(Cat) Nip and Wine

I thought “Nip and Wine” was a cute post title until it dawned on me what “nip” is short for.  Since the only “nips” on this page are of the feline variety I added “(cat)” to the title to avoid any embarrassing mix-ups!

As the holidays approach you might be wondering what to get the cat lover in your life, or what to put on your holiday wish list.  I’m here to help with just two words.

Catnip and wine.

Careers for your Cats, California Wine Clubs, Tickle Pickle

The only thing better than nip and wine? Nip and wine and KITTENS of course!


It’s a combination guaranteed to ingratiate visitors to the residents of my home (2 and 4-legged), and I suspect the home of any cat and wine lover on your holiday gift list.

This week the cats will review Tipsy Nip catnip products and I’ll review wine from California Wine Club. I HAVE CAT readers will receive discount codes and the chance to win free nip and wine! First up, the nip (goes off to refill wine glass).


Kip (aka the inspector) checks out the goods.


The folks at Tipsy Nip sent a generous sampling of their products for the cats to test drive.  Personally, I like the fact that they’re a small independent business run from Vermont with competitive prices.

As  you can see from the photo below, Kip couldn’t wait for me to get the Tickle Pickle out of the wrapping before attacking it.  The folks at Tipsy Nip have a variety of products from “the pickle”  stuffed with 100%  organic catnip (no polly fillers) to wooden cat toy balls marinated in nip, and Tuna Sushi flakes  (bonito tuna flakes, nori seaweed and nip).


Nom nom! Catnip flavored plastic!


From 11/28-12/12, I HAVE CAT readers get 20% off every Tipsy Nip purchase by using promo code IHC11 at check out! But wait, there’s more! Leave a comment to this post before 5pm EST 12/5 to be entered to win a Tickle Pickle for your very own kitty!  So sorry but given issues with customs this is a US giveaway only. A winner will be chosen using random.org and announced by noon Tuesday 12/6.


I couldn’t resist including a few more pics of the cats enjoying their gifts. The video of Petie is hysterical. He cannot stop eating the catnip – it’s all over his face!


Haddie double fists it.


Some one is tipsy!



Disclaimer: Tipsy Nip Organic Catnip Products provided these items for review, but all of the opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  • OMC that was soooooooooooo cute! Don’t enter us in the give-away because we had reviewed Tipsy Nip a few months ago. I just wanted to vouch for  how amazing their products are. I honestly feel they have the best “NIP” on the market!

  • Susanbellnc

    That is so funny. My cats do that; put their face way down in the nip and get it all over themselves. Love it.

  • Tipsy Nip.  What a great name for a cat nip fest.  We’d love to enter!

    Cotton, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron & Rusty

  • Catmother

    We have 8 cats that would go absolutely CRAZY over this catnip!!!  There’s stuff in there that they’ve never tried before, like the hard catnip ball. Nobody in our house drinks alcohol, so hopefully that will give us a furry leg up on the competition!!! All my furkids would be so proud that they scored the ultimate catnip high from your ultimate site!!!

  • Poohny7

    we have not given them cat nip yet.  besides they are little hurricanes when they get going.

    I think Santa Kitty might bring them some for Christmas.

    Love the video of Petie with the tipsy nip.

    • Christina Schmid

      Despite Leo’s recent bad behavior (i.e., the late-night decapitation of my new ceramic holiday reindeer!), he deserves some of this awesome catnip!  It is the holidays after all!

  • Annameow

    First off I want to thank you for my morning chuckle….the “nip” vs “nip” thing. LOL Perhaps you have to be a guy or something to get the other nip. I guess I’m still Old school or something cuz I still think of nip as a small portion of something really good usually mind altering.  (hmmmph….come to think of it I’ve known some guys who would view the other nip that way…)   LOL Good article I have to come and study it after coffee. 🙂

  • Great pictures and video!!!

  • Guido the Italian Kitty

    Me &  Myself purrfurs Catbernet Sauvignon with an organicat nip Pizza Meowgarita! Hey I’ma EyeTailYun!

