  Heron Hill winery has two fabulous wines in their Eclipse collection.  Eclipse Red is a mix of Merlot, Cabernet franc and Cabernet sauvignon.  The Eclipse white is a mix of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc.

  • Free wine for a year? Where do I sign up? My fave is a nice California Merlot or Cab!

    • Anonymous

      Just for one month sorry! But you qualify just by leaving a comment!

      • Hey free wine for a month is good too! 😉

  • Rebecca

    I think Kip has actually downed a bottle in this pic and he’s protecting his stash! 🙂
    Great post…as always my dear

  • Richelle

    My favorite wine is a Riesling…  Love trying different wineries too! Yum!

  • Jessica Colt

    Hello! Cats and wine! What a wonderful combination! I wonder if cat owners are also smarter… I would guess yes. My favorite wine is Sauvignon Blanc and my favorite cat is my orange tabby, Nacho, who is spotted rather than striped.

  • Julie S.

    Any kind of sparkling wine is my favorite. I’m more introverted because I love staying home with my 8 wonderful cats. I think that’s a good thing!! Oh, and my husband has asthma and is allergic to the cats, so there is hope for single cat ladies out there. The right guy won’t mind someone who is introverted and has kitties… he will love you for it.

  • Bridget

    i’m all about the white wines – savignon blanc, riesling, gewurztraminer and white blends are my favs. every night when i have my after work glass my cats inspect it & make sure i’m drinking quality stuff!! 😉 last year i visited the Santa Ynez Valley in California & went to some of the places in the movie Sideways – it was amazing!!

  • Alissa

    My go to white is Pinot Grigio, and my go to red is Malbec, though I love a nice Cabernet Sauvignon too.

  • Marisa

    Wine wine wine.  My favorite red is Sangiovese and my favorite white is Sancerre (other than bubbly – bubbles make everything better (except red wine which tastes like fizzy grape juice)).

  • Donna Savory

    Virgina has some great vineyards and this fall I have greatly enjoyed a local “blackberry” wine!  I love a good red wine anytime.   

  • Patcharee Wilkins

    My favorite type of wine is Pinot Noir, but would love to explore more white wine@

  • Wren

    Does it count if I say “my favorite wine is whatever would make a rockin’ Christmas present for friends and family because I don’t drink wine myself”? 😉

  • meeshell

    sparkling!  but i usually just buy whats on sale

  • Bettina

    I love red wines – beau joules are some of my favs!

  • Sherry Black

    MERLOT!!! MOL!!!…preferrably young, less than 4 years…Stone Creek Merlot is my fav!!!

  • Oliver

    My favorite wine is pretty much any that has a cat on the label.

  • Tildatoo (Prudence pup)

    Yum! Pinot Noir, now that it’s cooler!

  • sharon

    I love California Chardonnay, but I’d have to say my favorite wine is red!  But, what’s wrong with staying home to drink wine with your cats! LOL

  • My mom is all these things.  Her favorite wine is whatever kind will get her tipsy while she watches One Tree Hill alone in her apartment.

  • Evgeny

    malbec please

  • Teracey

    I tend to prefer whites and roses. I’m all over trying a good red, but I haven’t found a decent red in my price range, the ones I’ve tried so far tasted a bit skunky. The best wine-like thing to ever grace a wine glass, however, is a local strawberry champagne my wine shop just a block away carries. That stuff is divine!

  • Laurence

    What would we do for wine ?? I love the picture of your cat…
    I love Cabernet from CA , Sangiovese. Sancerre, Sauterne for white…
    Kiss the cats for me… I miss mine. I wish I could talk to them on Skype !!

  • OldCatsRule

    you had me at wine.

  • Christine

    I’m learning the wonder of wine and so far, I like it all!

  • Tux the Cat

    Hey what about the wines of the Finger Lakes of New York? The humans here with wineries on Cayuga and Seneca lakes make wines that are the cat’s meow.  Not that the California wines are for pussies. Tux the Cat

  • Anonymous

    I like Cabernet Sauvignon and also Pinot Grigio.  Thank you for this great opportunity.

  • Dawn

    It’s a good thing I just turned 21!  😉  I buy whatever catches my eye in the store that day, and a cheap price doesn’t hurt, either.  It’s a good think the liquor store down the street doesn’t have a cat or I’d be frequenting the place.

