Candice Olson Unleashes Her Inner Kitty

When I received the invitation to attend the unveiling of Purina’s Tidy Cats Pet Projects Design Challenge winners at the Museum of Arts and Design last Monday, I knew it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Not only would there be an open bar (yay!) and the chance to scope-out cat-loving men, but interior designer and guest judge Candice Olson would be in attendance. Seeing that I’m in the midst of redecorating my apartment, I couldn’t wait to get my paws on her for some stylish cat-friendly tips.

Candice and Chevy (photo: People Pets)


What some of her fans might not know is that Candice is a long-time cat-lover (no wonder she’s so awesome!). She, along wit hher husband, kids and dog Chaplin reside in her cat Chevy’s home in Toronto.

Some of you may know I was a finalists for the Purina Cat Chow Correspondent position but didn’t get the gig, so I decided to go rogue and interview Candice as the Unofficial Pet Correspondent. Check out my interview here (or below) to hear Candice’s decorating suggestions for those of us with feline friends.

In her own home, Candice built a special Moroccan-inspired cat door for Chevy to get to his food and to keep Chaplin (the dog) out. But as she tells

“[Chaplin] did manage one time to squeeze through. He literally shape-shifted into a snaky body and weaseled through it. He ate every last drop of cat food – he was so stuffed and fat that he couldn’t get out. He was busted.”

If you weren’t invited to the Tidy Cat’s event last week don’t despair, once you watch this video you’ll feel like you were watching it all from the cat perch. Keep your eyes peeled for some cat blogging celebrities!


As judge of Purina’s Tidy Cats Pet Projects Design Challenge, Olson helped selected two grand prize winners based on the innovative way they adapted their homes to suit the felines in their lives.  Each won $10,000 and a trip to New York City for the unveiling of their design.  

Catsparella and I were lucky enough to meet and interview them in person (both cat-men I must point out). 

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  • Keith Phillips

    Cute stuff!  I want to find out about contests like this since I have the time to do these projects.  Thanks for sharing this, Tamar. Also, it’s nice to see your smiling face in action!

    • Thanks Keith! I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been a very popular post – maybe not many IHC fans know of Candice? Or maybe they don’t wanna seem me on camera! ha! 

      I wish I’d know about it too! We could have done a bang-up job between us!

  • Kathleen

    Enjoyed watching your videos and reading about being there.  We’re soon going to be looking for new furniture in replacing a loveseat that has been clawwed to death by our two cats, so I was very interested to hear her suggestions regarding materials.  That’s what I was thinking, something with a tight weave.

    • HI Kathleen! Thanks so much for posting! Glad you enjoyed the videos and the subject matter. Yes, I just reupholstered my chase (someone did i didn’t!) in micro fiber and so far the cats don’t seem to find it too attractive – yay! 

  • Angela Arias

    As always, I enjoy reading and seeing your post. I loved the music of videos, and the “technical difficulties” of the final interview was hilarious 

    • Ohh if you do you must share before and after photos with us! 
      I’m glad you enjoyed the videos – it was a new thing for me so i was nervous (I hate being on camera!)

  • Anonymous

    Girl, you crack me up!  Looks like it was a fun night!  Loved seeing Stephanie and Ann there too.  And I would have played with those hanging litter containers too.  You and I would probably have gotten into trouble…

    • OMG i could TOTALLY see you on your back attaching those tidy cat canisters will all fours! ha! I loved running into Ann and Stephanie! 

  • I like how you just made a quick lil’ professional video. It is very spontaneous and you! That was a fun night!

    • Thanks Ann – that’s the best compliment you could have given me 🙂 Lovely seeing you too and thanks for the book! Can’t wait to sit down over the weekend and give the boys and Haddie their Meowers Briggs!

  • Oh how cool!  This looks like it was a fun event, I wanted to play with the Tidy Cat catainers too! 
    I did not know you threw your best paw forward for the Purina Cat Chow gig, but it totally makes sense.  You would be purrrfect!  Their loss, one kitty litter box closes and many many more suitable ones open.  Puurrrs to you and your Blog, love ya!
    Lisa  (Madison and Abigail of course too! )

    • Hi Lisa! Yup, I was one of the 7 finalists along with Stephanie of Catsparella and Karen Nichols! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! =^^=