  • Kate

    This is great! Thank you for sharing another source for our ‘nip habit =^.,.^=

  • That Tickle Pickle looks like tons of fun, Artemisia, Socks & Scylla would love playing with that. http://alasandra2003.blogspot.com/

  • I’m really interested in the wooden cat ball toys. A friend bought my cats the plastic ones and I keep stepping on them & breaking them. Such a mess!

  • Oh that Tickle Pickle looks fun!  

  • WebGal Pat

    I am definitely heading over there to look at the catnip toys! Lisa: I buy those plastic practice golf balls (the ones with the holes in them) for my cats. They are much cheaper than cat toys and my one cat used to love them in the bathtub! He would chase them all around. And, if you step on them, they don’t seem to make as much a mess..maybe those holes help!

  • Patcharee

    a tickle pickle would be awesome for my ktties

  • Arm88125

    I want to win a pickle!!

    • Ihavecat

      Hey! Email me at ihavecat(at)gmail.com – you won the PICKLE!!!

    • hey are you there?! you won you won! 

  • Elizabeth Flynn

    I know the Shadow Dance Ranch kittehs would love the Tickle Pickle. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  • Tildatoo

    our kitties would love the Tipsy Pickle! Just typing that made us giggle! Loved the video too!

  • The Island Cats

    We love this pickle!  Please enter us in the giveaway!!

  • Paula

    My kitties would love a Tickle Pickle.

  • oh what fun it is to play with a pickle on …. wait.. no.. um.. oh what fun it is to play with a pickle from tipsy… no.. that doesn’t make any sense either.. well fine. but The Crew would love to play with the pickle.. 😉

  • sharon


  • We want pickles! We want pickles!  Sour, half, dill, garlic, whatever, just include the nip!

  • Tranquillo21

    Stella is due for a new “shipment” of cat nip and this would fit the bill (I trust Petie’s taste!)  Her ziplock bag in the fridge is nearly empty 🙁  Tamar, this post was wonderful. Wine agrees with you 😉
    – Rebecca

    • ! thanks Rebecca! 🙂 Except when i order the wrong item on AMazon.com and have it shipped to PR! 

  • Sami

    time for Petie to check out the local (C)NA  (cat)nip annonymous

  • Kaboodleent

    Tipsy nip is awesome and so are petie and tamar!!!

  • Bridget

    if Petie approves then it must be awesome!! my cats would surely enjoy that pickle, yummmmmm!

  • Laura and Taffy

    Taffy would love that nip pickle.  She loves to roll around in nip, too.

    Laura and Taffy

  • Father Tom

    Well, organic catnip up here in the Northeast! No wonder I like it up here so much along with my parish home. We’d love a tickle pickle for the little guy, Mittens. Thanks!


  • Amy12265

    I love this pickle! The cats love pickles especially one that is filled with catnip. Well, actually since they are all girl cats any pickle will do. tee hee  Nala , Lucy and Tess Anne would love them some nip!

  • I am going right over to check out their products.  I was wondering what to get Herman and his cousins for Christmas and this looks like it would fit the bill perfectly.  Herman would love to get a Tickle Pickle.

  • Just thought you would like to know.  The discount code for Tipsy Nip is no longer valid.

    • Karen, it  should be fixed now! Sorry about that! It’s good til 12/12~

  • shannontm817

    We love a good (cat)nip party over here at Cat Central.
    Smokey, Footsie, Moo, Stewie & Cupcake

  • Krista

    My kitties would love a Tickle Pickle! They already have a catnip “tail” and “paw,” so the pickle would be a perfect addition to the toy collection!

  • Sherry Black

    Give me Merlot!!!!…and a pickle! MOL!

  • Brandy Kratz

    My cats would probably go crazy for these toys. all 5 of my rescued babies would be like OMG! mommy just gave us the key to kitty heaven!