  • I’m a fan of Zinfandel, preferably from old vines.

    unclebonald at gmail dot com

  • Tolepntr

    Red…. currently “Recession Red” from a local Pa winery is on chill in the fridge.

  • I drinks mostly red in the winter (cabs & merlot) and whites in the summer (pinot gris, unoaked chard, riesling) and champagne all year round!

  • Karen Nichols

    We often buy Fat Cat wine and prefer the Merlot. Fave wineries are Heitz, BV and Stagg’s Leap. We tend to reds, but as you know, I’ll drink just about anything including the sponged drippings from the bar. 

  • Karen Nichols

    BTW, I know you can’t tell from my photo, but I am actually of drinking age. 

    • Tamar

      omg. thank you for making me laugh twice in one night. you are the best. xo

  • Gingertabby12

    I drink Chardonnay.  I am not too picky, but cannot stand really cheap wines.  

  • Annameow

    okay Tamar this is my official vino entry!  I do not have one favorite wine. I like heavier red wines in the fall and winter and lighter whites in the summer. I’m always open to experimentation and tasting. I’m not a big fan of heavily oaked wines or very sweet wine. I would still consider myself a wine novice.  Being a visual person I am also greatly swayed by the graphics on the label! I know…terrible! LOL Ana G.

  • kittykris

    Yup-being home with my cats & hubby & wine is my idea of a good evening.  I love Malbec & any white other than Chardonnay….

  • Cjorgens81

    I like most white wines, as long as they are unoaked…

  • Cate

    Reds, especially cabs. And this time of year … mulled! Would it help that my b-day is the 9th? 🙂

  • Claudiaseiu1000

    Introverted extrovert or extroverted introvert? :0)

  • Sherry

    Love 7 Deadly Zins or a hearty Shiraz, a lovely Pinot Noir, a light Grigio

  • Donna Marshall

    My favorite wine is Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot.  I mostly drink red wine, and the Blackberry Merlot is just yummy!

  •  ZZThe human assistant likes California reds the most.

  • Amanda Brooks

    I love Riesling! I WILL drink red wine at dinner if that’s what everyone else is drinking though, 

  • Dionis

    I don’t really have a favorite – I tend to fall back on Arbor Mist’s Sangria Zinfandel a lot, but I also enjoy several other wines depending on my mood and what’s handy.  Right now,  I’ve got some mead/honey wine in the fridge.

  • I’m a big fan of a nice rosé….. though red or white doesn’t REALLY matter to me, as long as the bottle isn’t empty.

  • Caroline

    California Cabernet Sauvignon, specifically from the Oakville area in Napa Valley.  Just sayin’.

  • Jeannie Smith

    I missed the pickle, but perhaps I’ll score some wine! I personally lean more to the light and slightly fruity whites, but I enjoy reds as well…

  • Joe Tyrrell

    For a California white, I gravitate to Cambria Katherine’s Vineyard, but there are plenty of nice alternatives. Feel free to substitute a Meursault, and of course, a bracing Muscadet for shellfish.
    Among reds, I enjoy Avalon’s cab, but I just had a tasty (and cheap) Merlot from Santa Ema in Chile, and my distant relatives in Australia make a good value in Moore’s Creek shiraz. Of course, this is the time of year for something heavy duty. I like the style of Cockburn’s port, but I’m open to California suggestions.

  • Dawn G.

    I mainly drink whites (pinot gris) and a white blend. 

  • Lisa R. (

    Wow, fabulous review & giveaway. And yes indeed, as a (somewhat) introverted cat person, hanging by the fire with a kitty and a glass of wine tops my fave evening activities list (okay there’s probably an e-book in the mix too *grins*).

    My faves? Um…sangiovese or beujolais nouveau for reds…and nothign beats a bubbly sweet moscato (the price is right too) to sip with dessert!

  • Melissa

    Ohh I prefer White whites… Moscato’s are my favorite! 

  • Lisa E.

    Merlot if red, Riesling if white, and Asti Spumante for sparkling wine.

  • Mel

    Champagne is my very favorite! For whites I love Pinot Grigios, and my favorite red is a Malbec. But I never turn down any wine!

  • Triciawyse

    I must admit that for me, usually whatever is on sale and either a rose or a white is basically enough to make me happy.

  • Jaime Brookmeyer

    I love an unoaked chardonnay, but I will not discriminate against a good wine sale. 🙂