Color Me Vegan

I’m super excited about my plan to attend ThanksLiving at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary with a few friends today.  ThanksLiving is a fundraising event for the Sanctuary in which Turkeys are the guests of honor and bi-pods dine on a vegan version of the traditional Thanksgiving feast complete with vegan wine.* 

Enjoying a kale salad (and non-vegan wine) on Shelter Island

I’m far from being vegan, but I did stop eating red meat a little over two years ago because Petie’s resemblance to a rabbit was too close for comfort (refer to”Feline Mignon”).  And when I do enjoy a really good vegan meal my heart is lighter with the knowledge that animals did not suffere to fill my belly.

But I digress. This I found myself documenting many of my meals, and it turns out most of them were vegan – probably because of the vivid colors of the fresh ingredients.

My Mom's purple potato salad

In honor of ThanksLiving, I wanted to share some of the delicious vegan food I’ve enjoyed it he past few months – there’s even a national chain in the mix!

Vegan hotdog from Asiadog (NYC)


Brazilian Bombshell & Green Power shakes from Terri's in NYC


Terri's tofu scramble breakfast wrap


Black bean burger from Au Bon Pain (hold the feta spread)


So about that vegan wine.  I was surprised to learn that most wine isn’t vegetarian let alone vegan,  because of the animal-derived ingredients used during the “fining” (filtration) process that helps remove impurities.

“The most common animal ingredients used in wine making are isinglass (a very pure form of gelatine from sturgeon fish bladders), gelatine (extract from boiled cow’s or pig’s hooves and sinews), egg whites (or albumin) and caseins (a protein from milk).”
Source: Vegans Are From Mars 

Vegan wines exist and I’ll be trying some today and will be sure to report back on how they taste.

Are you vegan or do you eat vegan food on occasion? If so please share your favorite recipes or fast food/chain restaurant finds with us.

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  • Most of the vegan food looks yummy.  I never knew that gelatin was used to make wine.

    • I KNOW crazy right? And of course jelly beans, gummy worms etc all use gelatin too! 

    • Guest

      It’s added for the specific purpose of being removed again.   It makes the sediment clump together and settle out.  The gelatin is left behind with the sediment. It’s not just wine, many beers do this also.

      Vegan wines use clay (kaolin or bentonite) for the same purpose (or they filter it, or  just don’t fine it at all).

  • Sarah Menzies


    • I LOVE DAHL and will have to make this – especially now that the weather is getting colder. I LOVE cilantro but I hear it’s a love/hate thing and that some people have a gene or something that makes it taste awful for them! 

      • Sarah Menzies

        I love dahl and the cilantro goes perfect with this dish! Let me know how it tastes – oh and a little tip, make sure you prepare everything before you start cooking :o)

  • Everything looks so yummy (well, with the possible exception of that green smoothie…)! Who knew Au Bon Pain had a black bean burger on their menu!

    I’m mostly vegetarian although I do eat fish and dairy (I guess that makes me a pescetarian? – I’m not big on labels and that just sounds weird). I have tried and like vegan dishes, it’s just a little too restrictive for me as a full time diet. I can’t wait to hear your report from today’s outing!

    • Hi Ingrid – the green smoothie is surprisingly good! Really it is! Not bitter at all! 

  • Can you ask your mom to please send some purple potato salad to Kansas City?  Thanks.

    • I know right? I’m super spoiled! I love going home to eat my mom’s food! 

  • Everything does look very good. I’m not vegan-but I don’t eat meat (although I do occasionally buy chicken for my cats on my vet’s advice). I stopped eating meat over 15 years ago after reading James Herriot’s “All Creatures Great and Small” series of books. He was a country vet who wrote so beautifully about farm animals and how intelligent they are. One of the many benefits of eating a vegetable based diet is feeling well. I have more energy than I’ve ever had in my life. 

    Thanks for a great post and for getting people thinking about what they eat!

    Deborah Julian 

    • Hi Deborah – yes, cats must have meat to survive, they’re obligate carnivores. Interestingly dogs are able to live healthy on a vegan diet (obviously one that is carefully regulated/monitored to ensure they get all the right nutrients etc). 
      I will have to check out the book you mention. I”d never heard of it before. Sounds like he was ahead of his time! 

  • My Mommeh is vegetarian, but not vegan.  She said that food looks yummy!

    • It IS yummy! The food at THANKSLIVING in Woodstock was AH-MAZING! Can’t wait to post those photos! Ya to your mommy! If she hasn’t ever read the book SKINNY BITCH she should check it out (the title is a bit misleading – they did it to catch everyone’s attention but it’s an educational and irreverent book). 

  • these look yummy! I am also trying to eat a mostly plant-based diet. Still eat organic free-range eggs and dairy yogurt , but have switched to soy milk on my cereal and love it. thanks for the great post and have a great time at the event!

    • Thanks Susan, it was fun. Got to play with the goats – lovely creatures! Love your kitty – that nose! Squee!  i really enjoy Almond Breeze almond milk have you ever tried it (i like that brand, not all almond milk is as yummy, though i’d love to find an organic almond milk)

  • Kelly R

    I’ve been vegetarian or vegan most of life and I like to travel, so I’ve gotten familiar with what’s veg in restaurants. A few of my go-to chains are Noodles & Co., Chipotle, Red Robin, and Pita Pit.

    Thanks for sharing the photos! NYC has soooo many tasty veg options. Your photos make me want to take a trip there ASAP!

    • Hi Kelly, Thanks for posting your suggestions – I’ve never heard of Pita Pit, Red Robin or Noodles & Co! I like Chipotle and they say there’s a location in NYC that has a faux-meat burrito – I DEF have to find that one! 

  • Vegan wine? Who knew? Hubs is a pescatarian like you. All looks yummy and I love goats for their chevre.

  • mimi

    I’m not a vegan, but love Pita Pit.  They have tons of fresh vegie choices for your pita !!!

  • tracks beer, wine and spirits and whether they are vegan. Very helpful.