  • Lee N Charlie

    My crew of 7 would love a Tickle Pickle or 4!  =)

  • Dec 5th is my birthday! Pick me! Pick me! 

  • Nicolette527

    Oh this looks so so much fun! 

  • Stormyiz66

    We have 5 cats here that woudl love the tickle pickle !!!

  • Kris

    I have 7 cats that would fight over that pickle!

  • Sandi Landau

    Wow! How much fun is that tickle pickle??? It all looks great!

  • tinkerbaby

    We can never have too many ‘nip’ toys! I’m gonna check out the site but would love to win. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  • sandy

    Cats would LOVE this!

  • Janie LaPoint

    17 year old Arnold, and 14 year old Daphne would love to have a  tickle pickle!

  • Kate

    Ooh! Hide and Seek LO-O-OVE catnip. I love to watch them go crazy when I give them a nip of the ‘nip 🙂

  • Kiver

    My kitties love the ‘nip and from the looks on your babies faces its good stuff!

  • Cat Mews (Karen)

    awww Haddie is so pretty. I would love a chance to win for my 7 cat team

  • catef

    I tried to order, but the company site says the coupon code is no longer being accepted … after less than 48 hours!

    • Hobbit did you try again? They said it was fixed and you should be able to use it until 12/12~

  • Keith Phillips

    I , or I should say Studley, would love to win a Tickle Pickle!  For that matter so would both of the girls!

  • Diana

    My little buddy, Dargo, would love a Tickle Pickle!

  • Little Eclipse would love a tickle pickle! I just gave her  catnip for the first time ever last week and she loveeedddd it 🙂 

  • Luanne57

    my crew is pickeld pink by the idea of a new catnip toy added to their collection!  Hope we win!!

  • Hope

    Sly, Sabrina, Sweetums and Blaze will have a blast playing with the tipsy pickle!

  • Morgan

    holy crap this looks awesome!

  • Anonymous

    ooooh my kitties LOVE their catnip … we’d LOVE a pickle!!!!!

  • PattyMM

    All our kitties would love to share a pickle! 🙂

  • Dawncsg

    That is fantastic. Petie seems to love him some tipsy nip. I’m sure my cats would love it too!

  • Annameow

    I’m not sure if I am entered or not yet. so this is my official entry, yes, me and Mister want to party down with nip & nip! Enter me for the wine and Mister for the nipster!  We will even be willing to send before (the nip) and after (the nip) pix! ;-D

  • Maia

    How much fun it is to watch our kitties with their catnip treats! Just love the looks on Kip, Hattie & Petie’s faces. So flippin’ adorable!

  • My kitties definitely want a Tickle Pickle!! Especially if it’s from the wonderful state of Vermont!

  • My cats LOVE nip … it is  the only kind of toy that still gets my senior girl playing like a kitten, even if it is just for a little while!  😉

  • Pumpkin Hall

    Tickle Pickles look like such nice toys…my kitties would love it.

  • How often do you get to say you play with a pickle?  Well…wait, don’t answer that!!  Molly would love the Tickle Pickle.  She already plays with her food, so why not give her “food” she can really play with! 🙂

  • Nancy

    My cats would LOVE a tickle pickle – they are catnip fiends!

  • Sandy

    When they learn to open the jars, we are all in trouble.

    • ha! so true! they will be disappointed i am afraid!

  • Rebecca

    My cat would go wild for a tickle pickle! Plus, I am trying to keep her active now that she’s a senior. So that means I would throw said tickle pickle across the room, and she would wildly bound after it, knocking things over and generally causing great chaos, and then grab the pickle and kick it and kick it and kick it! Sounds great, right?? 

  • Laurie and the “Girls”

    Please enter us in the contest to win the Pickle! 


    Laurie and the “Girls”

  • Hobbit

    I would luvz a pickle!

  • Beth Emmons

    My babies would love this pickle and nip toy! I have heard these are wonderful but have never got one before, I hope we win!

  • Phoebe

    I want one of these pickles!

  • Protojew62

    My cats love nip and would go crazy for it! Petie eating it is sooo cute!! PLEASE enter me for this drawing..

  • Angelique

    My Ragamuffin LOVES catnip and would go crazy for the Tickle Pickle!

  • Richelle

    My kitties would love this!  They are cat nip connoisseurs!

  • sarah

    My three pussycats love homegrown/organic nip! I’m sure the pickle shape would be fun to play with and my Squeaky would carry it off away from her brother and sister.

  • Kelly M.

    I love the video!  I would like to be entered to win the pickle for my kitties, Jenni and Dolli

  • Alissa

    I love the Tickle Pickle!!!

  • Donna Savory

    Love the pics!  Nothing like a cat with catnip!

  • Cjgs1

    Ah!!!!  Wine for me and nip for my Cali!!!  We will get along great!!!!!

  • Wren

    All three of my kitties love their ‘nip.  They nom it, roll in it, lick toys filled with it so much I swear one day they’ll get through the fabric… 🙂

  • Bettina

    Pick the pickle!  Such a wonderful idea!

  • Mary Anne

    So cute, I just ordered one of the pickles for each of my 2 cats, I’m just worried the little brute boy (rescue kitty who is part Maine Coon) is going to hog both of them and destroy them in hours! LOL… he’s so cute and sweet, but such a brute when he plays, especially with good organic catnip.

    • let us know how the nip goes over in your home!

  • Christine

    I think my Hutch would flip for the pickle! 🙂

  • Jamie

    My kitties would love a tickle pickle! They are nip addicts.

  • J Hughes21

    I had bought some products from Tipsy Nip and tried to use the promo code. It said that the number of participants had been reached (11/29) and I didnt get the discount but I still  bought the products. I can’t wait until they come in the mail 🙂

    • Anonymous

      So annoying I am sorry! We have been having a bit of trouble with the code I will let them know and maybe they can refund you the 20%.
      Stay tuned!

  • Tux the Cat

    Yes, yes, on giving nip to friends for the holidays! There is nothing I would rather receive. A big meow for catnip any way you can get it! Tux the Cat http://tuxthecat.com 

  • Collette

    Love it!  My cats think catnip is the best.

  • Dawn

    If we win Lexy will come over and share with your kitties.

  • Kathleen

    Sounds great!  I’m sure my kitties would love one of those pickles! 🙂

  • We love homegrown catnip!

  • Gingertabby12

    oooh, i want to win

  • kittykris

    LOL–love the idea of wine & catnip.  My idea of a perfect evening!

  • Imelda

    Love watching kitties with catnip. Thank you!

  • Joan Scott

    Tickle the Pickle. Brilliant!

  • Joan Scott

    Tickle the Pickle. Brilliant!

  • Tina Dietrich

    OMC Pawsome!!! Purrrty Please enter us to win =^_^= we LOVE NIPS and those all look divine!!!
    tdietrich79(at)gmail(dot)com is the hoomans mail

    Bengal Trio

  • Claudiaseiu1000

    I hide glass pickles in the Christmas tree. Would be great to hide a Tickle Pickle some where for the kitties to find on Christmas.

  • Oui Oui/ Twinkletoetails

    We kitties would love to win the Tickle Pickle!  Its filled with our favorite stuff and in the right shape to bunny kick.  What more could you ask for in a toy?

  • Karmakat

    I cats would do anything for the tickle the pickle, they would probably even wash your car.

    • Karmakat

      OOps I meant my not I

  • Rachel Shubin

    Enter me for sure. Rachel.shubin@gmail.com

  • Sherry

    the girls will have the Tickle Pickle, and I’ll have the vino
    All will be tipsy nipsy & fabulous

    • Anonymous

      If you haven’t yet done so be sure to enter for the wine! It’s a different giveaway!

  • Donna Marshall

    My furbabies would love the Tickle Pickle!  Especially Miss Glory; she is old, but she does love her nip.

  • Littlesushi

    our kitties aster and cody would love the tickle pickle!!